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Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-These Behaviors Should Not Be Done By Husbands


Many pregnant mothers will have a lot of psychological pressure during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers are often more sensitive in their hearts, so that they will make some unreasonable demands, but it is precisely because of the influence of men’s behaviors on pregnant mothers and fetuses during the wife’s pregnancy. Bigger. At this time, husband’s role during pregnancy is very important. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy will take a closer look at womens self-esteem.


It is normal for pregnant mothers to be emotionally unstable during pregnancy. This is also when the family needs to tolerate and relieve her. Therefore, when the wife is pregnant, the husband should not have the following types of Selfish Husband During Pregnancy.

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1. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-Make your wife angry

Everyone knows that women will become very sensitive during pregnancy, so certain needs will also increase. During the 280 days of pregnancy, there will always be conflicts of one kind or another between husbands and wives, just like men sometimes The wife will be upset because of some trivial things. Never be a Selfish Husband During Pregnancy. Although this is normal, some men go too far. In this case, not only do they not comfort their wives, but they also accuse their wives of becoming too troublesome because of their pregnancy. To be honest, it is really ruthless to do so. Up.


2. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-The husband offered to sleep in the same room as the husband and wife

Because womens pregnancy lasts for a long time, some men will not be able to control their physical needs. Men who have selfish desires will even take the initiative to propose marital life to their wives. Once their wives refuse, they will be complained by their husbands. This is an act of Selfish Husband During Pregnancy. It is important to know that a womans pregnancy is a major event and cannot tolerate any risk. At this time, a womans heart is often insecure. In addition, sometimes a womans physical condition may not be very good. If some men want to propose a couple at this time Having sex with each other will not only make the wife embarrassed, but will also make the wife feel sad; if some men cheat on it, it is even worse.

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3. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-The husband seems to have nothing to do with him, do nothing

This is the situation in many families now. Pregnant mothers are pregnant and still cook when they need to cook, and they still do housework when they need to do housework. It seems that in the relationship between husband and wife, men should have the upper hand. Difficult, pregnant and stressed by husband. Some men may think this way: pregnant mothers did not have a job during pregnancy, and they were very tired to support the family by themselves. They felt that all this was okay, so they became “people with nothing to do”, but these husbands are really tired. Dont you even have the strength to drag the floor? When encountering this kind of thing, I can only say that the husband does not really care about his wife. And will feel Loss of affection during pregnancy.


4. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-I smoke and drink by myself but let my wife stay away from me

Never become a Selfish Husband During Pregnancy. Many men have the bad habit of smoking and drinking. Even if they temporarily stop smoking and drinking during pregnancy, many men will slowly return to their original appearance after their wives are pregnant. Some men even smoke. I dont avoid my wife from time to time, and I am justified to keep my wife away from him. Some men often get drunk. You must know that the smell of alcohol and cigarettes can cause harm to pregnant mothers and babies, so husbands have given up. , Then don’t pick it up again.


When a woman is pregnant, the role of a husband is not only a family member, but also a father-to-be, but also a lover. I hope every father-to-be should know what to do. Never do a Selfish Husband During Pregnancy. Therefore, the husband must strengthen his husband responsibilities during pregnancy.


1. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy–I am a little bit anemia, and pregnancy is really tired. I feel that in the early stages of pregnancy, I have never adapted to it. I can sleep as I want before I get pregnant, but now I can only face to the left and it’s really uncomfortable. But my husband didn’t take care of me and said that I was too sensitive.


2. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy- I have stomach pains every day. I dont know if its like this at the beginning of pregnancy or whats wrong with the baby. Every day is very tired, but I met a hateful and pitiful father for the baby, the only love between us. , Do you feel heartache.


3. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-Really tired and very tired in the early stages of pregnancy, especially for patients with rhinitis. My husband never cared about me, but felt that the house I made was dirty and messy.

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4. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-I am pregnant and feeling alone, not because I don’t want to be beautiful, but I am really tired. But my husband still scolded me for being lazy when he didn’t understand me, and my heart hurt.


5. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-I don’t know if you feel tired in the later stages of pregnancy and want to sleep all day long. Why do I feel like I dont get enough sleep every day, I just want to sleep. But my husband thinks I sleep too much.


6. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-I know that I will be very tired in the later stages of pregnancy. I didn’t expect it to be so tired. Even if I just stand for a short time after walking two or three steps, I have to pant for the soreness. I can’t sleep well at night, I can’t sleep well on the left side, and I can barely fall asleep on the right side. The most beautiful lying down is that it is not allowed and tortured.


7. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-Its raining heavily outside, Im reading a book, no one is around, although my stomach is uncomfortable because of pregnancy, my head hurts a bit, and my body is very tired, but in this situation, I still feel pretty good. , Sometimes I forgot to feel uncomfortable. My husband’s indifference to me is what hurts me the most.


8. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-regretted having children, and regretted becoming a full-time mother.


9. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-I really feel bad about my mood and I am crazy.


10. Selfish Husband During Pregnancy-The physical torture caused by pregnancy makes me mourn every day. My waist and nose are really helpless and very painful.


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