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What Causes Marriage Limerence

Love is hot, need to have a hundred fold perseverance; marriage is flat, more need to work together to advance and retreat. Love is the business of two people, while marriage is the common business of several families.

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A lot of discord between husband and wife begins with trivial matters. These trivial matters accumulated and broke out again and again, and the two sides refused to give in to each other until they finally ended up breaking up. So what led to the failure of marriage? If you look at the four major causes of marriage failure, you may understand.

Between husband and wife, the four most likely causes of marriage failure!

What causes marriage limerence? 1.

The lack of communication makes the distance between husband and wife become wider

Mr. Mencius said: “food, sex, sex.”. The so-called food and sex also means that sex and eating are equally important. If the couple’s sex life is not harmonious for a long time, then the marriage life is not happy enough.

The cold violence between husband and wife, the harm to marriage is immeasurable. Love problems, to be good at communication. No cold war. More from their own reasons. Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you. Women should be gentle and considerate, men should be tolerant and open-minded.

Communication between husband and wife is the key to open the heart. When we step into the marriage life from the love life, the contradiction appears little by little. Because husband and wife come from different families and have their own living habits. After marriage, we need love communication, to open the door of happiness, so that each other can really enter.

Between husband and wife, the four most likely causes of marriage failure!

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What causes marriage limerence? 2.

Marriage that magnifies little things infinitely

Have husband and wife ever quarreled over a trivial matter, forgetting what it was in the end, but they just can’t save face to make up. If both of them are competitive, the marriage is likely to be ruined by such trifles.

When husband and wife really want to quarrel, stop fighting for three minutes. Think about whether it’s worth quarreling because one likes watching variety shows and the other likes watching TV dramas? Or is it because the food doesn’t taste good?

It seems to be a very small thing. When you magnify it infinitely, you will remove all the shortcomings of the other party. The couple who once made a vow to make an alliance with each other will personally destroy a marriage because of such a small matter. You know, don’t fight over small things.

Between husband and wife, the four most likely causes of marriage failure!

What causes marriage limerence? 3.


Men and women’s economic outlook, world outlook and outlook on life, after marriage, often with the passage of years, gradually open the distance, men’s ideas will have earth shaking changes, while women are often standing still, crawling, so, many problems come.

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The arrival of the child broke the original world of two people. Because of education or taking care of children, there is friction between husband and wife. Both men and women should take their due responsibility for their children. Remember that for children, stick education children, doting on children, are not desirable. Parents should set a good example for their children! Husband and wife should be tolerant and trust each other.

The distance can be, but it must not be too open, otherwise, it will be with the passage of time and let the couple’s feelings have estrangement and generation gap, so the women who think standing still must strive to keep pace with the times.

Between husband and wife, the four most likely causes of marriage failure!

What causes marriage limerence? 4. 


For one party to have an affair, the blow to the marriage is undoubtedly fatal. Work is inseparable from the dinner, work and entertainment is essential to eat, drink, and have a good time. Sometimes you have to do something false. Of course, you also have your own circle of friends. In order to work and get the trust of each other, you have to do something shameful.

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In the world, temptation is everywhere. The so-called good man and good woman is to see if you can resist temptation. Remember, it’s not wrong to be specific. Can have their own heterosexual confidant, but to do well deserved!

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