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8 Choices On What To Call A Guy

What to call a guy? Or what do guys like to be called? Between normal friends, there will be some specific address, will appear to respect. The appellation between lovers is a shortcut to promote the intimate interaction between both sides, because the appellation between lovers will represent a certain meaning, and only lovers will know the meaning of these appellations. Among lovers, boys are the ones who pay the most attention to the external form. So how to call a boyfriend to show intimacy and love?

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What to call a guy? 8 choices for you

1. What to call a guy? Dear

What do boys like to be called? This is the most commonly used address between lovers. It’s a kind of address from the heart when love is strong. This kind of address is a bit awkward in the eyes of people after 60 or 70, but it’s a kind of nickname between lovers in the eyes of people after 90. Every time you add “dear” at the beginning of the words, it immediately shows strong love

For example: What to call a guy? Dear, I want to eat your cooking and I’m hungry, hurry to cook for me. That kind of address can make boys have the impulse to cook for you. If girls are willing to call boyfriends like this in public, I think this boy will protect you for life.

2. What to call a guy? My husband

What names to call your boyfriend? This address should be a common address for married couples, but now many couples in love also use this address. It is more like that lovers announce that he is my husband to others. None of you should have any idea.

This kind of address seems to have the idea of occupying each other, and it is more like the idea of life with each other.

3. What to call a guy? First name

It’s usually used by lovers who have just established a love relationship. Lovers who love deeply seldom use it. What to call a guy, you should know that most of them use it when there is an outsider. It’s a bit old-fashioned. His parents, colleagues and friends all call him that way, and you, as his girlfriend, also call him that way. It seems that you are a little bit strange, so you should use it less when there is no one, Try something else you all like.

4. What to call a guy? Exclusive nickname or nickname

What to call a guy? You have to admit that some lovers will give each other one or several exclusive nicknames that only they know. Only the two of them know what they stand for. An example on what are cute names to call your boyfriend, some nicknames can be known to others, and some nicknames can only be used in the world of two, so that they can be more special and interesting.

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5. What to call a guy? Baby, darling, uncle, etc

These are also some common names between lovers. As for how to call them, it depends on everyone’s acceptance or mood. You can’t use good baby for two people who are quarreling. If that’s too dramatic.

Gentle girls like this kind of address, while the fierce girls will probably faint when they hear it. So you will know what to call a guy, and the man who can say such a name is probably the kind who will act coquettishly to women and have a little sheep temperament, not the kind of rough and manly type.

If a male chauvinist boy gently calls a woman, he will be shocked by others. Of course, there is also a kind of man in public is a man of indomitable, but in front of you, there is a gentle side. Then he is also a good man who is willing to change for you.

6. What to call a guy? Little fool

Swearing words in both sexes, appears to have some sweet taste“Fool”, should be from the “kiss of love” super beautiful boy’s mouth with doting “fool”, which is really sweet heart know.

When many men call their girlfriends like this, they will also have a classic action, which is to touch or tap a woman’s head with their hands to show that the other person is really stupid. This kind of action, this kind of address, it is estimated that only the men and women in love can do it.

7. What to call a guy? Little pig

If you ask what pet names mean to guys, this is a good choice. Compared with a fool, piggy has a deeper taste, but it’s strange that a girl called such an animal is very sweet. Obviously, such a man’s address into a strong love, but women should also be vigilant, in such a man’s address, there is no trace of dislike for their own body or other?

Small animals give people a very lovely feeling that they need to be protected. Therefore, it is most appropriate to use small animals as nicknames to address girlfriends. However, we should not take it lightly. We should see the slightest clue from men’s nicknames.

8. What to call a guy?The last word of the name

The last word of the name is suitable for those boys who are not too disgusting and normal. They are a little ambiguous and intimate, but not very disgusting.

What to call a guy? This kind of man will pay attention to the occasion, he will choose the most appropriate balance point, so that he will not make a fool of himself, will not let you cold. Therefore, he chooses the last word of your name, so that no matter what occasion, he will not blurt out a very sarcastic nickname and make a fool of himself.

The above are the answers on what to call a guy. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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