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365 Reasons Why I Love My Wife, And Yours?

For every man, the best attitude towards his wife is: I love my wife. I regard her as an indispensable part of my life. I am willing to spend my life with her. If I find it, I can find 365 reasons why I love my wife, or even more.

Does the wife always get wronged? She is willing to marry you, she is willing to give you the rest of her life, how much she trusts you. As your husband, ask yourself, are you treating her well? Have you ever told your wife that you love her? 

Most modern women are working women. They work outside for a day, especially on those special days of the month. Women are more tired than we are, and they must share housework. Please often tell your wife “365 reasons why I love my wife” housework is heavy but not heavy. It repeats every day, and it is a kind of mental fatigue. We usually say: men and women match, work is not tired, this method is also applicable at home. The principle of doing housework and eating is the same: you cook and I wash the dishes.

I hope you can learn the 365 reasons why I love my wife. It is not easy for a woman to be a wife. Wearing a wedding dress is a princess, taking off a skirt is a public servant, sagging breasts are not sexy, bloated legs become shorter, working hard for the family, always guarding against the mistress. After a man gets married, he shouldn’t always think about trying to change his wife’s shortcomings, shortcomings and habits according to his own requirements and patterns. The smart way is to start from himself and change himself according to his wife’s preferences. Persevere in this way. Over time, she will feel Living with you is the best and the most suitable for her. She will treat you as the most reliable and dependable person, and it is difficult for her to be good to you.

Here are reasons why I love my wife

1. I like you because I love you.

2. I love you because I like you.

3. I like the way you look at me and giggle.

4. I like the tone of your name.

5. I like the warmth of your gently holding my hand.

6. I like you to take me carefully when crossing the road.

7. I like the way you can’t help me when I’m naughty.

8. I like to be spoiled to you and you indulge my feeling.

9. I miss you very much.

10. I’d love to see you.

11. I like your name.

12. I like you like me.

13. I like your laughter, very pure.

14. I like you to send me sweet messages.

15. I like you to call me honey.

16. I like you to describe our bright future to me.

17. I like to hear you say that you will only like me.

18. I like to hear you say I’m handsome.

19. You are not very beautiful, but I am fascinated.

20. You are really cute in my eyes.

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100 reasons why I love my wife

21. You are serious about everything, so I like to joke with you.

22. I like to see your worried expression.

23. I like to see the expression that you love me.

24. I like you holding me and telling me you like me.

25. I like to talk to you. I exaggerate one thing, but you still take it seriously.

26. I like you to tell me about you and reason with me.

27. I like you to comfort me patiently when I’m in a bad mood.

28. I can’t think of it now. I still like you.

29. I continue to think of reasons to continue to like you.

30. You are very kind. I like such girls.

31. Although you don’t have a beard, I still like you.

32. I like you to do what I like.

33. I like you not to do what I don’t like.

34. I like the way you look at me gently.

35. I like you to call me pig husband when I scold you pig.

36. I like to call you stupid, because sometimes you are really stupid, but I really like it.

37. You like you say you miss me.

38. I like you to say that you will cherish me all your life.

39. I like to be coquettish with you because you will hurt me.

40. I like to hear you say you want to marry me.

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Reasons why you love your wife | 365 reasons why I love my wife

41. I like to argue with you because you always let me.

42. I like to hear you say if you get fat again, can I hold you.

43. I like to hear that you can gain more weight.

44. I like you to say you’re fine now.

45. I like to miss you. It’s a happy thing.

46. I like the serious way you talk.

47. I like to see you nervous, especially when you say some sweet words.

48. I like to “tease” you because I really like you.

49. I like you to care about me.

50. I like sleeping on your shoulder.

51. I like to cook for you. Of course, I prefer you to cook for me, so I will cook for me every day in the future. ha-ha.

52. I like you to say that my cooking is delicious.

53. I like your cooking because it’s really delicious.

54. I like to be with you, very happy.

55. I like to hear you say that holding my hand will be very comfortable and reassuring.

56. I like to get used to the days with you. I would be at a loss without you.

57. I like to see your text every day.

58. I like to say good night to you every day and go to bed at ease.

59. I like talking to you on the phone. We always have endless words.

60. I like you always listen to me.

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Reasons why I love my wife

62. I like holding your hand, very sweet and warm.

63. I like holding you. It’s safe and secure.

64. I like to talk to you on the phone and say that you lovingly call me pig when I sleep. It’s very warm.

65. I like you to spoil me.

66. I like that you are my boyfriend. I’m so happy.

67. You are happy, so I am happy.

68. I like you to say I’m happy and you’re happy.

69. You don’t care. I like you to always accommodate me.

70. I like the expression you don’t believe when I surprise you. It’s like a child. It’s really cute.

71. You have a good temper and can make friends with everyone.

72. Maybe many people like you, but you only like me.

73. I’m your baby.

74. You said you would never regret liking me in your life.

75. I like your clumsiness. You can’t say anything that makes girls happy, but you can always say something that makes me happy.

76. I like to see your angry expression when I joke with you, ha ha( Forgive me)

77. I like you to tell me something very seriously.

78. You always tolerate me and forgive me for doing wrong.

79. We all believe that we have a bright future.

80. Every time I am with you, I feel nervous because I like you.

81. I like to go shopping with you, even if I just hold your hand and walk around.

If I keep writing, I can say 365 reasons why I love my wife. What about you?


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