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4 Parts Of Attractive Men Body Types

What are the attractive men body types? For men, a woman’s tall and slender figure is the most perfect. And for women, what body type of man is more attractive? The above are the most attractive male body shape.

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4 parts of attractive men body types

1. Attractive men body types: women love men with perfect hips

What are the most attractive men body types? In fact, there is no doubt that the most attractive body shape for a man is his hip. For women all over the world, a well-shaped butt is the most important part of a man’s body. Why is that? Physiologists say that gluteal muscles give men a direct impact when they have sex, which means that such men have a better chance of having children, which is also an important indicator of sexual characteristics.

What are the attractive men body types? If men insist on doing at least 30 quick squats each in the morning and evening, they will create super attractive hips.

2. Attractive men body types: women have no resistance to tall boys

What are the attractive men body types? Different people have different views on most attractive male body type. However, women’s preferred male body type is tall and strong. First of all, women know from primitive society that tall men are more likely to win in various competitions. Psychologists point out that this is why women always look for perfect men to have children.

Women prefer strong athletes or wrestlers. A large-scale study in Germany found that only 15% of women like a man with a clear outline and no fat. Doctors say strong people have higher levels of estrogen in their blood, which protects them from cardiovascular disease. Estrogen also helps to prevent the production of blood clots.

3. Attractive men body types: wen’s chest hair has a fatal attraction for women

How do you think attractive men body types? According to a survey conducted by Eve magazine, 7% of women like that their men have thick chest hair, while 54% prefer moderate chest hair. Surprisingly, 89% of women strongly oppose that men have no chest hair. Sex scientists say that men’s chest hair is a kind of sexual irritant, which can gently stimulate women’s soft skin during intimate contact, thus arousing their excitement.

Which is the attractive body shape male? Men and women have different views on standard men. Men say that a perfect man should be like this:

You have to have a muscular body (21% of respondents said it’s the most important), muscular arms (18%), tall (13%) and slim (10%). Men don’t think other characteristics are too important.

But women have a completely different understanding of the perfect man. They think the perfect man should be like this.

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4. Attractive men body types: the perfect part of a man’s body in a woman’s eyes

The final part of the attractive men body types is height. The most important body parts were buttocks (39%), tall (11%), plump (11%), hairy chest (7%) and slim (5%). It should be pointed out that men’s penis size is not so important to women. They rank the size of male genitalia as the 20th standard of perfect men.

But it is worth mentioning that Asian women are not particularly fond of the above figure. About the attractive men body types. According to statistics, men with the following statures are most popular with women: 175-185cm in height, 150-180kg in weight, well-developed muscles and good lines – the lines must be good, the waist must be thin, the abdominal muscles must be very obvious, the buttocks should be round, the legs should not be too thick or too thin, but the lines should be strong, the shoulders should be wide, the deltoids and biceps should be obvious, and the arms should not be too thick. Broad shoulders, round hips, thin and straight waist are the most lethal to women.

The above are the attractive men body types. All in all, having a healthy and strong body will give men how great charm. It will also make them more confident in love and attract more women.

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