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What To Do When Your Husband Abandons You? 3 Stages Make You Feel Better

How can divorced women adjust their mentality? What to do when your husband abandons you?

“You and I have loved each other, worked hard and achieved each other. There are regrets in this situation, but there is no right or wrong. In the future, everyone will be happy. “

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What to do when your husband abandons you?
1. Let go before the spring breaks

The words of blessing each other were very calm as if they were just getting together and saying goodbye.

The ultimate mission of an egg is not to become a fertilized egg, it can be just an egg.

It’s up to you to figure out how to live your life. It’s up to you to figure out how to end your life after divorce and how to adjust your mind.

What to do when your husband abandons you?

The dissolution of marriage is a double-edged sword for any couple. When they cut off their love, they hurt each other and themselves.

With the development of modern people’s thinking, they think that divorce is no longer a disgrace, but “a better choice for both sides”.

With the improvement of women’s status, many women think independently, confidently propose divorce and pursue real happiness.

Marriage may not necessarily be for happiness, but divorce must be.

What to do when your husband abandons you?
2. Accept yourself and move forward bravely

What to do when your husband abandons you?

Divorce can make women produce infinite wisdom.

Divorce is like a bad cold, no one can replace your pain, but it will heal one day.

No matter for what reason, women will have certain psychological barriers after divorce, and they have to undergo a period of psychological adjustment. The psychological trauma caused by divorce will gradually heal, generally through the following stages:

1) Denial period

They don’t believe in or are unwilling to admit their divorce after their predecessors. They are afraid of being humiliated, discussed, and looked down upon by others.

2) Closure period

Divorced women are depressed because of emotional frustration and blow, so they are self closed. Do not want to see anyone, do not want to participate in any form of social activities, to see other partners, will increase their psychological burden.

3) Depressive period

Due to the failure of marriage and the breakdown of the family, divorced women tend to be pessimistic and disappointed, feel ashamed and helpless. Performance for the spirit of malaise, not enterprising, lost confidence in life.

Pavlov said:

“Don’t let your head often look back. It can make you numb.”

We should believe in our value, create new achievements in life and strive for new opportunities with a positive attitude.

What to do when your husband abandons you?
3. “What can I do to get rid of the pain as soon as possible?”

This kind of eagerness to get rid of it is sometimes more fatal than the pain itself because it shows that the visitor has not yet realized:

What caused me to get hurt?

What kind of heart does it reflect?

What can I do to avoid falling twice in a pit?

Getting rid of the pain can indeed make us live better and better, but it belongs to the less painful people.

Out of self-service psychology, some people will pester the wrong person to prove that they can get happiness; or for some practical reasons, they can’t end the wrong marriage as soon as possible.

They can’t get out of the way, leading to deeper wounds, longer pain, and more difficult wounds to heal.

After the experience of trauma, how to get unlimited happiness in the limited life, the test is a person’s ability to accept pain.

Almost every divorced woman has her unique way to get through the traumatic period: some travel for a whole year, some challenge extreme sports, some quit their jobs, some move to sell their houses

What to do when your husband abandons you?

Although the methods are different, the same thing is that they are no longer brave, but know how to ask for help and live in the present.

“Be brave” means self-protection. When a person focuses on protecting herself, she will cut off the channel of love and attention from the outside world. Although the harm is reduced, love is also reduced.

What to do when your husband abandons you?

To stop being brave means to say to yourself:

“Yes, I am helpless, vulnerable, and sad But that doesn’t mean I won’t get better in the future.

I still have something to do, so as long as I do well in the present, the future will not be worse than the present. “

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