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4 Difference Between Like And Love

What are the difference between like and love? You should know that the difference between like and love is clear. Like a person and love a person, what is the difference? Like is a feeling, love a lifetime of action. Like is the beginning of love, can not be transformed into love; Love is love and will never fade into love.

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The difference between I like you and I love you is that saying love over and over again may be cheating; Prove love with action, that is true. If you just like someone, but don’t show your heart, don’t say it to avoid hurting others.

4 difference between like and love

1. Difference between like and love: Like a person will miss him, love a person will go to him

Readers call me and ask, “I think about him every day. What should I do?” I said to her, then go to him. She hesitated for a long time, then said, “I haven’t decided whether to go to him or not, or I’ll wait for him to come to me.” Oh, I know. She just likes him, not loves him, because she doesn’t have the courage to act. So I said to her, “if you just miss him, keep this beauty in your heart and become the most beautiful memory.”

What is the difference between like and love? Many people always think that the one they miss everyday is the one they love. In fact, it’s not, because missing is a kind of thought surging, and true love depends on action, which is not as simple as thinking. Love a person, is to travel across the sea, but also to find him, no matter how far, all without hesitation, is the so-called “love does not feel the end of the world.”. Those women who choose to marry far away prove this – no matter how far away they are, they have to be with their loved ones, and there is no way out.

2. Difference between like and love: Like a person’s feeling is very shallow, love a person’s feeling is very deep

What is the difference between like and love? Like a person, is a shallow feeling, just think of it, smile on the face, think that is the happiest time. Like a white cloud, slowly drifting, do not know where to go, do not know where to come from, just feel good; Like a leaf, rustling in the wind, it sounds very pleasant, just like a happy note dancing in the ear.

What is the difference between like and love? Love a person, deep feelings, in thinking about him, will be heartache. When I think of him in the dead of night, I suddenly feel that there is a storm outside the window. There are raindrops knocking on the window, crackling, and thunder; After missing him for a long time, I found that I lost myself. When we meet again in the future, you find that your mood is much better. After so long separation, your heart is finally reset. It turns out that when he left, he took your heart away.

3. Difference between like and love: Like a person will pay attention to his appearance, love a person will understand his heart

Like a person, always from like his appearance. Men like women because they think she is very beautiful, good-looking, well dressed, soft spoken, and has a “fairy sister” flavor. Women like a man because they like his handsome appearance, dressed in a suit and shoes, and holding a cigarette. They can smell the smell of cigarettes from afar. He speaks politely and conforms to their own aesthetic standards.

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What is the difference between like and love? Love a person, because know him, is know his life pain, understand his difficulties, in his life fell into the trough, decided to accompany him to suffer together, and he together to find a way to tide over the difficulties. When a man falls in love with her, he doesn’t care much about her appearance. It’s a beauty of “beauty in the eyes of the beholder”. He understands the pain she has been hurt in the past and is willing to hold up a piece of blue sky for her. Even if it’s stormy and stormy, he grits his teeth and insists on supporting her. He doesn’t want to let her suffer a little bit of commiseration. Even if she feels chilly occasionally, he will be extremely distressed.

4. Difference between like and love: Like a person is to want to hold hands with him, love a person is to want to marry him

What is the difference between like and love? Like a person, two people can also chat, say a lot of nonsense, but not tired, still need to continue to say. If two people feel that they can talk, they will also hold hands. Then they feel that holding hands is happiness. There is a warm current in the palm of the hand, from the palm of the hand to the elbow, from the shoulder to the heart. Such a beautiful, but also unforgettable, but in the future how, two people did not seriously think about.

What is the difference between like and love? To love someone is to try to get married. For example, to buy a house, and then in the property certificate, write the names of two people. We went to see our parents, carrying big bags and small bags, and also carrying a duck. We heard “Ga Ga Ga Ga” along the way. It was the cry of a duck, which made the villagers know that “the daughter of a certain family is getting married” and “the son of a certain family is looking for a mate”. There is also a very expensive bottle of wine. The man opens the wine and has a drink with his future father-in-law. After drinking, he has the courage to say, “marry your daughter to me.”

The above are the difference between like and love. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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