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12 Ways Tell You How To Spice Up A Relationship Non Sexually

Over the years, I’ve been exploring a way to make my life interesting. As time goes on, you will find that fun is more important than shape.

Interesting people, the best is to tap the fun of life, so that their life is exciting. So do these 12 things and make yourself an interesting person.

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How to spice up a relationship non sexually 01.

Cultivate a seemingly useless interest

Confucius said that people who have no addiction can’t make friends with each other. We can see how important it is to cultivate a hobby.

Try to cultivate a hobby, but without any utilitarian heart, and not for the purpose of making money, just to find this kind of good feeling.

What if you don’t have hobbies? Find one. What was your favorite thing to do as a child? What do you admire most about others? So discover and stick to it.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 02.

Learn to be humorous

Chen Pang is not good-looking, but he has one advantage: humor. At the beginning, he was able to defeat many sentimental enemies because he was very humorous and always laughed with him.

Learn to moderate self darkness, your “shortcomings” will become indifferent in self mockery, you will live more relaxed.

Humor is an expression of high EQ and an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.

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How to spice up a relationship non sexually 03.

Exercise every week

People who love sports are cheerful and love life, because running secretes a substance called endorphin, which is similar to morphine and makes people feel good.

If you don’t like running, go cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, playing badminton, tennis, basketball, etc.

In any case, be sure to find a sport you like and stick to it. It’s better to join a circle and move!

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 04.

Go to a show

Even if it’s a person, go to a movie.

Life is like a play and drama is like life.

Buy a box of popcorn, only a few ten yuan, let yourself completely relax, with the plot to enjoy the feeling of laughter and tears, such a thing why not.

You can also go to a play, a concert or a high-end music performance, such as symphony or opera.

Watching a high-level performance is a reward for life.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 05.

Reading and writing

What is more interesting than reading? For people who can’t finish reading a book in a year, how empty this life should be.

If you want to improve your intelligence, if you want to make yourself interesting, read books.

Another way is to write. Your thoughts and feelings are written through writing, which is addictive and wonderful.

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How to spice up a relationship non sexually 06.

Explore in the city of life

A few years ago, I was traveling to Los Angeles. A relative lived in Los Angeles for more than ten years. I asked her to take me to Universal Studios. I didn’t expect that she said, what’s interesting there? I’ve never been there.

So I had to rent a car and go there alone. Guess what? I’m completely playing. It’s so unforgettable, OK!

You live in this city, there are too many places to dig. For example, historical buildings, parks, old streets, and even flower and bird markets. Living here for many years, do you really think you are familiar with it? No, no, no, maybe you’re not as good as a tourist.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 07.

Master a new skill

My primary school teacher is over 60 years old. I went to see her not long ago and found that she had an extra piano at home. At first I thought it was her son’s. I bought it for myself, she said.

Then she talked about a song for me. Although not too skilled, but also enough to shock me. She said that she retired two years ago and began to learn piano when she had nothing to do. Now she often practices it. She feels very successful.

Try to learn a new skill every 1-2 years.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 08.

Send flowers to yourself or raise plants

Send yourself a bunch of flowers every week, or raise some small plants by yourself. Who said flowers must be sent by others! The one who really dotes on himself is the one who knows how to buy flowers for himself.

You can also raise some small plants. Take time every day to take care of these little things, prune, change water, and watch them grow day by day. This attentive process makes life full and full of achievement.

You can feel the exuberant life and the beauty of life when you see plants.

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How to spice up a relationship non sexually 09.

Eat all the delicious food in the world

One of the happiest things is to be able to eat the delicious food you like. A foodie is an absolute lover of life.

In your city, there must be all kinds of delicious food distributed in the streets.

As long as you spend a little time on foraging, your life will be full of fun.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 10.

Find the most relaxing housework

My favorite chore is all sorts of tidying up.

The process of sorting is actually a good way to relax, and it is also a process of subtraction. Throw away the useless things, put the useful things neatly at hand, add some new household products, decorate with heart, and your life will be full of vitality.

I once ran into a friend who had been lost for a long time. She invited me to her home. As soon as I went in, I was shocked. Her house was in a terrible mess.

Learning to cook or bake is also a relaxing and fulfilling way to do housework. What could be more interesting than to focus on one thing and be satisfied with the product for yourself and your family?

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 11.

Self help tour once a year

The advantage of self-help travel is that you need to make your own itinerary and research strategies. You can learn more about the local customs. The rise of B & B in recent years has strengthened the understanding of local people.

What is the meaning of tourism? It’s not a trip here, not a photo shoot, not a crazy shopping, but a feeling of local customs in a foreign country.

See the traces of history, appreciate the magnificent natural scenery, understand the world art, communicate with local people, and experience customs These will make you deeply realize that the world is so big and beautiful. It turns out that life is not only a matter of procrastination, but also a matter of distance.

Go for a self-help tour. Take a look at the colorful world with your bag on your back. You will love life more.

How to spice up a relationship non sexually 12.

Keep a pet

If you are single or married and don’t want a baby. It’s a good choice to have a pet, a cat or a dog, or even a bird. As the saying goes, giving is better than receiving.

You think about taking care of it, and then it only has you in its eyes. It looks forward to you coming home from work every day and taking it out to play. Such emotions will make you feel that life is of great significance.

You watch it grow up day by day, it coquettishes you, plays with you, regards you as its life only. This kind of pay is really valuable.

 The world is so big, the life is so beautiful, these all need you to take the initiative to discover. Choose to do something interesting and make life fun. Finally, the books you have read, the road you have taken and the lifestyle you have chosen will gradually penetrate into your bones and shape you into the person you want to be.

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