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4 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

Characteristics Of A Healthy RelationshipWhat are the characteristics of a healthy relationship? What are the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship? 4 manifestations of a healthy relationship.

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4 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

  • What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?
  • What are the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship?

Today we talk about the “characteristics of a healthy relationship”, you will know all characteristics of positive relationships. 

4 manifestations of a healthy relationship. What are the characteristics in a healthy relationship? or a toxic relationship?

“Although there are many problems in this relationship, we also have a lot of happy times. Are these contradictions normal when we get along? Or do they show that the state of the relationship is wrong? What is a healthy relationship like?”

In love, some too many people have such doubts. What kind of relationship is considered healthy? What are the characteristics in a healthy relationship?

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
4 signs of a healthy relationship

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
(1) “Both have become better for each other”

Good love will make a person more beautiful from the inside out, and it will also become better.

Many people with high love health generally say that they have become better in this relationship. And the idea of becoming better is not driven by external pressure or utilitarianism to please your lover, but by spontaneous inner drive.

Everyone has an ideal self, and a good relationship provides such an opportunity and atmosphere, which makes people spontaneously want to replenish fresh blood so that the poor self can change, become better, and be closer to the ideal self. . A good relationship should be when two people achieve a state of mutual promotion and mutual progress. If you find yourself going downhill, ask yourself: is the other person the right person? Is this love healthy? What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
(2) “Respect each other’s boundaries”

Many people do not establish a pre-established boundary with their lovers when they fall in love. After getting along for a long time, the two people’s lives become one, and establishing a boundary becomes a difficult task.

So this kind of thing often happens: becoming not independent after falling in love or looking at the other party’s mobile phone to supervise the other party’s whereabouts…

Feelings are not entanglement and bondage. It would be boring to get along for a long time. You are an independent individual, with different interests and hobbies than the other party, and you also have your circle of friends. You don’t need to like the same things, you don’t need to pay attention to each other all the time, and you don’t need each other to participate in everything.

When you find that your life has become one with the other person and you still want to control the other person, you have fallen into an unhealthy relationship. Everyone has a sense of territory, and it is very annoying and uncomfortable to be violated by others, even the closest person. Remember, you are looking for a partner who goes hand in hand, not another self, and always remember to keep your boundaries when you are in love.

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
(3) “Balance of pay and return”

In a relationship, the relative balance of the investment ratio between the two parties is an important indicator for maintaining the stability of the relationship. Relying on one party’s initiative to maintain the relationship, or grieving oneself for the compromise of love, such a relationship is coming to an end. We must better understand the principle of reciprocity in love and actively respond to each other’s contributions.

In any kind of relationship, we are all pursuing a kind of psychological balance, and so is love. If there is an imbalance between giving and taking, it will be full of pressure and contradictions. Givers are in pain because their inner needs are suppressed, and even complain about waiting for “settlement.” Over time, there will be a feeling of “if I don’t treat him/her well, I will be abandoned”. The person who asks for it will not feel at ease. They may not be able to face the problem independently due to the habit of being taken care of, and may even feel guilty.

In this kind of love, no one can get happiness, so how long can it last?

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
(4) “Continuous emotional maintenance”

Due to the timeliness of dopamine in the body, coupled with the familiarity after getting along, there will be a decline in passion, and it is impossible to stay in love forever. But in a healthy relationship, the two parties will not allow the passion to retreat until it disappears but will create romantic surprises to maintain the freshness of the relationship.

In “Time Travel Lovers”, Tim and Mary often create romantic surprises for each other. This kind of romance that only each other knows runs through the film. From the young first date to the wedding in the rain, to the life with children, their passion and happiness have never disappeared. When Tim traveled through time and space to return to the past and had the opportunity to receive an ambiguous invitation from the goddess that he couldn’t ask for, he rationally refused. In his heart, the love for Mary has never diminished. Their dedication to maintaining the relationship makes the weight of this love already exceed the status of the dream lover in his heart.

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship
Write at the end

In love, there is no formula for absolute happiness, but a healthy love must have something in common.

Based on equal respect, with independent personality as the guarantee, and not forgetting to spend time to maintain the relationship, and each other become better selves, that is what love should be like. Falling in love is like two people teaming up to explore the beautiful world and the mysterious and unknown future. Together, they will eliminate the stumbling blocks in love. There is no need to bind each other or sacrifice for anyone.

“Love and marriage are unpredictable, but there is a basic principle: it is addition. That is to say: two people who love each other are stronger, more interesting, and more powerful to fight against the stupidity of the world than when they were independent. Naturally, there must also be more happiness. Neither love nor marriage can allow women to subtract from independence and men to subtract from wisdom. They cannot subtract from the value that you value, and cannot subtract from your unique joy of life.”

It may only take a few seconds to fall in love with someone, but the running-in process is a long way. Understand your love status and make timely adjustments to make each other’s steps towards happiness.

So, now that you have understood the Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship, is your love status healthy?

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