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3 Signs You’re Being Played By A Woman

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How do you know if a woman is playing with you? Then you have to look at the next three points.

Love used to be a pledge in the eyes of many people. In the past, life was short enough to love only one person, but now love is very long. We should not only pay attention to the consistency of ideas, but also see whether we can get along well. The more we can fall in love, the higher our vision and requirements will be. Of course, if we fall in love more often, we will inevitably be hurt by love, This result will only make many outstanding young people become high-quality bachelors in this society.

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In love, everyone wants to hold hands for a lifetime, but sometimes God likes to make fun of you. He just lets you meet a girl who doesn’t love you, but she is fascinated by her. But she leaves at last. In fact, there are some things we can completely avoid. Let’s take the girl’s love for you as an example, At the beginning, we can feel that in love, girls are just playing with you. They all have these three performances. Smart people know to “avoid”.

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Signs you’re being played by a woman 1. She will contact you if she has something to do

When she needs your help, she will think of you, even what you ask her to do. But after you help her, her attitude towards you will change greatly. You are just a person who doesn’t matter to her. Even when she gives you enthusiasm, she will divide the enthusiasm to other boys, Smart boys know to “stay away” when they meet this kind of girl who will only ask. After all, even if such a girl is with you, she is also a woman who doesn’t obey women’s morality. It’s no fun to wear a green hat for you.

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Signs you’re being played by a woman 2. I’m always impatient with you

When a girl is just playing with you, she has no real feelings for you, so when she gets along with you, you will find that she is easy to be angry with you, and her attitude is also extremely bad. She is often impatient with you because of some small things, and will not care about your feelings at all. Only when she thinks you are valuable, she will be kind to you, If you are not interested in you, a kick can kick you away, leaving no face, so smart boys know to stay away from such girls, after all, love someone is dignified, don’t let your kneeling lick hurt you.

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Signs you’re being played by a woman 3. Often let you do cash machine

You are just playing with the scum girl. She also likes to let you be her ATM. Whenever it’s a holiday, she likes to ask you to go shopping, eat and watch movies. She will not be shy to ask you to pay for the things she sees. Of course, she will find various reasons in her daily life to ask you to give her things, order takeout and so on, Many brothers think that this is a girl like their performance, but they don’t know if they become a “spare tire” of slag girl. Smart boys can see through these tricks when they get along with girls at the beginning, so they will also know how to stay away early. If you think you have too much money, you can keep it. Slag girls are very welcome.

Many brothers feel that it’s hard to guess the girl’s mind, and they often treat themselves coldly and hotly. They don’t know which sentence is true or false, so they can’t judge whether the other party really likes them. So if they are still confused, they can refer to the three performances of the girl just playing with you. Remember to be smart when they meet, It’s better to avoid it early.

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