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70 Cute Quotes For Girls

What are the cute quotes for girls or quote girly? Any girl likes to hear the praise of her beloved. When you meet a lovely girl, you can’t help praising her. Here are some cute captions for girls to describe lovely girls. You can tease your girlfriend with these sentences, or send them to the person you secretly love. Remember cute status for girls and pretty girls quotes.

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70 cute quotes for girls

1. If you come to see me in your dream, I really don’t want to wake up.

2. You have your pride, I have my dark blue.

3. Cute love quotes: Moonlight does not hold you, time destroys you, but I love you.

4. Crush your love and hide it in all the crap I tell you.

5. Please don’t lose me.

6. Cute love quotes: Do you know why sheep can’t sleep after being shaved? Because it lost its cotton.

7. Someone seems to have magic power. After meeting, there is no unhappiness left. What’s left is the expectation for the next meeting and the pink whole day.

Cute quotes for girls

8. Cute love quotes: Be sure to drink coffee in the cafe, not coke or orange juice.

9. Spring breeze and I are passers-by, you bring autumn water to enjoy the stars

10. I just want to be your little devil, as long as you’re fierce, I’ll get into your arms immediately.

11. Cute love quotes: Spring and autumn in your eyes are better than all the mountains and rivers I have seen and loved.

12. I hope I’m also someone’s expectation.

13. Fortunately, I know you peach blossom noodles. From then on, the fields are warm.

14. Cute love quotes: My sadness is that I hide in the corner and refuse to bow my head. I cry and say: it’s OK. You go to like other children. Don’t worry about me any more. I won’t give you any more trouble. After that, I still have to put up my ears to listen to the movement. I feel very uneasy, and then I continue to speak hard. In fact, I want to be picked up, followed by the hair, be kiss, be promised, and then coax to sleep together.

Cute quotes for girls

15. Cute love quotes: Love can make a girl forget the other 3.5 billion boys on earth.

16. I really like you sincerely. I want to take you to see the first snow in the Forbidden City and the coastline of Alaska every year. I was willing to monopolize autumn with you two. I would like to share with you the tide on the pillow of the County Pavilion, the auditorium with red carpet, and the field with heavy dusk. I have imagined living with you until I grow old and sleep together until I die.

17. Cute love quotes: Maybe, do you like Messi?

18. May the warm wind and the sun always protect the lovely you, and may you come back with a full heart of spring smile.

19. Young master, all mountains and rivers need good luck.

20. Cute love quotes: Spring sleep does not feel dawn, everywhere object may be good.

21. You are the star on the lake, gentle and shining.

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Cute quotes for girls

22. Cute love quotes: The world is dark, and then you come with the stars and the moon.

23. It’s interesting to be in love when the other party is you.

24. Don’t think I don’t miss you any more. There is not a moment when I don’t miss you. If no one in the world likes you, I still like you.

25. Cute love quotes: I like it. It’s the breeze, the morning dew, the red cheeks, and in the hearts of thousands of people, except you, I can’t hold anything else. If no one in the world likes you, I still like you.

26. Although I haven’t crossed the river of stars, I’m still lucky to meet you.

27. The day I met you, I didn’t want to separate.

Cute quotes for girls

28. Cute love quotes: I will always yield to tenderness, and you are tenderness itself.

29. I will have a dull day until you chat with me.

30. Sometimes, smile, just don’t want to make you worry or sad. But actually, I’m not as strong as you think.

31. Cute love quotes: There are 100 ways to eat sweets, cakes and think of you 98 times a day.

32. I wanted to be a vagrant all my life, but I fell in love with you.

33. I like you. It’s no use liking you. It’s no use liking you.

34. I have the second return skill. Do you want to try it.

35. I want to give you a super lovely gift, but the courier won’t let me get into the box.

36. Cute love quotes: Hey, will you marry me?

Cute quotes for girls

37. Cute love quotes: I have only two wishes, to be by your side, to be by your side.

38. Of course, I will not try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.

39. Cute love quotes: Don’t be a big devil, don’t go to the battlefield.

40.Where you are, I have to miss the ends of the earth.

41. That’s it, and that’s it.

42. The good-looking clavicle is the same, and the funny belly is bouncing around.

43. Can I say good night to you by myself, first of all.

44. Cute love quotes: Are you a book? The more you read, the more you want to sleep.

45. Cute is not a long-term solution, lovely I am.

Cute quotes for girls

46. Cute love quotes: You’re a very vengeful guy. It’s hard to coax him.

47. You are a very lovely person. You should meet the best person. I wish I was.

48. If you miss me, just hold the air. Cute is everywhere.

49. You are the ideal of the world.

50. Cute love quotes: Don’t be so fierce, coax me.

51. The sky has nothing. Why comfort me.

52. I’m a dark person, and I always want to give you some sunshine.

53. Cute love quotes: would you like to try my strawberry flavor lipstick?

54. I am selling sunsets, and you are as generous as a God to scatter the light on me. From then on, the world will be lit up.

55. I want to be coquettish to you, hold you tight, and prove to you that no matter how harsh the world is, I prefer you.

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