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How Do You Want To Break Up With Someone Who Loves You?

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How to recover the relationship after breaking up? And how to save my marriage after I cheated on my husband? It is not reasonable to talk about breaking up without time.

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How to save your relationship from a breakup? 1Why did the other party break up with you?

How to save your relationship? Here I throw out a theory, that is, “to break up with you decisively, it is obvious that the other party either does not pay enough for you, his sunk cost is not high enough, or pays too much for you, but you let him down again and again, and finally lead to the other party tired, so want to end the pain.”. The two reasons must be to occupy one, and finally break up with you.

Young people in love, more emotional and emotional needs, which is far greater than the rational needs. What do you mean? That is, we usually only know how to ask, not how to give. Of course, it doesn’t mean that asking is wrong, asking is right, but it’s not asking without wisdom. If you only know how to reach out and ask the other party “yes” without covering up, the other party will only feel that pleasing you is a tired and unfulfilled thing.

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Especially for men, when a man is faced with unlimited emotional consumption of women, his biggest feeling is that he hopes to end the relationship quickly and escape from this emotional pressure. Therefore, I often hear girls say that I love him very much and treat him well. Why do I still get separated?? Sometimes love can’t solve all the problems. If the attitude of love is not right and the way is not right, then it must be the deep love and the wisdom will be hurt.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? 2Breaking up is not equal to emotional blocking, breaking up is equal to freedom + ideal degree

How to save your relationship? Many people think that the other party and I broke up, he does not love me, certainly do not want to see me, this idea is too naive. You know, to a large extent, breaking up is also the other party’s helpless move. If the love is happy and the marriage is comfortable, who is willing to break up? So, breaking up with you, especially men and women, must be after a long time of thinking and struggling, and the final decision must be uncomfortable, not only for you, but also for him.

It’s just that men seldom show their emotions, and some of them will stay in their hearts. In this case, one thing is certain, that is, the other side put aside the temporary negative emotions and irritability. In fact, he still has you in his heart. He can’t forget that he has paid time, energy and money for you in an instant. After breaking up for a period of time, he will still think of you and your sweet time. Because at this moment of them, negative emotions have disappeared, the rest is the attachment and memories of this relationship. So, breaking up is not equal to blocking your emotion, at least in half a year, this kind of emotional consciousness, the other party will always have.

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How to save your relationship? Therefore, break up within half a year is the recovery period. A small partner may ask, if the other party will still pay for my emotion, then why does the other party break up with him so heartlessly and resolutely?? Very simple, because this relationship to the late, let him be on pins and needles, he wants freedom, hope to get more idealized love state, so he had to break up with you.

freedom ➕ Idealization is the main motivation for a man to end a relationship. Not just because of your work! A man is eager for a very ideal life without pressure. In that life, there is no pressure from you, you are not happy. He no longer has to take care of your emotions. He is very free and comfortable. He lives for himself, and he is a kind of waiting state for the future. He is eager to get the love he wants from his heart. He thinks that as long as he breaks up, he will be happy It is possible to get this kind of love, so his determination will make you feel as if he has never loved you. But this is not the case. It’s your responsibility to break up, but it’s also his reason to put aside who’s right and who’s wrong.

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How to save your relationship from a breakup? 3How can we save each other??

I’ve divided recovery into three stages

How to save your relationship? Stage 1: building trust

In fact, after the breakup, the most serious damage is not your emotional foundation. As I said just now, in half a year, he will continue to invest in your emotions, but you don’t know and feel it. The most serious damage is his trust in you. This trust has been destroyed twice by you.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? The first time is when you are in love and in marriage, you do something that makes each other unhappy. The so-called “leave when you have enough disappointments”. So there are some things he doesn’t trust you anymore.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? The second time, after the breakup, your early wrong practices, such as pestering, such as humble peace, which can bring pressure to the other party, will make him feel that he has lost trust in you. So, now that you see my answer, be rational, and I’ll tell you how to build a “trust relationship.”.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? In the first stage of trust building, you need to give these three things to men. If you give them in place, then the probability of a man’s change of heart will be far greater than 50%. So what are the three things?

How to save your relationship? Stage 2: grafting demand.

Why do many men immediately find a new love after breaking up? On the one hand, they hope to get out of the pain of lovelorn through the new love. On the other hand, they hope their needs will be met immediately. In fact, ordinary people’s psychology of “delaying gratification” is not strong. They all hope that their emotional needs, sexual needs and emotional needs will be given to them in the short term. It’s human nature, at least for most men. Therefore, the second stage is to learn to guide each other’s needs. This process, in fact, requires more skills.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? Do the right thing at the right time. For example, as I have written before, the most important thing to tease Chinese is the inconsistency between behavior and language. What do you mean? That is, you should not only let the other party feel your need for him, but also can not let the other party capture practical evidence to prove that you have a need for him.

How to save your relationship from a breakup? It’s important to let him guess and let him give you energy. Because men’s nature is to like to conquer those women who seem not easy to conquer, and at the same time to satisfy women as the source of value. It’s more important to know how to lead men’s demand rhythm than to wait for them to give.

How to save your relationship? Stage 3: build emotional concentration in a date

In fact, the so-called “three points of love in meeting” is what I often tell you. No matter when two people can embrace each other, no matter how big the contradiction is, it can be resolved. So a lot of problems, especially the matter of seeking compound, don’t put it on social software. It’s about meeting and talking. As long as you meet, whether you are coquettish or tearful, it is easy to drive each other’s emotions. It’s much easier to compound.

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