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4 Connections Between Depression And Relationships

What are the connection between depression and relationships? Relationship depression is an normal thing. For example, you will depressed after a breakup or meet a depressed boyfriend. You can’ t deny the breakup depression and depression in partner, even depression in marriage. Since love is a double-edged sword.

Sometimes it makes us feel more energetic than we think. Sometimes it makes us feel at our disposal. Sooner or later, we all need to look at our relationship and stay away from those who might hurt us. The sad fact is that some people are just not ready to fall in love, or they may not understand your strongest intention, which makes the relationship very depressing.

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Therefore, we should have a correct recognition on relationship depression. When you dealing with a partner with depression. You should know the connection between depression and marriage or relationship.

4 connections between depression and relationships

1. Connection between depression and relationships: you don’t have a common goal

How do you think of the depression and relationships? The worst thing is that your lover doesn’t support your dream. If he stops you from striving for your goal, you will feel frustrated. You and your partner may be interested in completely different things, but they can still work together for each other.

For example, hold your first art exhibition, or keep running, etc. He will support you. And if your partner is not as targeted as you are, he may force you to choose between your relationship and your dreams, and the relationship will make you feel depressed.

2. Connection between depression and relationships: you can’t make an emotional connection with your partner

How do you think of the depression and relationships? The most important part of a relationship is vulnerability and honesty. When dealing with your feelings, the most powerful partners connect with each other on the emotional level, which is why you and your partner are confused when the emotional connection seems confused. Sometimes people are just emotionally incompatible, but if you find that you are more willing to talk about your feelings than your partner, it may lead to dissatisfaction and incomprehension.

3. Connection between depression and relationships: your previous relationship has become abusive

Understand the depression and relationships, you should know the abuse. Abuse is the most obvious cause of depression in interpersonal relationship, which is far beyond people’s consciousness. Between 18% and 36% of women have experienced some form of abuse in their lifetime, and predictably, abuse is one of the most common causes of depression.

This kind of abuse may be physical, emotional or psychological. In any form, you should seek support from relatives outside the relationship. For example, the domestic violence in relationship, you must seek protection and completely stay away from this unhealthy relationship.

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4. Connection between depression and relationships: you are completely out of communication

Lack of communication is one of the most common causes of relationship failure, and a connection between depression and relationships. If you can’t communicate with your partner, you may start to feel depressed. Two people in the long-term get along, there will be differences, when you encounter differences to timely communication and exchange. No matter which partner does not communicate and takes cold violence, the love relationship will be affected, which will lead to one or both partners’ depression, and eventually lead to an unhappy breakup.

You feel trapped in this relationship

Even if you know the relationship is not successful, you still don’t leave? You’re still together because you don’t think it’s possible to find a better person, or you’re afraid of the uncertainty after separation. Or it is a habit to develop a do not want to change, there is a muddle along mentality.

If the feelings you are experiencing make you feel very depressed, unable to find an outlet, unable to communicate, so that you can not see the hope for the future, should we take a good look, love or early marriage should be more happy than depressed, right?

The above are the connections between depression and relationships. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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