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What should I do My boyfriend hasn’t talked to me all day? Understand those facts

My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day and what should I do? If we want to know the answer to this question, we must abandon our fixed thinking and think from the perspective of our boyfriend in order to better understand him.

He went to work all day. He even had a bite of dinner. After a look at the news, his girlfriend’s message has been answered. OK, continue to work overtime

I’ve been busy for a long time. Why hasn’t my girlfriend sent me a message today? I’m sure I don’t have time. Don’t disturb her.

In fact, the man is not complex, as we use a simple attitude to see him, may make the feelings more profound.

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My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day. –Why do you think he doesn’t care about you?

You can throw away all the burden and face the truth directly: all the behaviors that you think men “are not good enough” to you are the ways that men do after weighing the advantages and disadvantages in many ways.

This problem is very easy to explain. One person’s investment and contribution to another person is a kind of cost.

For example, if he spends money to buy you the jewelry you want, he may not have the money to change a new computer for himself, or if he spends a night chatting with you, he may not play two games with his friends.

My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day.Understanding the interest relationship in the relationship

What you must understand is that when he spends time, energy and money to “treat you well”, in essence, he divides his own interests to please you.

Perhaps he is willing to give up some of his own interests in order to promote and maintain the relationship with you out of his favor for you, but human nature is to spend the minimum cost to get the maximum return, so when he pays to a certain extent, he will try to find a balance point to protect his own interests and no longer be occupied.

And you think he is not as good to you as he used to be, because the balance he found is not accepted by you. This may sound a bit cruel. After all, every girl hopes that the man she likes can also love herself selflessly, instead of being so fussy as I said.

My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day.There is no unconditional love

In fact, the “unconditional and selfless love” imagined by girls may exist, but it will only appear after the two people’s feelings tend to be stable.

Some people say: men and women chat is to sleep with women, women and men sleep is to have someone to chat with themselves. Do you agree?

When a boy falls in love with you crazily at the beginning and pays for you regardless of the cost, you should be careful. When all relationships are not stable, there must be a process of mutual trial, screening and game. If you skip this process, you are gambling. Have you ever heard the saying “ten bets, nine losses”?

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My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day.How to make your boyfriend contact you?

This strategy is very simple. There are only two steps

The first step is to show goodwill to the other party, seek cooperation, and do not take the initiative to betray.

Second, repeat the other person’s behavior completely.

These two steps are very simple, the advantage is that it conveys a “kind with edge”.

You should know that in this process, your attitude is very sincere and friendly, but if the other party can’t give you the same feedback, you will also treat him in his own way, let him feel the same amount of revenge, with clear rules and order.

In any kind of relationship, this is the attitude of a strong man, which is enough to let you get the respect of your opponent and ensure that you will not fall into passivity in the game.

In short, when he is enthusiastic about you, you will give him the same enthusiasm. If he is not good enough for you, you can also give him the same indifference and disdain.

It’s a pity that when many girls are controlled by their emotions, they tend to be the opposite of it. If a man is indifferent to you, you’ll show your kindness in a big mess. However, if he is passionate about you, you’ll carry your own “reserve”.

The end result is that you make a wrong rule yourself, which makes men learn “how to be bad to you” imperceptibly.

My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day.You need to make new rules between you

You have to re-establish the rules of your relationship: if he asks you to chat, you will respond positively to him; if he asks you to have dinner, you will ask him to go to a movie or go for a walk in the park after dinner; but if he doesn’t reply to your message, you should not reply to him until he expresses enough sincerity to you next time.

It won’t be long before men realize your principles and realize that only by giving you enough attention and dedication can they continue to please you and keep your relationship going smoothly and sustainably.

The principle is that you should make him feel that you need him, but you should not make him feel that you need him too much.

My boyfriend hasnt talked to me all day.– remember never fall into the cold war

Why do you easily fall into the cold war again when you can let your feelings warm up again? Because many women naively think that the good chat this time shows that he loves me very much and can’t leave me, then he should

Then they start to relapse, repeat the previous behavior pattern, and finally the nightmare repeats itself.

In fact, the second half of the year after success is a critical period for emotional vulnerability. We must not take it lightly.

Don’t think of a success as the end of a relationship, but as a starting point.

You also need to continue to improve yourself, strengthen your relationship with each other, and gradually internalize new ways to get along with each other.

It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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