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What Signs He Still Loves His EX Wife?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Signs he still loves his ex wife

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What signs he still loves his ex wife? When you start to realize that you are in love with a man you love, but he may still have feelings for his ex-wife, and he seems unable to let go, it is a terrible moment

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What are the signs he still loves his ex-wife?

Some people say that as women, we have super intuition, can instinctively feel when something is wrong. If you’re honest with yourself, if you’ve fallen in love with a man who hasn’t forgotten his ex, there may be some red flags in the beginning.

If he still loves his predecessor, if her name often appears, if her name often appears, he is still angry with her or hard for her, he will not take you to meet his friends, he will compare you with her, or your intuition tells you something has happened.

However, if you can pay more attention to some habits of your boyfriend or husband, you can avoid this kind of sad things and the humiliation of becoming his spare tire. Isn’t that good?

Here’s how to know if your boyfriend still has feelings about his ex and doesn’t want to fall in love with you.

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Signs he still loves his ex wife 01.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: Every small thing reminds him of his ex wife.

Imagine: you dress up and meet him for a romantic dinner. When your order comes up, he says his ex always orders the same dish.

You smile and let it go, but as time goes on, similar things happen. At the end of the night, you may know more about her than you know about him. It must be a sign that she’s always in his head.

If you continue to date with him, you may find that he will find an excuse to talk about her and mention her name inadvertently in every conversation. You don’t have to accept it because it’s not right.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 02.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: When you are in bed, he will talk about her.

Even if you forgive him for spoiling the dinner atmosphere, talking about her in physical intimacy is a big problem.

Nothing is more creepy than remembering her body when he enters your body, or telling you the “cool things” she taught him.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 03.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He tells her something before he tells you.

Whether it’s a new job, a promotion or a haircut, you should be the first to know. But if he told her before he told you, there must be something wrong. If you complain, he’ll come up with the old excuse of “but she’s still my friend.”.

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If he’s still talking to his predecessor, is that ok? In some cases, yes, especially if they were friends before they started dating, or you got along well with her. Otherwise, there’s no need for your boyfriend to tell his ex what you should know first.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 04. 

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He listens to songs about lovelorn and make complaints about her.

Your music preference is a good illustration of your mood.

If he has been listening to sad songs about past lovers, he is a typical lovelorn. Now, when you make fun of this, he will be very angry and say some of the most mean things about her.

Don’t be deceived by his apparent hostility. He said these words just because he couldn’t be with her anymore. Grapes are sour, remember?

Signs he still loves his ex wife 05.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He is obsessed with her on social media.

It’s not a crime to like her photos, but if he likes everything she posts all the time, no matter how ridiculous or stupid, and follows her activities on all social media platforms, he won’t forget her.

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When he doesn’t do the same thing to your post and fiercely defends himself (“I like it because she said something nice!”) This is particularly obvious when the time comes.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 06.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: All the photos of his ex girlfriend are still there except for her.

Maybe he’s one of those people who keeps friends with their predecessors and decorates the walls with their photos.

If so, why didn’t she have a picture? It may be because he had feelings for her, and it was painful to look back at their shared memory.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 07.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He behaved strangely when he spoke to her.

He talks to all his friends in front of you, but when she calls, he slips into the nearest empty room and locks the door.

If you want to hear what they’re saying, you can’t. He’s going to whisper like he’s going to make a secret deal. Once the call is over, if you ask him, he will be absent-minded, upset, or even nervous.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 08.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He gave her a personalized birthday present.

Birthday gifts are normal, but if he gives her something special, it’s different. What’s worse, if he gives her something that belongs to him – like his T-shirt or a photo of two people with personal information.

If so, you may find yourself thinking, “should I date someone who still loves my ex?”

If things get to this point and he’s still talking to her, tracking her on social media, discussing their previous intimate lives, it’s worth deciding if it’s the relationship you want to keep.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 09.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: He still has a good relationship with her family.

He will continue to visit her family or interact with them on Bothlive. He would talk about her with her mother, share secrets with her brother, and continue to chat with her father.

It’s one of the main signs that he still loves his predecessor and just wants to be part of her life in some way.

Signs he still loves his ex wife 10.

What signs he still loves his ex wife: When he is drunk, he will cry and tell you his feelings for her.

Drunk phone calls and text messages are common and often harmless. Further, he will cry out his heart.

You may think he’s drunk, so his words are meaningless. You may even comfort him and tell him that you are by his side. But pay attention to what he says.

He also loves ex boyfriend signs that are heartbreaking experiences for any girlfriend, and you may ask yourself, “how can I make him forget his ex-wife?”

In fact, it’s more about him than you. You can give him a chance to talk about his feelings, listen to him or support him, but there’s only so much you can do before you decide to find someone who will put you first.

If my man still loves his ex-wife, what should I do?

If he’s trying to reconcile with his ex when he’s dating you, it’s not fair to you! If he is your boyfriend and you fall in love with him, it will be more difficult, because he promises to be your boyfriend and knows clearly that he has not forgotten his predecessor.

If he’s honest with you and tells you that he’s fighting the commitment issue, it may be a good sign that he’s ready to deal with it and move on; However, it’s up to you to decide whether to wait for him to solve the problem.

If you think he needs more help and the two of you want to be together, it may help to have an emotional counseling.

What would you do if he still loved his ex-wife?

If you really care about him and don’t want to break up with him, you’d better give him space and take your time.

When you enter a new relationship, we all know that you two have different expectations and past burdens, and these problems arise throughout the relationship. If his previous burden is too heavy for you, it’s up to you whether you want to leave or not.

Use your intuition. If you know that it will take him some time to get out of the shadow of his predecessor, and you don’t want to waste your time, then breaking up is the best choice for you.

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