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7 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

What are the questions to ask before getting married? There is no need to figure out 300 questions to ask before marriage, actually you just need to understand 7 things in marriage.

Love can go by their own temperament, or can lead a romantic point. In the face of marriage, we need to be rational. After all, there are many problems in marriage, including family, parents, economic problems, children’s problems and so on. So when you decide to get married, you need to think about the following questions carefully. Don’t be carried away by hormones. Here are some questions before marriage you should.

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7 Questions to ask before getting married

1. Questions to ask before getting married: Economic problems

What are the questions to ask before getting married? After marriage, no matter whether they implement unified economic management or not, the consumption concept cultivated by the original family may have an impact on the new family, especially after the establishment of the new family, the financial support from the original family will be gradually cut off. If the income of the couple is not high, there may be contradictions on how to spend money. Then there will be the following problems, such as the following one.

Questions to ask before you get married:“If I owe you money, would you like to pay it back with me?”

2. Questions to ask before getting married: Family problems

What are the questions to ask before getting married? Both parents’ problems, including pension, daily care, etc. After marriage, both parties must focus on the newly established new family, and how to deal with the relationship with the original family becomes more prominent.

What are the most important things to talk about before marriage? When to go home, how often to go home, whether parents are allowed to spend the night at home, whether parents need help in raising children, whether financial support is provided to parents, whether parents of both sides often communicate with each other, and so on, need to be seriously considered;

3. Questions to ask before getting married: Children’s problems

What are the questions to ask before getting married? Including the preferences of men and women, the timing of childbearing, parenting methods, parenting responsibility distribution and so on. On this issue, women tend to complain more about men, but complaining can’t solve the problem. Both sides should realize that children are shared by both sides, not only the responsibility of one side. Raising children, both sides may pay differently, but both sides must pay, and some personal hobbies must be sacrificed when necessary.

4. Questions to ask before getting married: Work issues

What are the questions to ask before getting married? After marriage, the other party’s work future is directly related to the family’s economic strength and stability. No one wants the other party’s work to change dramatically after marriage.

(such as unemployment, large-scale wage reduction, long-term assignment, day and night reversal, etc.), so both sides need to put forward some plans for each other’s career development, so as to avoid unilateral job change. For some unavoidable emergencies (unemployment), we should be prepared and take preventive measures economically.

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5. Questions to ask before getting married: Living habits

What are the questions to ask before getting married? Two people get along for a long time, in the character running in, it is inevitable that there will be some friction and contradiction, before marriage, you must think clearly, in the character and living habits, whether you really match.

After all, feelings need two people to manage, not a one-man show, no one should blindly apologize and tolerate, no quarrel feelings are not perfect.

Questions to ask a girl before marriage. Make a little noise is to increase your understanding and improvement of each other’s ideas, to know each other’s real opinions and their own unique way of expression, and the common growth of two people is the best mature way. Calmly and objectively analyze each other’s personality, don’t just look at each other’s shortcomings, remember to get close to the good side of each other at the same time.

What are the questions to ask before getting married?Then, in order to see whether you have something to reflect on in your personality, any ideas and opinions must be communicated with each other in time. Only mutual honesty can make us step by step towards the clearest mutual understanding.

Therefore, in character, we must have a good look at each other’s problems, whether we can learn tolerance and understanding, but also learn to grow and change.

6. Questions to ask before getting married: Circle of friends

What are the questions to ask before getting married? Everyone has his or her own circle of friends. After marriage, both husband and wife should pay more attention to the scale of communication with friends of the opposite sex. No matter how well they play, they can’t cross the boundary. This is the most basic respect for marriage life. Ask the other half before marriage, what is the scope of his permission?

The problem of sex

How important is sex to you? ” For a healthy marriage, we should maintain a harmonious sex life. How important is sex in marriage?

7. Questions to ask before getting married: Hypothetical divorce

What are the questions to ask before getting married? Why would you divorce me? ” Although this problem seems to affect the harmony of two people. But nowadays, divorce is getting higher and higher. After marriage, many people’s conflicts have intensified. What would you like to ask for a divorce? What can we do to save a marriage?

Before we get married, we must calm down and think about whether we fully understand each other, whether we are suitable for each other, whether our feelings are stable, whether our trust is sufficient, and whether it’s not too late to get married under certain conditions.

Of course, a good marriage needs to be managed by heart and maintained by love. We need to be relaxed, understand and respect each other in our marriage. What’s more, we need a good communication channel. Husband and wife need to help each other and grow up together.

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