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Marriage: My Husband Loves To Hear About My Past Lovers

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers, what should I do?

The past never goes away with the wind How many girlfriends have you had? How did you break up? Tell me about it, I don’t care.

“It’s okay, the past is in the past, I like the present you.”

If you believe the above two sentences, then “congratulations”, you have been hit, he is just testing your love for your ex, and your attitude towards feelings.




My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. No one can care about his or her lover’s ex, unless he or she does not have the slightest possessive desire for the lover. When is there possessiveness? When he or she doesn’t actually like you! If he (she) likes you and says the above two sentences, then he (she) is either lying to you or lying to himself!

Each picture of love belongs to only two main characters. Remember, you are now going to paint the one paper that belongs to you, that does not have the stain of his (her) past on it. Likewise, you will never be able to modify his previous work. If you don’t want to be “one of them, then all you can do is paint this one piece of work as his (her) favorite! The former is a very headache between lovers very topic, talk about it for fear of hurting feelings, do not talk about it for fear of nonsense. To tell the truth, the other party can not accept, make some fake, but also afraid that later revealed more difficult to end.



My husband loves to hear about my past lovers, what should I do? If you no longer want to avoid talking about it or in the other side of the coercion you have to talk about it, the following two tricks may help you out of embarrassment: one, as simple as possible.


One, as simple as possible.

A love history of the beginning, the process, the end, are to be simple and clear, it is best to do only in one sentence to summarize. My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. It’s like looking at it through the eyes of others, to avoid leaving people thinking about the empty. As for those who have not yet thought of things, do not mention.


Second, be grateful.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. Note, not “thank them for giving me a good love”, but “they allow me to have a love with you”! This is a big truth, because in fact, it is the past that made the present you, o let you have a chance to meet, o let you attract each other and can come together.

In addition, you can confess that you are still in contact with your ex, but avoid implying that your ex has influence on your current life and relationship status. My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. Don’t talk yourself into hurting, people have a desire to possess, as your current, to hurt can only let him (her), if you say that others make you hurt, even if he (she) mouth sympathy, the heart will be very uncomfortable.

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Things you can’t do in love

1. Endless speculation and suspicion

Another judge of whether an intimate relationship will last is whether there is enough trust between each other.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. Trust means that no matter what you say or do, the other person will choose to be on your side, even if they know nothing about the facts, they will believe you unconditionally.


On the contrary, if there is a lack of sufficient trust between each other, the two people in the relationship will be full of suspicion and suspicion.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. And suspicion and doubt, will make people full of insecurity, in order to eliminate this insecurity, people will unconsciously want to control each other, but this really hurts such a precious feelings.

At this time, the two people are loving on the surface, in fact, in the heart, more struggle, this time it is already difficult to feel love.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. In a love full of trust, people can easily find themselves; if the love lost trust, people experience only endless pain and struggle.


2. Kidnapping threats in the name of love

The topics that lead to the breakdown of love, or even marriage, are often those that require compromise in the name of love.

Like “If you love me, you have to …….” “You can’t even …… can not do, you do not love me?”

This kind of topic throws the pressure of choice on the other person. My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. The other party will think that they want to prove their love, and constantly give and take, and you? It seems to be in the name of love, but in fact it is a selfish, egotistical performance.

However, love should never be a reason to “kidnap” each other.


So do not easily let your partner prove their love, to let your partner pay and give, first to look at “how much they did for love”, and then to consider whether their demands are reasonable, did not touch the other party’s bottom line.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. Love in the environment of pressure does not go long, the heart water long flow of feelings need to each other to understand, balance each other’s give and take, so that partners feel “their pay in return”, so that love will last forever.


3. Attempt to change each other in the relationship

Many people get along with their partners, unconsciously, there is a tendency to idealize their partners. Always hope that the other party can act in accordance with their expectations, if the other party can not do, will feel disappointed and dissatisfied.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. When two people are together, there is always an urge to change each other. But you have to know that you want to become better feelings, definitely not force each other to change, you can achieve the ideal look.

Because, changing yourself is really a hard thing to do.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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