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12 Things On Boyfriend Experience

What do you know about having a boyfriend experience? Many times, after experiencing enough things, you can understand what you really want in love. If a person has no love experience at all, he will be more confused in a relationship, or do things that make the other person confused.Here are some things you should know when you don’t have a boyfriend experience.

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Things you should know when you dont have boyfriend experience

About boyfriend experience, you should know

1. True love has nothing to do with the first three months: some people love so much that they are happy when they leave. It’s not so much falling in love as being blinded by the freshness. When you really see the person in front of you, you still love him. That’s the beginning of love.

2. Boyfriend experience: Girls can take the initiative, but don’t take the initiative in promoting relationships: in daily communication, it’s OK for you to take the initiative; But in the promotion of the relationship between the two sides, such as determining the relationship, having a relationship, meeting parents, getting engaged and getting married, boys should take the initiative as far as possible. It’s not about reserve, it’s more about judging each other’s courage and sincerity. If he really wants to develop with you, he will not pretend to be silent.

About boyfriend experience, you should know

3. It’s very important that the three concepts fit together: the two people who fall in love at first sight, the objective conditions match very well, but the three concepts do not match, and they will not go long.

4. Boyfriend experience: No soul mate, feelings need to be managed: * Don’t indulge in the perfect fairy tale of love, and think that Cupid has given everyone a perfect match. The real long-term relationship never comes from two people who never agree with each other, but more often exists in the relationship of mutual tolerance and proper management.

5. Understanding the other party’s needs is more important than giving: in a relationship, it is what the other party is willing to accept rather than what you are willing to provide that can make your giving truly effective.

About boyfriend experience, you should know

6. The life span of emotion is hidden in the details: many people only focus on the general direction of emotion, such as whether the other party is cheating or changing his mind. If the trend is OK, it’s really OK. However, the fact is that the life span of emotion has long been hidden in the details of daily communication. Don’t ignore the tiny negative emotions of the other party, face them squarely and change them in time, because they kill the patience and love of the other party.

7. Boyfriend experience: Don’t take “breaking up” as a weapon: the “breaking up” in men’s and women’s eyes is different. The “breaking up” in boys’ eyes is the final decision after a long time of rational weighing; The girl’s breakup is often just a kind of emotional catharsis, a weapon to attract the attention of boys – but you know, after playing for a long time, no one will believe the story of “the wolf is coming”.

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About boyfriend experience, you should know

8. If you want to refuse, you should refuse as soon as possible: you can’t bear to procrastinate. You think that you can win the favor of the other party by compromising, so you never refuse even if it involves your own interests. But this kind of tolerance will not calm everything, but will breed into your heart, become another kind of imbalance, and eventually will double back to the feelings.

9. Boyfriend experience: Commitment is only temporary Sincerity: commitment is beautiful, but it has timeliness. There is no doubt that the moment when the other party makes a promise is the moment when he loves you most. But the moment he broke his promise was still the internal reason why he didn’t want to fulfill his promise, and there was nothing to attack, just the change of human nature. From the beginning, don’t immerse yourself so much that you won’t get hurt.

About boyfriend experience, you should know

10. If a person makes you worse, no matter how much you love him, sooner or later you will be separated: when you feel that you are worried about gain and loss, you are not like yourself, you begin to compromise, you begin to be paranoid… This is not only the reason why you lack a sense of security, but also the reason why this person is not able to give you a sense of security.

11. Boyfriend experience:  Love is cyclical, do not over interpret: if you find that he suddenly indifferent, do not panic. It’s very likely that this “indifference” is just a normal emotional cycle. He doesn’t love you or change his mind. He just needs a period of time to return to his normal life, or empty his mind to adjust himself, that’s all. So don’t put too much pressure on him.

12. The secret of love is that the other party is willing to be attracted by you: “love” is not to come, let alone forced. Love is a natural result. If you want someone to love you all the time, what you have to do is to be yourself, to be full of yourself and to improve yourself.

The above are the boyfriend experience you should know. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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