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Cure: Relationship Depression

Relationship depression: One film calls depression, “the cold in the mind.”

But the world has never been so gentle with them.

In reality, most people can’t understand what the difference is between depression and ordinary sadness. It’s all just more drama in their eyes.

“Everyone gets in a bad mood.” “Well, don’t think too much about it, it will be fine once it passes.”

 For depressed people, such words can be as merciless as a sharp sword.




What is the difference between depression and ordinary sadness?

Depression and relationships: The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality-it is the ability to perceive all emotions, including happiness, excitement, sadness, and pain.

Depression is not an emotion in itself, but a loss of emotion, a thick curtain that separates you from the world. It is not sadness, or pain; it is a disease.

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What is it like to live with depression?


Depression in partner: Some patients say.

“Like losing my senses, I can hardly feel anything. I can’t capture the joy of things I once loved, or rather, even the disappointment. Eventually it’s even as simple as the small everyday things, eating, leaving only numbness. Because nothing can be felt.

So everything has lost its meaning. It’s not that I don’t want to live, I just don’t understand why I want to live. “I felt so clearly that it was destroying me.”


Depression in couples:

“Every time it swept over me, I could clearly feel everything and everyone moving further and further away from me. There was a transparent barrier between the world and me, and I was drowning in this separated darkness, with only it, face to face with me. And it is the demon king, I can only surrender and watch it float up a little and invade me. I run away from everyone around me and push everything away. At this point if someone tries to break into this transparent shell, the demon king will be hysterical and destroy all relationships.

In the end there is always infinite guilt and guilt afterwards. Why do people like me still have people around me ah. The more you guys are nice to me, the more guilt I feel, the more guilt I feel, the more I hate myself, and the more I hate myself, the more I want to punish myself.”


Relationship depression:

“Thinking about those sleepless nights, forgetting the causal relationship between insomnia and emotions. For seven whole hours, the body and consciousness seemed to be split apart alive as they fought a fierce battle. The body prevailed pulling the mind into chaos, the consciousness defiantly began to attack the heart, and the whole self stood up in fear in intense palpitations.    

I began to dread the dawn, forcing myself to realize that it was another sleepless night, forcing me to realize how many hours I had been awake. Covering the violently beating heart, the emotions crumble a little and shatter into a puddle of tears on the pillow.”


Relationship depression:

Experts note, “We live in an era of epidemic depression. One in four people you meet is likely to have suffered from depression at some point in their lives, and one in five people you meet is in the midst of depression.”

According to the World Health Organization, depression affects 350 million people worldwide, ranking 5th among the top 10 diseases worldwide. it is expected to become the second most common disease worldwide by 2020. The number of deaths by suicide due to depression is as high as 1 million each year.




What are the characteristics of women who are prone to depression?


1. Always think about others

Relationship depression: Some women, often because they know too much kindness, and let themselves live very tired.

Used to think differently, careful to please, always care about the face of others, but only ignore their own feelings.

When you encounter a problem, you are used to taking the fault to yourself, it is easy to compromise and accommodate, even if you are obviously unhappy and reluctant, but also in order to take care of each other, and to give in to themselves.

Do not know how to refuse, and can not bear to hurt others, and finally had to trample themselves.


Such women, seemingly high intelligence, but in fact the inner lack of love and security support, fear of strife, fear of abandonment, so in the relationship is also the most vulnerable.

However, the fact is that a give and take, and can not be exchanged for the same tender, there are only picky and indifferent.

Over time, hiding a belly full of grievances, but also inevitably heartbroken, will be depressed.


2. Easy to fall into repeated emotions

Relationship depression: Love, there will inevitably be quarrels and separation, some women quickly turn the page, live in style, while some women are very nostalgic, easy to fall into a pessimistic mood, can not extricate themselves.

A deep nostalgia for the old woman, often sleepless late at night, recalling the sad past.

Constantly in the mind, replay the former scene, recall the details of the time, and constantly chewed each other’s words.

However, the more you think about it, the deeper you will fall, the deeper you fall, the more unhappy you will live.


With the repeated pondering, emotions also rise and fall again and again, like being shot with an arrow, and then take that arrow, and continue to poke themselves hard one after another.

Relationship depression: In the long run, the wound will never heal, and the heart will become scarred.

In fact, depression, sometimes from the constant reinforcement of their own negative emotions, slowly accumulated.

Instead of living in the past, living in the shadow, why not choose to slowly forget, which is also a kind of redemption for themselves.

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