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How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You?

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How to make him fear losing you?

Seize the man’s three psychological needs, so that he can not do without you.

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I believe that many girls in love may have this feeling in their hearts. As they fall in love for more and more time, they find that they don’t understand boys more and more. I don’t know why, boys can take anything with them in one sentence, as if nothing happened. They are just in a hurry and feel that they and he are two different creatures.

How to make him fear losing you? As a woman, you can not be beautiful, you can no longer be young, but you must have tenderness. Because gentleness can make you charming, gentleness can make you have a vision of success, more importantly, gentleness can make you enjoy all the happiness of life, and become the goddess of your lover’s life.

To show the gentle side of a woman is not to play the role of tolerating others, taking care of others, or even bearing humiliation. At the right time, women should also show their innocent and lovely or gentle side, so that men care about it. On the contrary, it can make men feel very good about themselves because they get the chance to show their chivalrous nature, so they will naturally be more involved in you.

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Women are dependent, when they meet their beloved man, when they are taken care of by him, women usually feel that they can’t leave him, only the man in their eyes.

For a long time, he can’t do anything without his company. The more so, the more afraid, afraid that one day he will abandon himself, afraid that he can’t live without himself. However, the more women are like this, the more men are out of breath, and the result is that men often abandon women.

How to make him fear losing you? So, women need independent and smart brains. When you meet the man you love, let him use his wisdom. Don’t love blindly. If you treat him well, he may not appreciate it. When you are in love, you may as well play more “careful eyes”, don’t put in too much, just love a little, and always leave room for yourself.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 1. Never say how much I love you

How to make him feel losing you? When you constantly use various ways to win each other’s heart and constantly let each other feel how much you love him, he will easily become paralyzed. He will think that you are his person, or that you are the “cold dog” that no one pursues, and he will not know how to cherish you. As a famous saying goes: “a girl should never let a man know that she loves him. He will be arrogant because of it.”

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Even if you love him very much, you should keep a little love for yourself, and don’t give it all, because no one can be responsible for who in the end. It’s more conducive to the development of feelings to leave some distance between each other. What’s more, if you become colder, it will make the other party worried. In turn, the other party will keep close to you, please you, and revolve around you. When the time is ripe, he will be overjoyed if he tells him that you love him.

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How to make him afraid of losing you? 2. Keep an ordinary heart

How to make him feel losing you? Men have their own things to do, and women also have their own things to deal with. When men and women can’t get together, don’t be depressed or cry on the phone and let men accompany you. Too inseparable, on the contrary, let each other lose some freedom, no personal space, emotional life becomes monotonous, also easy to have problems.

Or gather or disperse, women’s emotions don’t become too fast, learn to face gracefully, this time more attractive to men.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 3. Don’t give in to him too much

How to make him feel loving you. Even if you don’t love yourself, how can you ask others to love you?

Some things can be tolerated, but tolerance is limited. When the other party puts forward some unreasonable demands, don’t compromise in order to please him or satisfy him.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 4. Try not to get involved in the economy

How to make him feel losing you? In order to show that they are very close to each other, some people will give their money to each other without reservation, but in the long run, they will develop a very bad habit for each other, and they will get used to it in the future.

Only when we are economically independent can we be mentally independent. Women need to be more independent, don’t let men support, responsible for their own lost the freedom and courage to choose true love.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 5. Have your own social circle

Sanmao once said, “there are many rooms in my heart, and Jose just sat down recently.” To have your own social circle, don’t fall in love on the spot evaporation, and all friends are cut off, this will only make your life more and more narrow.

To understand that love is only a part of one’s life, seize the three psychological needs of a man, so that he can not do without you

How to make him afraid of losing you? 1. Don’t laugh at men’s looks

Most people think that only women care about their appearance. In fact, men also care about it. Every man wants to be very strong and have a lot of developed muscles. Only in this way can they have confidence, show enough manliness in front of their girlfriends, and bring them a sense of security.

So, if you are really nice to your boyfriend, don’t blame him for being ugly in front of others. It hurts your boyfriend’s self-esteem and their confidence.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 2. Don’t praise another man’s achievements in front of a man

It’s just like that women don’t want men to praise another woman in front of them. Most men love face, especially in front of their beloved women. Even if this man is a woman’s relative or a man’s friend, it’s hard for men to bear. They will think that you look down on him and you intend to ridicule him. Try to think of a man who can tolerate it.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 3. Don’t blame men

Everyone has an ambiguous heart. If a man looks at a beautiful girl when he is walking in the street, don’t blame them. It’s their nature.

Don’t quarrel because of this. Just make things clear or remind him. If you find that they have no other ideas and just look at them with appreciation, don’t pursue them too much. If you point out their mistakes, they will correct them.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 4. Don’t criticize his work

The so-called beating people without face, exposing people’s shortcomings is originally a villain’s behavior, even the closest lover should not easily step into the forbidden area. As a smart woman, she should know that silence is gold. It’s hard to be confused. It’s always the highest realm in life.

In short, if you want a man to show his true self in front of you and make him like you wholeheartedly, you should learn to save face for a man and not touch his weakness.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 1. Change yourself often

For example, sometimes in front of him very generous, sometimes very stingy; sometimes smile at him, sometimes sarcastic; sometimes very lively, sometimes very serious; sometimes pretend to be silly, sometimes very sharp. In front of him constantly changing, let him unpredictable, this is the most men feel mysterious.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 2. Try to avoid and reduce physical contact

In love, kissing, hugging, touching and other sexual actions are excusable. These actions can enhance the relationship between two people, but the frequency should not be too frequent. Therefore, women should try to avoid physical contact with men and keep a distance from men, so that men can have a lasting passion for you to love.

When love to a certain extent, each other’s character, temper are in tune, between the two people will increase more affection, two people’s feelings are pure, not mixed with other desires, such feelings can be more lasting.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 3. Be good at “leaving blank”

Don’t show everything to men, or you will lose the sense of mystery. Many wives change their clothes and go to the toilet in order to indicate the intimacy with their husband after marriage. In fact, this makes the men who like to pursue novelty become less and less interesting.

How to make him afraid of losing you? 4. Be brave to say “no”

The core charm of “three no” women to men lies in the three “no” words, which are hidden, unpredictable and unpredictable.

Don’t listen to him, don’t treat him as a confidant, don’t let him see through you in a moment, learn to play hard to get, stop talking, refuse to welcome, and always maintain a self-reliance and self pride situation. You can rely on him emotionally, but never rely on him purely in things and energy.

When two people’s feelings progress to the beginning of daily ordinary life, to have the courage to press the pause button, often say a few “no” words, so that men will look at you with new eyes.


Although it is not easy to do the above steps, it is not easy to manage love. We should believe in ourselves, adjust our mentality, and constantly improve ourselves, so as to make the emotional road more smooth. 

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