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Can Toxic Relationships Be Fixed? YES, BUT

Can toxic relationships be fixed?

Can you fix a toxic relationship?

How do you fix a toxic relationship?

What is a healthy relationship? What is an unhealthy relationship?

Is it possible for a toxic relationship to be repaired?

— YES. But you have to respect yourself first.

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Can Toxic Relationships Be Fixed? Respect Yourself First

  • Can toxic relationships be fixed?
  • Can you fix a toxic relationship?
  • How do you fix a toxic relationship?

What is a healthy relationship? 

What is an unhealthy relationship?

Is it possible for a toxic relationship to be repaired?

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Can toxic relationships be fixed?
1. What is a healthy relationship?

There is no unified model for a healthy relationship, but it must be composed of these two key factors.

Can toxic relationships be fixed?
(1) Respect each other

A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect for each other.

Respect for each other can reflect but is not limited to:

  • Personal privacy;
  • Personal economic control;
  • Personal freedom of the individual.

Remember, in a healthy relationship, your relationship does not restrict you from meeting your friends alone, even if they are heterosexual (for heterosexual) friends.

You are free to engage in your hobby activities, and there is no need to share your email, mobile phone, social network account password to your lover.

At the same time, you can respect each other’s preferences and needs. In a healthy relationship, lovers will support each other and share their needs, so that each other can understand your encouragement and support for him, rather than belittle or ridicule.

Can toxic relationships be fixed?
(2) Good communication

In a healthy relationship, lovers can better communicate and resolve conflicts between the two.

Many times, we often mistakenly think that “love without quarreling” is “healthy.”

In reality, however, arguing by itself does not mean that it will destroy the relationship. What kind of attitude is used to discuss the conflicts and disagreements between each other is the core that affects the relationship.

If in the family where you grew up, your parents often quarreled, and even used hands-on fights, threats, and demeaning each other to communicate different opinions and ideas, you might think that this is the “effective way of communicating with couples” that you have seen…

There are many ways to communicate, but to persuade the other party by belittling, threatening, and physically violent is not a form of communication that respects the other party.

In the face of conflict, in a healthy relationship, we try to coordinate each other’s needs in a more reasonable and equal way, instead of using “power” to suppress each other.

Can toxic relationships be fixed?
2. How to get rid of a toxic relationship as soon as possible?

– “Can toxic relationships be fixed?”

– “Can I fix a toxic relationship?”

– YES. But you have to respect yourself first.

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Can toxic relationships be fixed?
(1) Respect for yourself is the prerequisite for all interpersonal communication

The reason why respecting oneself is the prerequisite for all interpersonal communication is that it plays a very important role in different levels and links of interpersonal relations; and, once the respect for oneself is missing, it will produce some very bad things. as a result of.


Specifically, the importance of respecting yourself is mainly reflected in these aspects:

① It teaches others how to treat us.

② This is a manifestation of self-quality and helps us win the appreciation of others.


“Can toxic relationships be fixed?” Respect yourself first.

It is also mentioned in the book “Dignity, Character, and Self-Respect” that respecting oneself means that one can clarify and adhere to one’s standards and pursuits in life, which includes a high degree of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-discipline. , Self-adjustment and other capabilities.

Moreover, in the process of practicing respect for oneself, you also face the risk of conflict with others, which is also a manifestation of courage. Therefore, respecting oneself is a good quality, which can win the appreciation of others and raise the level of self-esteem.

Can a toxic relationship be fixed? YES. But you have to respect yourself first.

Respect for ourselves is particularly important in interpersonal relationships, not only because it brings us benefits, but also because once we lack it, we may suffer some injuries and bear a series of negative and negative consequences…

① Lack of respect for ourselves may induce the “bad” side of others, causing them to further exploit and harm us.

In the face of friends, family, or lovers, if we cannot do our best to maintain our dignity and rights, we will enter a certain squeezed role and encourage others to “deteriorate” in disguise (Peterson, 2018).

② Even if the other party does not treat you maliciously, when you cannot respect yourself, it is difficult to develop a sincere interest in life and relationships, and to establish a deep connection with the other party.

This is because when you maintain the relationship by suppressing your own needs and emotions, the other person has no way to understand what the real you are, and it is difficult to communicate with you further, let alone establish a true and stable emotional connection.

