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Why my boyfriend hasn’t talked to me all day? You need to understand those

If you have suffered that My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day. You should that in a large number of cases I have contacted, 90% of the reasons for disputes among lovers are that girls don’t know how to ask boys correctly. You know, people naturally don’t like to be ordered, accused, or asked.

Even the leaders of the top 500 companies don’t need that kind of rough management. How can lovers still use such simple and rough management.

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If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day then you can try to change the way you speak

Method 1:

Dear, after chatting with you for a while before going to bed yesterday, the sleep quality is much better. I haven’t slept so sweet for a long time. It’s good. If I could hear your voice before going to bed in the future.

Method 2:

Honey, I feel a little sad that you ignored me all day yesterday. You know, I don’t feel safe at ordinary times. I often want to send you messages. But I know that you are in the postgraduate entrance examination, you are very busy, so I hold back, but people really miss you, so can you say good night to me before going to bed every day, so I will be very happy.

If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day then you need to know how to communicate and express correctly

1. If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day you need to understand the importance of positive feedback

You only see a girl’s boyfriend crazy to give her a gift, do not see every time after receiving a gift, the girl shows satisfaction, show off in social dynamics and praise her boyfriend.

It’s about human nature and male psychology.

Human nature is naturally willing to accept positive encouragement rather than being criticized or denied. This is especially true for men. Men have heroism complex, which can make their girlfriends happy and happy. This thing itself can give boys a great sense of satisfaction.

Therefore, your request is to satisfy his heroism complex, and he also wants to thank you.

2. If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day, you can use the threshold effect

If you want boys to treat you continuously, smart girls know how to use the threshold effect.

It means that once a person has accepted a trivial request from others, in order to avoid cognitive disharmony, or to give others a consistent impression, he may accept a bigger request.

This kind of phenomenon is like climbing step by step when climbing the doorsill, which makes it easier and smoother to climb high.

For example, if you want your boyfriend to give you a more expensive gift, if you immediately ask me for the bag, my boyfriend may hesitate, but if you start with a lipstick, the boy will give you.

After lipstick, you give positive feedback and motivation, increase the difficulty every time, and finally you can achieve your expectations.

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If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day then you need to understand Nonviolent Communication

Girls are emotional animals, 90% of the quarrels between men and women will end with girls saying you yell at me, you are cruel to me, and you don’t love me.

In fact, in the emotional, emotional communication is the most hurtful, smart girls know this way of communication – Nonviolent Communication.

State the truth: you ignored me all day yesterday

Express feelings: I feel a little sad

Put forward expectations: people really miss you

Specific needs: can you say good night to me before going to bed every day

Effective communication includes the above four parts. Then my above sentence has been embellished a lot, adding the part reflecting the understanding of girls, and increasing the benefits you can achieve after meeting my requirements. Take a look at the same request. After mastering the correct way to ask for it, it’s totally different. You can try it today.

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If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day, you have to understand that everyone has private space

Some people are not very busy at work, but they think that both sides should have their own private space. In this case, she would prefer to be alone.

In his time alone, he may not return your information, or will not care about external things, because external things interfere too much, will make you unable to concentrate on doing your own things.

This is also a normal phenomenon. If the other girl is how to feel, two people reach a consensus will not be suspicious.

If you suffered my boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day, you need to know that boys have their own plans

Generally speaking, a relatively independent person has his own plan for his own life, so he will also hope that his other half will also have a certain plan for his own life and a certain sense of ambition, so that both sides will be relatively independent when they plan for their own future.

But this is not to say that the two sides are not concerned about each other. In fact, it is normal for both sides to have their own personal space and personal planning. Of course, when you say these words with a little coquetry and aggrieved tone is even better.

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