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Unilateral Contribution: Are Relationships Worth It?

Unilateral contribution Are Relationships Worth It? In love, we always emphasize that we must learn to give and treat the person we like with a sincere heart, thinking that only in this way can we behave like true love, can touch her beloved, and get a happy and fulfilling love. But can love really get what it wants with a heart and blood? Relationships are not worth it.


Are Relationships Worth It? You love him, so you are willing to pay for him, but is it all worth it? Will he know how to pay for you? Are Relationships Worth It? Feelings are about each other, rather than wanting you to suffer all the grievances. That can’t be exchanged for his care and care, so why bother? It’s not necessary for him, of course, you love him so much at this moment, it’s too hard to tell you to let go! The heart will be torn apart, and then you have to stick it back piece by piece by yourself, but if you don’t let go, you will be swallowed bit by bit, and it will not be easy to save yourself. Especially in long distance relationships, Are long distance relationships worth it?

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1.Are Relationships Worth It-When you need him, will he be there?

Are online relationships worth it? I think it’s not worth it. When you need his shoulders, will he let you rely on it? Can he give you a sense of security, mom? I can support you when you are fragile, and accompany you when you encounter difficulties. No matter how sad the front is, he will always be by your side, not because of anything, but because he loves you, for such a simple reason, but It is a very warm performance, Are Relationships Worth It? If he can’t even do such simple things, then you should stop paying him. All this is false. He doesn’t love you as much as you think. Don’t fall in love with the wrong person.


2.Are Relationships Worth It-This relationship makes you happy or sad

Are teenage relationships worth it? I also think it’s not worth it. Think about it in this relationship, what did you get? Happy? If it always makes you sad, then maybe it is not your happiness, Are Relationships Worth It? It must be worth the effort, and love must be loved to others, so that youth will not be wasted. We must learn to love ourselves well. Only ourselves know whether you are happy or not. If you can fool others, you can’t fool yourself!


3.Are Relationships Worth It-Can you be yourself in this relationship?

In a relationship, you have to be yourself and love someone with ease. If love allows you to be yourself, then he will be worthy of you. If you wear a mask and pretend to be another person, it will only make you feel painful. Once a person loses himself, he will forget how to laugh. When he regains his consciousness, he will realize that he has gone so many wrong ways. Are Relationships Worth It? If you try to think more for yourself, many things will be different.


If you want to continue to give, let me ask you two questions first:

1. Have you ever thought about why you love her so much and can’t let go of her, Are Relationships Worth It?

2. Have you ever wondered what love is, Are Relationships Worth It?

Love is based on feelings, that is, you spend a lot of energy and time to do something you like very much, and you have feelings because of your devotion.


Are Relationships Worth It? Here are the three most wrong investment methods:

1. Are Relationships Worth It-gambling wealth

Put all the bets on her alone. Needless to say, you must be very nervous. The more you do this, the opponent’s resistance will increase. The more you think about it, you will only get one person, and you will get nothing in the end.


People who cant afford to lose are likely to be frustrated that they cant stand up in the future, or have serious sequelae. They no longer believe in love and cannot extricate themselves. Many people who do stupid things after breaking up are just because of this investment. Lost, can’t afford it.

2. Are Relationships Worth It-Sticky

Wasting all your time on the same person, this kind of investment is more painful than losing money, because if you dont have money, you can make it again, and when you have no time, you just dont have it.

So why the longer the relationship is, the more painful it will be after breaking up. On the one hand, it is time investment, on the other hand, it is getting used to each other.

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3. Are Relationships Worth It-Fully Closed

After falling in love, you dont even have a friend. Take back your network of relationships. She is the only one left in the world. Once you break up, your world will collapse. Are Relationships Worth It? A healthy relationship lies in good investment. Only when you know how to invest in love can you cope with all kinds of problems, not afraid of wind and rain, and always adjust yourself in the best state.


Are high school relationships worth it? Girls in school are more likely to give everything they have. Always give unilaterally, not give, but sacrifice. Your contribution must meet the right person, and the right person will definitely want to know your cold and warm, but also your sorrows and joys, will not impose his will on you, and will do both. To manage this relationship in a comfortable way. The joy of love describes this state very well!


Psychologist Homans once pointed out: Interpersonal communication is essentially a kind of social exchange, which means that the maintenance of social interaction requires a balance of effort and reward.


Regardless of who you are, as long as you give and take too much, it will cause the balance of the relationship to be unbalanced. Therefore, setting your own sense of boundaries and striving to create a balance between income and expenditure may seem indifferent. In fact, this is the long-term management.


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