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26 Crazy Quotes Send To Your Friend

What are the crazy quotes or that you can sen your friend crazy friends quotes? Maybe you can send him or her something like these: no one can be your light, just light up the distance. Remember those crazy funny best friend quotes, and crazy girl quotes, make your friendship last forever.

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26 crazy quotes that you can send to your friends  

1. In summer, there are evening breeze with plum flavor and two or three stars with beer flavor.

I want to say good night to the world, and you’re the world.

2. After daybreak, no matter whether it’s raining or not, we all pack ourselves up and start again with a smile, OK?

3. Crazy quotes: There are so many beautiful things in the world. The wind blowing from the other side of the river in the early autumn evening and you laughing at the age of 18.

4. You are the only dazzling and lovely existence in my fragmented and boring life.

5. Mercury around the sun no return, but I hope you meet the right person can have an end.

Crazy quotes send to your friends

6. You are the star left in the deep sea in late summer. I want to crush all my tenderness and scatter it to you.

7. Don’t deny yourself, you are very good, very gentle and worth it.

8. Crazy quotes: I want to borrow the moon in your heart to ride into a romance.

9. Every girl is a star left by the galaxy.

10. You are not rich, but you will have countless sunny days.

Crazy quotes send to your friends

11. Build a folder full of happiness, happiness, health and good luck; Then press it into a compressed package and share it with you through SMS. If it can bring you warmth and happiness, you must share it with your best friend!

12. Leaves fall, grass turns yellow, wind turns cold, rain turns cool. Cold winter, frost fall, lovely people to wear more clothes. Dear friends, seasons change, pay attention to cold. The weather is cold and warm, you and I know each other.

13. Crazy quotes: Life can be “made with” or “fastidious”; Life can also be used for “research” and “smoking and drinking”; Life should not be “accommodating” or “sorry” every day. Life does not have to “taste wine” because of depression. Life can make happiness more “long”! Wish you a happy life!

Crazy quotes send to your friends

14. Contacting you on Monday is to bring you happiness; Contacting you on Tuesday is to bring you good luck; Contact you on Wednesday, is to bring you a smooth; Contact you on Thursday, is to bring you a relaxed; Contact you on Friday, is to bring you a greeting; Contact you at the weekend, is to bring you a blessing, I wish you a happy weekend! Remember to keep in touch when you have time!

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15. Crazy quotes: Recently, I don’t care about whether your work is going well, whether your life is going well, whether your food is right, whether your clothes are warm, and whether your entertainment is satisfactory. I only care about whether you are happy at the moment.

16. Blessing heart, let you know; The friendship between you and me is not old; Continuous greetings, sent to you; I wish you a happy mood; Everything goes well, everything is wonderful; No matter when, always at ease, no trouble!

Crazy quotes send to your friends

17. The end of ten years, the beginning of one year; Although separated by two ends, care forever in the heart; Blessing hold hands, warm your heart; Wish you a more energetic career and a more energetic life in the coming year!

18. Happy football started, I pass you to receive: I wish you a happy life; Trouble is not worth mentioning; Good luck is better than good luck; Happy and smooth work; Don’t play depression ball; No penalty; Play happy ball!

19. Crazy quotes: Think of us as matchless couples. Happy double festival

20. If beauty is a sin, you have been guilty! If sexuality is a mistake, you’ve been wrong again and again! If cleverness is punishment, don’t you want to cut it to pieces?! I wish the world’s first beauty happy every day!

Crazy quotes send to your friends

21. Summer warning: summer is coming, the energy accumulated for a year is ready to move.

22. Friends respect each other and respect virtue; Friends make friends with each other; Friends follow each other in righteousness; Friends believe, trust in sincerity; Get along with friends, in the heart; Friends cherish each other, cherish the fate! Friends wish each other happiness.

23. Crazy quotes: Time is a pot of wine, always know the heart of a friend, time is a cup of tea, always know the feelings of a friend, greetings is a bottle of pure water, to the most precious friend – happy weekend.

24. Any long-term warm friendship is hard to get at the beginning, but as long as it is sincere enough, others will slowly accept your kindness and treat you well. I think the most precious friendship is sincere approach, harmonious company, willing to give. Don’t be touched by the false words, don’t accept the hurt once, don’t be hypocritical in the relationship.

Crazy quotes send to your friends

25. Friends often think of, is the care in the heart, the attention Sheng in the eye; Friends are accompanied through a period of life, hand in hand to spend another twilight; When a friend thinks of it, he will be more happy and more gentle.

26. Crazy quotes: Friends are the comfort of meeting and laughing, the support of each other, the leisure of long talk, the enrichment of running, the concern never forgotten, the number you can’t help dialing, and the deepest attachment in your heart.

The above are the crazy quotes send to your friends. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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