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5 Things To Answer He’s Not Over His Ex Should I Be Patient

He’s not over his ex should I be patient? Some time ago, a girl asked me such a question, she said: my boyfriend has no relationship with his ex, and his ex has deleted his contact information, but why does he keep his contact information? I want to know does he still thinking about ex? Does he still like me? In this case, men may have the following five kinds of psychology.

If you really want to get a man or want your boyfriend loves you only, you need to understand his attitude to his ex.

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He’s not over his ex should I be patient? Understand the following 5 psychology of his ex

1. He’s not over his ex should I be patient? He has the idea of getting back together with his ex

Why he’s not over his ex? He’s not over his ex should I be patientAlthough he has no contact with his ex, the two people from all over the world may connect at any time, and under further communication and exchange in the later stage, it is entirely possible to make the “dead” love “live again.

2. He’s not over his ex should I be patient? He still has feelings for his ex

You may wonder is he over his ex? He’s not over his ex should I be patientMen may think, I know that there is no possibility of composite, but the heart is not put down. In this condition, he still loves his ex. Although he thinks so in his heart, you should know that nothing is absolute.

When a man sees that his ex in the social platform is sweating and working hard, and you are sitting on the sofa in front of him, with a disheveled coat, eating melon seeds and chasing hot dramas. Which side do you think the balance in his heart will lean towards?

One is that any flaws in real life are clear at a glance, and the other is that a few pictures of the circle of friends a day can present a perfect image. What will happen? Think about it for yourself.

3. He’s not over his ex should I be patient? He wants to be friends with each other

He’s not over his ex should I be patientWhen a man still thinking about ex, maybe he just wants to be friend with his ex. Everyone knows that there must be a difference between an ex and an ordinary friend. Because two people once had a good common memory, and, generally, people have a kind of psychology, although they broke up, but most of the memories are the good of each other, no matter how fierce the quarrel was.

If the ex regretted this time, she should not break up with your boyfriend at the beginning. If she had some scheming at this time, she would say to your boyfriend, my feelings have met with setbacks, and now my heart is very painful. Can you comfort me?

In case of such a request, even ordinary friends may not refuse, and makes their girlfriend admit that he still in love with ex.

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4. He’s not over his ex should I be patient? He was reluctant to part with his previous feelings

What are the getting over an ex quotes? He’s not over his ex should I be patientIf a man has not come out of the previous emotional haze, how can he devote himself to the current feelings? If a man just can’t bear to lose the good memories, OK, no problem, take the memory away, and let anything else disappear in front of your eyes.

Only by doing this can we show the greatest respect to our current girlfriend.

5. He’s not over his ex should I be patient? He is possessive of his ex

There is a man whose psychology is like this. This woman has been with me. Even now he has another half, he still feels that this woman is mine. If the former needs help, he will be duty bound to step forward. If the current family, for example, the toilet is broken, the water pipe is burst, and so on, it is not a big deal, but it is not easy to refuse.

At this time, the number of times to help more, the current girlfriend may doubt their identity, is not a third party involved.

Does he still have feelings for ex? He’s not over his ex should I be patientIn the relationship between the two sexes, we need mutual trust and respect.

When you say why cant I get a boyfriend, you need to understand that it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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