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6 Correct Ways To Win Forgiveness In Marriage

As for apologizing, how to win the forgiveness in marriage? We must admit that everyone can make mistakes, but when your mistakes affect others, how to apologize and recover the harm actually needs methods.

Forgiveness in marriage adultery are terrible. A good apology can not only recover some of the damage that has been caused, but also prevent the relationship from deteriorating. We have been taught to apologize to others when we have done something wrong since childhood, but many people may not know how to apologize at all and make a good balance between marriage and forgiveness. Especially in marriage, apology and forgiveness is particularly important.

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As for apology, we need to pay attention to the following 6 principles before you can get forgiveness between husband and wife. Here are steps to forgiveness in marriage you should know. Then you can get true forgiveness in marriage, maybe even get forgiving betrayal in marriage.

6 Ways to get forgiveness in marriage

1. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: identify the reason for your apology

Forgiveness in marriage life are crucial. Many times, get forgiveness in marriage, you should know that the other party is angry with you, but you don’t know the specific reason. At this time, you may create a “perfect and comprehensive” apology to quickly end the conflict, such as “although I don’t know why you are angry, I am sorry for what I have done”.

However, when you say this, you have missed a golden opportunity, an opportunity to convey what you have done and get the other person’s understanding.

At the same time, you have completely ignored the key points of apology, such as “I’m sorry for your sorrow” or “I’m sorry for my mistake”. These statements are not real apology, but perfunctory.

2. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: don’t attach meaningless strings to your apology

When we need to apologize after arguing with others, we often limit the apology to a specific scope or set some conditions for it because of our impulsive self-protection consciousness. If you keep do that, there is no chance for you to  get forgiveness in marriage.

An example on how to  get forgiveness in marriage, “I’m sorry I just said… But if you didn’t have… Then I wouldn’t be in such a hurry.”.

When you add too many conditions to your apology, it may become meaningless. Even if you do say it from the bottom of your heart, the additional conditions in it can easily escalate the conflict again. You think you’re apologizing, but in the other person’s opinion, you don’t seem to feel sorry for what you’ve done.

3. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: don’t try to achieve other goals by apologizing

Don’t use apology as a tool to get something when you want to  get forgiveness in marriage. This empty and insincere apology does more harm than good. Before apologizing, ask yourself: do I apologize because I really feel sorry for the other person, or do I just regard it as a means to achieve other purposes?

Of course,  get forgiveness in marriage, you certainly hope that the apology can bring about a positive impact. But the result of these apologies should be natural, not what you get in exchange for them.

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4. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: distinguish “explain” from “make an excuse”

An appropriate explanation of why you did something may help the other person better understand what happened and why you hurt him. But it should be noted that there is a delicate dividing line between “explaining” and “making excuses” for one’s own behavior when you hope to get forgiveness in marriage.

For example, when you say, “I’m sorry I just said that. At that time, I was so angry that I was always immersed in my own emotions, so maybe I said something too heavy. Please forgive me It’s much better than “I’m sorry I just said that, but you make me so angry that I can’t control myself.”.

5. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: express self blame with empathy

Get forgiveness in marriage, you should reliaze that apology is not only verbal, but also body language, tone and so on. What I mean here is to apologize face to face, not via social media.

Most of the time, if you say sorry but don’t really feel remorse in your heart, this idea will be reflected in your body movements and voice.

It’s like an eight year old girl yelling sorry while walking on the playground. It’s against her will.

If you don’t feel remorse when you want to get forgiveness in marriage, just feel that you “should apologize”, then stop and think, why don’t I blame myself? Am I really right? What kind of attitude should I use to apologize?

6. Way to get forgiveness in marriage: before apologizing, think about how to prevent things from happening again

I’ve met many people around me, who are easy to fall into such a relationship: hurt each other, apologize, hurt each other again, apologize again… An endless dead cycle.

As the saying goes, the best apology is a change of behavior. Many times, apologies are not as good as actions. A better way to do than simply apologize is to explain how you will try to avoid making the same mistake again in the process of apology, and further give the other party confidence that they believe you will not make the same mistake again.

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