Moreover, because of your “sacrifice”, the problem between you is calmed down when both sides don’t know what the other is thinking and have not been resolved.

Not only do you not know what the other person’s true feelings are, but you may also even have backlogs of contradictions that do not exist.

“Can toxic relationships be fixed?”

A good relationship should be based on a sincere interest in each other. You will be curious about what the other person has experienced and how they felt, and use this as an endless source of life experience and emotional promotion (Kernberg, 2011).

However, disrespect for one’s behavior actually prevents the opportunity for frank communication with each other, and the two sides will certainly not be able to establish a sincere interest.

Therefore, only on the basis of respecting ourselves can we have the opportunity to obtain a healthy interpersonal relationship and allow this relationship to develop in a “sustainable” manner, towards a deeper, more equal, and harmonious state.


Now that you understand the important role of self-respect in interpersonal relationships, then…

Can toxic relationships be fixed?
(2) How to exercise self-respect ability and effectively respect yourself in interpersonal communication?

Can toxic relationships be fixed?
STEP 1: Need to improve self-awareness and understand your real needs

The reason why many people don’t know how to express themselves and how to refuse is because they don’t know what they really want. So when others put forward contradictory requirements, we cannot accurately perceive our inner voice. The conflict is very vague, so it is difficult to express.

you could:

After clarifying the preferences and needs, it is also particularly important to set the bottom line and self-rules.

Some bottom lines recognized by society should be strictly adhered to for everyone, such as not allowing violence, derailment, etc., but everyone must also be clear about their own rules.

You can set your bottom line in different types of relationships.

Once these bottom lines are clear, we need to hold them, otherwise, others will think that our bottom lines can easily be ignored and overridden.


Can toxic relationships be fixed?
STEP 2: You need to learn to say “no” to requests that go against your will

For those who are not used to rejecting, there are some tips for them to practice and learn to reject (Braiker, 2011):

① Practice the statement from the perspective of “I” (I-statement)

Using the sentence “I” to show sovereignty means that your refusal is responsible for your feelings and ideas, rather than attacking others. Moreover, when you think about how to use “I” to express, you have completed the recognition of your feelings and thoughts.

② Adjust the rejection method

This includes using firmer terms and giving as little explanation as possible after rejection.

If you give too specific details, the other party may use your explanation to chase you and continue to request.

In short, being firm in your tone and giving fewer explanations can increase the success rate of rejection.

③ Give yourself some rewards

Every time you say “no”, you give yourself positive encouragement, whether it’s inner positive self-talk, praise yourself for “doing well”, or give yourself material rewards to help yourself strengthen the concept of respect for yourself.


Can toxic relationships be fixed?
3. Before changing, please ask “Did I respect myself?”

“Can toxic relationships be fixed?”

In the face of people and things that violate your rights, make you feel uncomfortable or cause actual harm, maintain your anger and intolerance, and learn to protect yourself effectively.

In the beginning, you may feel at a loss, unaccustomed, or even some difficulties. You can refer to the following methods to complete this homework that belongs to you.

People who don’t respect themselves can easily live in accordance with the expectations and requirements of others in relationships. In this process, you will only feel more and more deviated from your life trajectory, and less and less feel your value. It’s hard to be yourself.


“How can you fix a toxic relationship?” “Respect yourself” is very important in a relationship.

When you do not respect yourself, others will not feel your value and personality, you will lose your unique attraction, and you may even become a “tool” for others.

People who can respect themselves will maintain themselves when building relationships. They will not easily give up their will or change their behavior to maintain harmony or please each other. This is not only effective protection for the self, but also helps them find a real personal relationship that suits them.


“Can toxic relationships be fixed?”

After many people are injured in a relationship, they tend to reflect on what they are doing badly, annoy the other person, and make the other person exhaust their feelings for themselves. They constantly change themselves and get along with “better selves” in the next relationship, but the results are often not good.

  • “Why do I always meet scumbags/scumbags?”
  • “Why do I do so well, he/she still doesn’t like me?”
  • “Can toxic relationships be fixed?”

Before asking these questions and changes, please ask “Did I respect myself?”

Of course, you can be empathetic, but the premise must be that you don’t wrong yourself.

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