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How Much Do You Know About Aspergers Relationships Arguments?


Aspergers relationships arguments belong to the category of autism, also known as high-functioning autism. In the past decade, more and more children have been diagnosed with aspergers relationships arguments. But in fact, there are not a few adult patients, it’s just that little is known about it in medicine in the past, and these people have not been diagnosed. Many of these high-functioning patients, like ordinary people, have a job, get married and have children. British Telegraph reporter Anna Moore interviewed some adult patients and their lovers/spouses, describing the characteristics and difficulties of these Aspergers relationship arguments in their marriage and love life, and how their lovers/spouses adjust their expectations of each other, Aspergers relationships arguments How to achieve harmony through understanding and tolerance.


Suffering from Aspergers relationships arguments, he behaves mildly, has a simple heart, is considerate to the human body, and behaves like a gentleman. However, these advantages that make Sarah fall in love with Keith are the characteristics of aspergers relationships arguments. Patients with aspergers relationships arguments are not uncommon in life. Anna Moore interviewed some patients and their lovers/spouses.

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Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Newton sat together intimately, like any couple in love, chatting funny things that only they knew, and the two laughed from time to time.


Keith had just arrived at Sarah’s home in Hove. It can be seen that the two people are sincerely happy to be alone together for a few days. As always, Keith turned off his phone and explained: Im here to be with Sarah. They dont visit relatives and friends – Keith has no friends of his own, and because of Aspergers relationships arguments, he always feels uncomfortable in social situations – they just plan to eat a lot of chocolate, take a walk together, and watch TV. Sarah said: we often secretly feel lucky because we see that other lovers are not as happy as the two of us.


But a few days later, Keith was about to drive back to his home in Wikan, Hampshire, 50 miles away. He is single and has a job as a computer programmer. Their future will only be so. Aspergers relationships arguments, even though the two have known each other five years ago, they will not developmenttheir relationship like other lovers. They will neither live together nor have children. Keith, 39, is tall and thin, with a weird posture, like a big boy. Although the two are only one year apart, Keith appears to be 10 years younger than his actual age.


Sarah gave birth to a child at the age of 19 and has been divorced twice. She firmly believes that no other woman can stand Keith. Hes such a handsome guy, its not just a piece of cake to find a beautiful girl. It’s a pity that neither he nor anyone can grow up. Sarah giggled and said, at most three to four months. As long as it talked about the house child’s bank account, he strayed right away. At this point, the two people laughed. It can be seen that Aspergers relationships arguments also have their own emotional lives.


Before Aspergers relationships arguments, they weren’t like this before. They first met through dating sites. Because of Aspergers relationships arguments, in the beginning, there was always stumbling between the two. For Sarah, Keith is difficult to understand. For example, he would tell Sarah unabashedly that getting together every weekend is enough for him. He will not live with her, nor will he move closer to her. Sarah thinks Keith is selfish, indifferent and difficult to approach. And Keith felt that Sarah had too many things, too difficult to serve, and too loud.

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In the end, one thing happened that reborn the two Aspergers relationships arguments – they found Keith’s “unfavorable relationship”, they refused to see the prospect of the relationship between the two, and they didn’t seem to want to see it. The reason: Keith is a patient with aspergers relationships arguments (Asperger’s syndrome).


It is not surprising to get a diagnosis at such an age. Aspergers relationships arguments is a developmental disorder, which belongs to the category of Aspergers relationships arguments. People have only known it for 60 years, and its diagnostic criteria were only included in the diagnostic manual of the World Health Organization in 1992. Therefore, most adult Aspergers relationships arguments do not know that they have this disorder.


Regarding the percentage of Aspergers relationships arguments in the population, estimates vary greatly in various aspects. It is generally believed that the proportion of patients with autism in the population is one percent, most of which are men, and the ratio of men to women is 9 to 1. Patients with aspergers relationships arguments usually have above-average intelligence. However, they have great difficulties in empathizing with others, in language communication, and in dealing with others.


Aspergers relationships arguments feel that those intangible social rules are difficult to grasp, and our general peoples speech and behavior are all affected by these rules. Asperger’s patients are very puzzled by the puns in the conversation, and they can’t decipher other people’s facial expressions and intonation. They are too horny and too literary, so that they often (not intentionally) offend others. Because the secular life is too difficult for them to control, many people can only mechanically follow a fixed program, avoid interacting with others, or immerse themselves in narrow and remote hobbies to gain a sense of psychological security.

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At present, it is easier for pediatric patients to obtain a diagnosis, and schools must provide additional help for such children. But 20 years ago, people thought that such children were just weird and out-of-group. They had to overcome these shortcomings by themselves. This situation continued until they grew up. For a patient with aspergers relationships arguments, falling in love, getting married, and being a parent will be the most difficult stage in their life.

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