Marriage is a very happy thing, but sometimes it can make people feel helpless, especially when two people have different temperaments, which can cause some misunderstandings and contradictions. For example, your wife is too naive, and as a husband, you often feel dumbfounded. Hope my suggestion can help you. Learn

1. The type of woman who does not understand etiquette and self-cultivation. When a more educated woman speaks, she must speak softly. She can’t talk loudly, let alone an aggressive tone, especially in front of men. On the contrary, those women who are not cultivated do not care about the

When I was in Manchester City, a boy asked me to watch the sunrise on the beach in Blackpool. I didn’t really want to go, but he kept persuading and finally convinced me. At exactly four o’clock in the cold morning, he drove to pick me up. I asked him:

People who do not work but want to be paid cannot succeed. When we see some people succeed, we should know that they have become famous after a lot of hard work. People who are eager for success cannot succeed. Making meritorious deeds is a lifetime event, not a momentary

Once we had a conflict, and we were all angry. No one spoke, walking one after the other in the school. Later, the seats where we ate were joined together. I just touched her lightly, still stern. She smiled softly: “I was wrong.” “Well, I was wrong too, I shouldn’t

There are a lot of good ways to learn faster, but I’m pretty sure this is one of the simplest and most widely useful. It doesn’t involve detailed study plans, copious notes, or complicated systems, though it can work with those if you wish.

Eat marinated chicken feet. I am a Chinese girl. Chicken feet are very common in China. Many people like to eat spicy chicken feet, hot and sour, crisp. Chicken feet are the feet of chickens and can be eaten. Marinated chicken feet are made from carefully selected chicken feet by

1.Make friends with people who sincerely hope you are good. If you’re surrounded by people who support your progress, they won’t tolerate your cynicism or broken attitude. They will encourage you to be kind to yourself and others, and will cautiously spur you at the right time to strengthen your