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4 Things On How Social Media Destroys Relationships

How social media destroys relationships? How social media destroys family relationships? As we all know, social media has two sides. Overindulgence in it will have a huge negative effect on our lives. Some people may think it’s exaggeration, but you should be careful.

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How social media destroys relationships? 4 things you should know

1. How social media destroys relationships? Over beautify your life

How social media destroys relationships? At the beginning, in order to better remember the beautiful and important moments in life, such as the harvest of love, successful career, or unforgettable travel, people will leave photos and videos. After a long time, these can still remind you of the joy, satisfaction and moving you have experienced.

But when you start poking out these photos on social software, something subtle happens. Your attention begins to shift. The original purpose is to keep the moment, but now the purpose is not so pure. You begin to try to beautify them.

How social media destroys relationships? First of all, photos and videos that don’t look great are deleted or thrown into the recycle bin, even though they record your laughter or tears at a certain moment. Even for those good looking photos, the special effects of whitening, small face and long legs on the beauty app, few people can resist it.

When you begin to add descriptive words to the edited materials, another change occurs. The original appearance of those experiences begins to blur. You can add the effect you want to them. It may be out of thin air or exaggeration, which will make your image more perfect in other people’s eyes, although it may be far from the original appearance. People rush to show their perfect side on social media. Once you start to beautify your life and experience, you don’t pay attention to them as they are.

An example on how social media destroys relationships, when you travel to the seaside, your focus is only on taking a perfect picture of yourself. The surrounding scenery is no longer the focus of your attention. Everything is just the material you will publish on social media, not the experience itself.

2. How social media destroys relationships? Gradually addicted to social software

How social media destroys relationships? We are all eager to be recognized by others. It’s a great thing to occasionally accept praise from others, which will make you more confident and more active in it.

However, comments and likes on social software are full of confusion. Most of the time, people are habitually and politely replying and praising. How social media destroys relationships? If you indulge in this kind of cheap praise in the virtual world, it will lead to cognitive dislocation and make you constantly repeat this behavior on social media, resulting in dependence.

How many marriages has facebook destroyed? In a circus, in order for the animals to perform according to the requirements, the trainer will continue to guide them through food until conditioned reflex is formed. On social media, many people do the same. Praise from others makes you think that you are special and that all people like you. This growing sense of virtual acquisition is addictive and makes people unable to extricate themselves.

In the long run, you will lose your correct understanding of yourself, your appreciation of yourself, your self-knowledge and self-identity.

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3. How social media destroys relationships? Gradually lost the direction of struggle in social software

How social media destroys relationships? If you think you’ve been successful, you can skip this section. Most young people are still in the stage of struggling to achieve class crossing, and social media is really a hindrance to your success.

How facebook destroys relationships? First of all, social media is a huge waste of time. With the advent of the era of short video, people spend more time on their mobile phones. How many people brush their mobile phones in bed every day before going to bed? Unconsciously, when it comes to one or two, time just slips away.

You may not feel like you’re constantly following social software, but you spend a few minutes in an hour browsing, and that’s up to an hour or two in a day.

Tiktok is also a social media that encourages people to procrastinate. Here you will know how social media destroys relationships. Many people love to turn around their friends and brush their voices to relieve stress when they are faced with work and study pressure. This is a good way to do things, but it is actually a kind of escape from decompression. Wasting time and reducing efficiency will undoubtedly hinder your progress.

4. How social media destroys relationships? Jealousy is like a domino

How social media destroys relationships? Every photo and video produced by Po is elaborately processed by the publisher, and it always hides a purpose, that is to make others envy.

When you see the news released by someone, it may be something or experience that you have never had, you will feel envious, or even envious, hoping that the protagonist in it is yourself. Although you praise it manually, you still feel unbalanced in your heart.

In order to counteract this feeling, you also participate in the game and pass on this jealousy to the next person, so you are ready to carefully modify the text and pictures. At the moment of release, your jealousy seems to disappear.

How social media destroys relationships? When you see the status of your release, other people will feel similar to you. Jealousy will be passed on to one or some people, so they will start to repeat it.

This is the domino effect of jealousy transmission. This feeling can be transmitted to dozens or even hundreds of people, many of whom are unconscious participants.

You no longer think about what you really want, the only thing you want to do is to create and pass jealousy, only when others envy you, you will feel satisfied. Social media is the initiator of this vicious circle.

The above are the reasons on how social media destroys relationships. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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