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My Husband Is Attracted To A Younger Woman

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. What should I do? Men are attracted to younger women does not mean that their current lovers are not good, but the two people gradually flattened feelings, lost the freshness.

Suddenly faced with a person who admires and adores you, many people have a hard time grasping and resisting such temptation.

Why is it obvious that the incumbent is very good, or someone will cheat on you?



Reasons for attraction

David Schmidt, a sex expert, has observed for 15 years. For 15 years, David Schmidt has been observing and studying multiple ethnic and cultural objects and has come to a surprising conclusion.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. The convenience and secrecy brought by social networking and the popularity of dating apps, 60% of men and 40% of women, have had the thought of dating someone who is not in a marital relationship.

Simply put, the development of the Internet has made the cost of cheating ever lower.

Therefore, cheating does not distinguish between men and women, it just hasn’t been discovered yet.

In addition to the convenience of the Internet, there are only three reasons why people cheat when they do.


1) Falling in love with an inner fictional character

Many people do not fall in love with the person, but “fall in love” with the fantasy in their brain.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. The person who cheats is in love with an image created in his own mind, and this lover is just an abstract, fictional character that can satisfy his every emotional desire and physical and mental need in the moment.


2) Satisfying inner psychological needs

The core need of an affair is the deep psychological need of longing for recognition from others.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. Because who likes to be worshipped and admired by others.

Those who cheat are not really in love with others, but like the kind of pleasure they have not felt for a long time and the once youthful self.

The image of being recognized by others is what makes him obsessed.


3) Fascinated by the feeling of excitement

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. Some people are anesthetized by the excitement of an encounter with a lover, while the relationship gives him positive external feedback and excitement (admiration, adoration), so the person is firmly trapped as if addicted.

This is why so many people are deeply involved in extramarital affairs and cannot extricate themselves from them.

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How to maintain a stable and long-lasting intimate relationship?

To have a stable and lasting intimate relationship, we need to make improvements in 3 areas.

1) Marry with someone you love deeply

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. Love is the glue in marriage, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Marry someone you love deeply, you will have less restlessness inside, your relationship will be more harmonious, and your tolerance for your partner will be higher.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. If you are not yet married, it is best to find someone you love to step into marriage, rather than settling for marriage.


2) Take the initiative to communicate with your partner

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. Many people cheat because they have a lot of conflicts with their partners, but can not solve.

Quarrel with the habit of cold war, problems do not take the initiative to solve, never willing to take the initiative to communicate and communicate their inner thoughts.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. Sometimes, take the initiative to tell their inner thoughts to their partners, to express their inner needs with their partners, he will know more about how to love you.


3) Take the initiative to avoid the opportunity to contact with the opposite sex alone

Colleagues are most likely to have feelings for each other, when alone with the opposite sex, take the initiative to avoid.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. When getting along with the opposite sex or contact with old lovers, to take the initiative to avoid the opportunity to contact alone, try to do public places to meet.


When talking about problems, try to work and professional related topics, do not talk about feelings and privacy.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. The moment the fireworks bloom is gorgeous, but when it’s over there is only endless loneliness and desolation, just like the white smoke floating in the air, which will eventually dissipate.

Those who say they love you are just playing games with you.

Waiting for the stage to fall, you see who is the real clown.



The man who cheated on himself never to find a reason, and the woman who was cheated on is always looking for inadequacies in their own body, this thing is really ridiculous.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. In order to keep him from cheating, you keep an eye on him 24 hours a day; you in order to regain his attention, wear nice clothes, to maintain themselves young and beautiful; you in order to save the marriage, to curb their temper, careful to serve him.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. You let yourself become more perfect and less like yourself, but he still cheated again and again, trampling on your feelings again and again.



You will eventually know that the sky is going to rain people to leave, men to cheat how you can not stay, but you have to understand is that no matter how he justifies his cheating behavior, it has nothing to do with you.

My husband is attracted to a younger woman. He cheated on you, the only mistake you made in this relationship is blind, did not see the true face of this man, now regret it is not too late, you have to believe in yourself, you are very good, you really deserve a man with better.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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