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Is My Marriage Over Quiz – This Is The Only Core

There are many standards and tests to judge whether a marriage has really come to an end, the core of which is one. Any other questions about “is my marriage over quiz” are not important when judging whether your marriage should be divorced, only this standard.

Signs your marriage is over quiz | Is my marriage over test


Often hear some people say that my marriage really can’t go on, a day can’t go on. However, the reality is that day after day, year after year, they think about a thousand roads at night and go the same way in the morning.

They make complaints about the so-called “end of marriage”, but they do not really end up.

So to judge whether a marriage has really come to an end, from what aspects?

Maybe there are many criteria to judge, but in fact, the core is only one, that is, no matter what he does, you don’t care, you can’t hurt, that is, if you really don’t love, the marriage will have no meaning to continue.

No matter what he does, you are indifferent. What he did that hurt you deeply can no longer arouse any ripples in your heart. His joys and sorrows, have nothing to do with you, you no longer care, no longer care, there will be no emotional fluctuations, just like he is a stranger, never met with you. If marriage has reached this point, it means that it has really rotten from the inside.

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It’s a cumulative process for marriage to come to this stage. It must be the death of the heart after a great pain. The so-called death of the heart means that one is desperate for marriage.

Once again and again to give each other the opportunity to have a trace of fantasy and hope of marriage, however, each time is the harvest of disappointment, each time is a sad end, the accumulation of more and more will become more and more indifferent.

Death of heart means death of marriage, and divorce is only a matter of time. No one can save this kind of rotten marriage from the inside.

Often because of the death of the heart and divorce, will not remarry. It’s also the deepest and heaviest feeling, the longest and most difficult repair, and the most cautious attitude towards remarriage. It’s also the most difficult for her to open her heart to accept a person again, because she knows too well the pain brought by her last marriage, and her empathy and pain are as clear as yesterday.

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Therefore, any other questions about “is my marriage over quiz” are not important when judging whether your marriage should be divorced, only this standard – do you have any illusions and expectations for him? Is his behavior no longer harmful to you? If your answer is yes, then you can consider the matter of divorce. Otherwise, you should not get into the tangle of whether or not to divorce. That is a huge internal friction.

If you don’t get to the point of heart death, focus on yourself. Try to do something that can make you feel happy and happy, and ignore the actions of your partner. You will find that when you look inward, marriage will not make you worry as much as before.

Changing your mood is improving the quality of marriage. All marriages have their ups and downs. There are many times when they feel they can’t go on. At this time, they should learn to look inward. Focus on improving from their own point of view, to repair the marriage, to face the problems of marriage. Because you can’t change each other, you can only start from your own point of view. If the other party still cares about marriage, he will also be influenced by you and make some changes, so that the marriage will not slide into the final abyss.

But in reality, when there are signs of misfortune in our marriage, we feel powerless to change each other and become more and more broken, and finally let go. Marriage is like running horse on the plain, easy to put but hard to collect. Until we can’t control it, we start to complain to each other, put the responsibility on each other, and then end up in divorce, in pain and pain in a love injury.

If you don’t want such an outcome, you should learn to start from yourself as soon as possible.

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