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3 Things On How To Know If You’re Ready For Marriage

How to know if youre ready for marriage? Except the 101 questions to ask before you get engaged. You also need to know that the two strangers found each other in the vast sea of people. It’s a wonderful process from acquaintance to love. This beautiful process is called love. But not all the two people who love each other can finally work together in the palace of marriage. More people forget each other in the river and lake and become the most familiar strangers. Whether you and she can go hand in hand and become a happy couple is also a problem that puzzles many people.

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How to know you are ready for marriage? I think we need to meet the following points: in love, love and marriage are two different things. Love as long as they are happy and comfortable with each other. But marriage is to live together, to be responsible for each other, regardless of wind and rain, hand in hand for the rest of life. And it’s really hard for a person to meet a “satisfying” marriage partner. After all, no one in the world knows you better than yourself. Therefore, when choosing a partner, you need to be very careful, even harsh.

How to know if youre ready for marriage? 3 things you should make sure

1. How to know if youre ready for marriage? You should feel comfortable together

How do you know you are ready for marriage? At least, it’s eye-catching, it looks very comfortable. It’s a little worshipful. People are visual animals. People who can make you look comfortable will play a very important role in your life. It’s fun to do anything with a comfortable person.

In two people’s love, women more or less need some feeling of worship. How to know if youre ready for marriage? You should know that if they don’t even have any worship, even if women fall in love, men will feel boring; while in two people’s love, men need to feel a little love.  How to know if youre ready for marriage? If they don’t even have any love, even if they live together, it’s selfish and boring. It’s important for two people to feel comfortable together. If you know this you can understand how to know your ready for marriage.

We always call our marriage partner “the other half.”. So, how to know if youre ready for marriage? In the legend, a complete person is composed of a pair of men and women, only a pair of natural people can be combined into a complete person. Therefore, we have been pursuing “the other half” all our lives. How to know if youre ready for marriage? The right way to get along is not to have two identical individuals, but to complement each other. Like a jigsaw puzzle, two different personalities and temperaments can be put together and feel comfortable.

2. How to know if youre ready for marriage? Your values should be roughly the same

How to know if youre ready for marriage? Although many people love each other, they have different views. Just like you like to travel, you think it’s a feeling of life, but he thinks it’s just a waste of money. It’s like you choose to eat in a romantic restaurant and open a bottle of red wine on a special day.

But he thought that he was poor, fastidious and artificial. You can enjoy expensive caviar with red wine in high-end restaurants, or have beer and barbecue at roadside stands. But no matter which kind, he accompany you or you accompany him are happy, not contradictory. Only in this way can we feel comfortable and love each other deeply.

How did you know you were ready to get married? You know that two people’s Three Outlooks need to be roughly the same. They need careful management in their marriage. In the plain life after their passion has faded, what they need more is: holding the hands of their children and being loyal to their elders. The maintenance of relatives, the communication of friends, the face of difficulties, the control of money and the triviality of life all test two people and determine whether they can face them harmoniously.

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Marriage is not a small matter, once combined, in addition to love is more responsibility! So, how do you know you are ready to get married? Before and after marriage, we must carefully consider these problems, be cautious. If love is a sudden storm, then marriage is an endless spring. The life before and after marriage is totally different. Only when we are ready can we feel the real charm of marriage.

3. How to know if youre ready for marriage? You have to be mentally prepared

How to know when you are ready to get married? When two people choose to get married, they have to be prepared. Because marriage means that two people go out to live independently, no longer rely on the protection of their parents, leave their parents who have lived together for so many years, and live with their other half. For women, how to know if youre ready for marriage? Tthere must be some fear and reluctance about the future. Therefore, before marriage, both parties must make a good plan for marriage, be ready, and face the future hand in hand. Do a good job in future planning, after all, life is trivial, at least financially can support marriage.

Not blindly want to get married, just for love. How do you know if you are ready to get married? Otherwise, after marriage, there is nothing but love, and then life will be very difficult to live. They are tolerant and grateful to each other. The best way for two people to get along with each other is to appreciate each other’s kindness and tolerate each other’s mistakes and make an agreement on physical relationship before marriage. Sometimes what people need is not material wealth, but spiritual comfort; this is not sweet talk, but understanding. 

How to know if youre ready for marriage? The best criterion to judge whether two people are suitable together is whether they really love each other. 

It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or her in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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