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How To Save A Marriage Without Feelings?

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How to save a marriage without feelings? Having no feelings after you get married and having children can be one of the first things in a relationship.

With many other pressures in life, couples tend to retreat to themselves and forget how important it is to gently touch their partner regularly.

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Hundreds of couples shared with me how their love for each other in the past turned into spending time with their children. Of course, couples without children will also encounter a lack of emotional problems in marriage.

How to save a marriage without feelings? For many, physical intimacy is the reason why romance or marriage is different from your relationship with others.

Especially now, because of social isolation and the pressure and anxiety surrounding the new crown over the past year, many people are suffering in silence (or, to be honest, while arguing fiercely) by touching deprivation.

What is touch deprivation or lack of emotion?

How to save a marriage without feelings? Touch deprivation is also known as “touch hunger” or “skin hunger”, which is a real situation that people experience when they have little or no touch from others.

Lack of emotion is an interference in your relationship, in which physical love is no longer as strong or eager as before.

Touch is the basic language of contact. Correct friendly touch, such as embracing your partner or holding up your arm with your dear friend, calms your stress response[ Positive] touch can activate a lot of nerves in your body, improve your immune system, regulate digestion, help you sleep well, and activate the parts of the brain that help you produce empathy.

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How to save a marriage without feelings? 1. what causes no feelings in the relationship?

Sometimes, people’s emotional health changes, or there are depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorders and other mental health problems, which leads to their relationship in love show less than before, or no.

When there is no emotion in your relationship and you desire it now, you may feel lonely, eager to be hugged, kissed, or touched in other ways.

If a relationship is based on emotion and then suddenly loses it, the possibility of a long-term relationship will be very small.

Relationships are essential because they can help couples connect and feel closer to each other through intimacy. Touch and emotion are very important to maintaining a healthy relationship.

How to save a marriage without feelings? You may feel lonely, ignored, unimportant, not loved, see your husband or wife alienated, indifferent, self-centered, and / or interested only in children.

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Lack of emotion in a relationship can cause serious harm, which may be a sign that you and your partner have become alienated. If this is happening in your relationship now, please continue to read, because Phil will tell you what is feasible and impossible to save a marriage that is lacking emotion.

A marriage mentor or a good friend may tell you to discuss with your spouse how the lack of emotion in your relationship can be a problem.

How to save a marriage without feelings? This relationship suggests assuming that your spouse doesn’t know you like love, or suddenly forgets! Or they don’t realize or notice that they don’t express love to you.

What does it mean when your wife doesn’t show love? This may mean that your wife is experiencing mental health changes, or there is an unresolved problem in your relationship. But telling your husband or wife to be more affectionate never works, maybe you’ve tried it in your relationship. If there is any difference, it will keep your husband or wife further away from you.

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If you suffer from missing touch in marriage, there are three ways to help you solve the problem of lack of emotion before it is too late.

How to save a marriage without feelings? 01. don’t ask this question any more.

Talking about it, even if it’s just occasionally, won’t change your husband or wife. While many emotional mentors may suggest that you tell your spouse straight away, “you’re not deep enough,” it doesn’t matter if you’re begging, asking, or joking, saying that there’s little long-term effect (and it doesn’t sound comfortable).

Of course, your husband or wife may try to make efforts when you first ask them to love you, but if you ever wanted to love and only get it when you asked, you know what I’m saying, which feels terrible. In fact, when my boyfriend hugged or kissed me just because of my stress, it once made me feel more lonely.

You want your spouse to be kind to you, touching you because they want to do so. It’s like when a family member insists you give them a hug or kiss on the cheek, you really, really, really don’t want to. It feels forced.

If you are upset about your husband or wife’s lack of affection, you really want to be moved and desired. By sorting their feelings, you may notice how reluctant your spouse is to show love to you. It hurts when you notice that.

When I’m in the relationship mentioned above, I often ask myself some terrible questions, such as, “what’s wrong with me?” And “why am I so sticky?”

It was a bad feeling to beg for affection, even if they agreed, so fei’er’s advice was simple: don’t do it. It hurts you and pushes your partner further.

Don’t listen to the advice that you complain about, but think of their lack of emotion as a signal, and maybe they don’t feel your love.

Even if you’re kind to them, physical love may not be in the forefront of the list of ways they feel loved. Maybe they need support in other ways, and prefer to show love in different ways.

They may also resist the feeling of being controlled. Instead of telling them what to do or feeling upset about what you can’t control (their behavior), practice doing things that make them happy and show them love in the way they like.

How to save a marriage without feelings? 02. avoid the trap of lack of sex and emotion.

Lupin (casually for Privacy) told me that he and his wife didn’t have sex as often as he hoped, and in fact, almost none, he was very frustrated. He complained that his wife had never been in a mood and that after being rejected so many times, he would never have to try to interest her.

“I stopped trying at all,” he said“ It’s hard to accept constant rejection“

When I spoke to his wife Lisa, she said she was fed up with his lack of affection for her.

“The only time he kisses or hugs me is when he wants to have sex,” she explained When I’m washing dishes or watching my favorite TV show, he will walk behind me and hope I love him when he has ignored me all day. I was tired and fed up at that time, so I couldn’t have had close contact“

This example is very common and appears almost every week in my consulting service. One side wants sex, but it doesn’t get, so it doesn’t feel intimate, the other wants to be emotional and intimate, but not getting it, so they don’t want to have sex. This has become a vicious circle, both sides are not satisfied, and do not close to each other.

To break this cycle, one (or the best) needs to give the other party what they want first. When both couples do this, their relationship will change.

How to save a marriage without feelings? 03. focus on what you can control: yourself and your own happiness.

In a relationship, we can never control the behavior of others, even though we would like to do so. Control behavior can cause distance, resistance, and shutdown.

Instead, if you focus on happy, easy-going, and interesting things, flirting and love are more likely to follow.

Usually, when a man or woman confesses to me that they know they have no feelings for their spouse, it’s because they are under pressure, dealing with some kind of loss, worrying about relationships, or worrying about the future.

Instead of asking your spouse to change, support them and inspire them by being full of love, joy, energy and light.

How to save a marriage without feelings? By focusing more on your own happiness and self-care, you will become more attractive because you give them the space they need.

Bottom line: worrying about lack of love doesn’t save your marriage, nor can you make your husband or wife more emotional.

Focus on what you can control and watch the flow of emotions.

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