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Why Do Guys Pull Away In Marriage?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Why do guys pull away

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Why do guys pull away in marriage? 1.

Why do men pull away? There must be a reason for the breakdown of marriage, but it can’t be for no reason. I don’t quite believe the excuse: we had a good relationship, and then he divorced me all of a sudden.

Divorce may be due to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife, but there are also some other reasons that lead to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife. Conflicts are on the verge of breaking out, and it is difficult to survive under the same roof. If we want to find a comfortable marriage relationship, we will naturally think of divorce, because we want to escape from the unhappy environment.

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So you will find that the reason why we want to divorce is to find a comfortable environment. When the other half breaks through our bottom line and can no longer tolerate it, it is only suitable for the end of the relationship.

In this way, divorce is not a failure, but a way to get rid of the muddy environment and make yourself better off.

Why do men pull away? How did your marriage go from love to rupture step by step? Have you ever thought about the deep reasons. The terrible thing is not marriage, but not good at summing up from the failure of marriage.

The end of a relationship can let you see a lot of things. How do you break up? Is it the wrong choice or is it not for you at all? If you get married again, what should you pay attention to? How to live a better life and what kind of talents will be suitable for you? What are your shortcomings in marriage? Why do guys pull away when they are falling in love?

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Only by continuous self-examination can we know our own shortcomings and better adjust ourselves.

The most terrible thing is that some people are separated from broken marriages, but they never know how to reflect.

Why is he pulling away? We might as well listen to the inner words of some divorced men and listen to what they say.

Why do guys pull away in marriage? 2.

Why do guys pull away: @Carlo, 33, remarried after divorce

My ex-wife and I were forced to divorce. I don’t want to divorce. After all, I don’t want my children to lose a complete family. But my ex-wife must divorce. I can’t help it. After I divorced her, my lover was pregnant. I wanted to be responsible for her, and then I got married. After the divorce, I seldom contacted my ex-wife, and she hated me so much that she almost didn’t want to contact me.

Our marriage broke down more because I, I didn’t control myself, and I had close relationships with other women. Maybe I’m tired of being together for too long.

Why do guys pull away: @Li, 27, my wife asked me for a divorce

I think if the wife didn’t make unforgivable mistakes, no man would ask for divorce. After all, we decided to get married because we really loved each other. Even if we got divorced, we didn’t want to get married in the end. Why? My wife thinks that I have no sense of responsibility when she asks for divorce. She is also a bit postpartum depressed. She asks for divorce. I don’t want to be looked down upon by others, so I am angry and divorced.

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After the divorce, I went to ask my ex-wife to forgive me. After all, our children are so small, why divorce.

Why do guys pull away: @James, 35, I mentioned divorce

The divorce was initiated by me because I learned that my wife was cheating. I can’t stand this. Even if I have an affair with other women, you can’t cheat on me. Once marriage touches the bottom line, I won’t and can’t bear it. It’s too humiliating to divorce.

Why do guys pull away: @When he was 30, she forced me to make a choice

I don’t like being forced to do what I don’t like, even my wife. Why did you get divorced? It’s because my wife said, “do you want me or your mother?” I chose my mother, and then the marriage was gone.

Why do guys pull away: @Adolf, 31, divorce is still too impulsive

We divorced because we were too impulsive, because we often quarreled, one side said divorce, and then we left. I just want to remarry with my ex-wife. I still feel that my ex-wife is good after a turn. Divorce is the stupidest thing for me.

Why do guys pull away: @Louis, 40, divorced because I was found cheating

I’ve been with a girl for three years. When my ex-wife found out, she divorced me. Actually, she asked me if I would like to go home? But I felt we couldn’t go on living any more. I kept in touch with that girl and then divorced. I’m not stupid. Even if I’m divorced, I still live alone and never marry that girl.

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Why do guys pull away: @Abel, 36, can’t live without a divorce

The reason why I choose divorce is that life can’t go on. My ex-wife and I quarrel all day. I’m suffering from mental illness by her. She always takes care of me. That family made me feel uncomfortable, so I divorced.

Why do guys pull away: @Andrew, 30, we don’t have a relationship

We had no feelings when we got married. Naturally, our life was very dull. It’s really hard to tie two people who don’t like each other together. After the divorce, I was much more free. At the beginning, it was because of the parents’ urging to get married, but it was not that I couldn’t go on, and I was fooling around. After that, I want to find a woman I love, a marriage without love, only a way to divorce.

Why do guys pull away: @Arthur, 37, my ex-wife made me an enemy

My ex-wife always criticizes me, which also leads to our marriage being very uncomfortable and unable to improve. We used to love, but long gone, no love, not willing to endure, also divorced.

Sleeping in the same bed with a woman you don’t love makes people feel disgusted. My ex-wife has a bad relationship with my mother. She can’t do anything well.

Why do guys pull away: @Barton, 45, because I cheated

When people get divorced in middle age, it’s mostly because there’s someone outside. That’s what I am. I felt that my ex-wife didn’t deserve me, and then I divorced.

Why do guys pull away in marriage? 3.

I have been in contact with many divorced men, in fact, men generally do not want to divorce, especially because they were in love and married.

Women are likely not to get married after divorce, but divorced men are likely to remarry after divorce, because without a wife, what kind of family is it? A woman is a sense of belonging, but for a man, his wife and children will make him feel at home.

So the man must pay attention to a point, divorce to consider clearly, is really can’t go on. Don’t divorce easily, especially for couples with children.

Be careful about marriage. If you find a good wife, you must cherish it. If you don’t cherish it, your happiness will be gone. If you really can’t go on, it’s not impossible for you to escape from divorce.

Don’t let yourself be confused and don’t know how to reflect on the divorce, if so, you will always be very sad this life.

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