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Love Triangle Psychology: Why Women Are Keen On Love Triangle


Love Triangle Psychology is actually a very interesting phenomenon. Romantic films and novels for a wide range of female audiences usually have an interesting plot twist. These films present Love Triangle Psychology, that is, the love triangle between two men falling in love with the same girl. . This kind of plot with Love Triangle Psychology is very common, and there are also such plots in the movie Casablanca. In the play, Humphrey Bogart and Paul Henley fell in love with Ingrid Bowman at the same time. Bowman fell in love with both of them, and the most abusive part of the play was that she struggled painfully to choose between the two. The creation of the film is inseparable from the triangular theory of love psychology. What exactly is Love Triangle Psychology, we can start to analyze from this aspect.


The triangular theory of love psychology definition means that a normal relationship is a matter of two people; if a third person appears, and at the same time, at least one of them maintains a love relationship with the other two at the same time, a love triangle is formed. Simply put, three people are in love at the same time.

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Why is this kind of Love Triangle Psychology film and television plot so common, and it is generally about the love between men and women? There are many reasons for Love Triangle Psychology, and some of them affect the way men and women fall in love, choose their mates, and people desire to be satisfied.


In the eyes of most men, Love Triangle Psychology between two women is the most popular sexual fantasy. But despite this, research shows that the most clicked Internet pornographic images by men are those of one woman and multiple men. In spite of the fact that the desires of men are all imagined with two women. A man’s body responds to the movement of sperm, and in fact the sex between a woman and multiple men can more strongly trigger a male’s sexual impulse. This may reflect the historical evolution of sexual response and sexual behavior in a monogamous environment. The competition between men and women (whether they know it or not) is not only a competition between genders, but also for control. competition. Sexual attraction is also contained in Love Triangle Psychology.


Love Triangle Psychology also shows that men unconsciously react to gender competition, and women seem to do the same. An interesting study of Love Triangle Psychology shows that in a monogamous relationship, women are more likely to be tempted to cheat during ovulation. Moreover, the Love Triangle Psychology study also shows that when they have sex with a man other than their main sexual partner, they are more likely to orgasm, especially when the man shows a rogue temperament from time to time or you can spend the night with him but not The man who married him. Ruffian men are very confident and self-righteous, jumping around in bed to show how significant their high levels of testosterone have on their body and behavior, which is different from the “father” type. This type of paternal love is waiting for a partner at home and is able to support his women and children. In fact, Love Triangle Psychology also shows that women need freshness in their relationships, and it is easy for them to like two completely different people.


Another interesting conclusion of Love Triangle Psychology is that when this woman returns home, even the father-loving men are unconsciously aroused sexual desire. If you have sex with her at this time, the coming will definitely be more violent and energetic. To some extent, Love Triangle Psychology can’t actually prevent the occurrence of derailment. But according to a Love Triangle Psychology study, a woman who has cheated usually waits a day before having sex with her main partner. why? Avoiding being noticed is one reason, and respecting your partner is another reason. However, waiting for 24 hours is more likely to increase the chance of having a child with another sexual partner, rather than their main partner. Love Triangle Psychology shows that love triangles are also very risky.

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Love Triangle Psychology also reflects a lot in film and television dramas. In “Twilight”, Bella struggles between the love of the vampire Edward and the passion of the werewolf Jacob. In “Star Wars” Leia is in a dilemma between the sensitive Luke she is interested in (it turns out to be her brother, but we are not there yet) and the arrogant Han Suro. In my book “Insatiable Wives, Wandering Ladies, and Men Who Love them”, a traditional Love Triangle Psychology plot related to the dynamics of sexual competition is fictionalized, and the Love Triangle Psychology is described in detail.


In addition, Love Triangle Psychology or triangle love theory psychology is the main reason for male psychology. Men work harder to spread their genes widely so that women have more choices. This Love Triangle Psychology theory is now under attack, but there is enough evidence that when selective, many female species will choose to mate with male species outside the tribe or group. Marianne Fisher has made a wonderful report in which she explores the “provocative” method in romance novels, which reflects the choice of women and the spur of obtaining a high-quality male partner. Following the theme of Love Triangle Psychology, two men compete to win the love of a woman and dominate the love story. This may arouse women’s desire for the best male partner. And two men compete with each other, and she who chooses the winner will definitely get better.


However, in addition to these mating dynamics, Love Triangle Psychology also has some unconscious psychological factors at work. Women’s Love Triangle Psychology shows that if you are loved and longed for by two men at the same time, it may be more exciting and exciting than being loved by one man. In “The Insatiable Wife” I wrote about the “Social Queen Phenomenon” and the feeling of self-identity, self-confidence, and self-charming after being sought after by many men due to the psychology of Love Triangle Psychology.


In ancient Greek mythology, Hercules is required to accomplish seven impossible things to prove love. When a man competes with another man in order to hold hands with a woman, does this really test and prove how deeply he loves? If he didn’t really love her, would he still be so desperate? The paradox of Love Triangle Psychology is here. If you choose two people to love, can it prove that you love both of them?


George Lucas directed the “Star Wars” trilogy mirroring the “hero arc” described in Joseph Campbell’s works, and there are also such typical Love Triangle Psychology plots in most heroic legends.

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This myth that includes Love Triangle Psychology mainly talks about a male model who does not know where he is. He has the power and self-confidence to fight against evil forces to defend his descendants. The same Love Triangle Psychology has appeared in “Harry Potter”, even in the story of the savior. Through Love Triangle Psychology, women can not only increase their chances of getting a better partner, but they can also increase their strength, improve their self-confidence, and improve their personal values.


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