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Wrong Love: Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Your love is driving me crazy

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Your love is driving me crazy: Can we really love our partner in the right way in love?

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Your love is driving me crazy 1. Don’t give him self-respect

love is driving me crazy: Many girls are used to being held up as the apple of their eye in love, and they are unavoidably arrogant and pampered. They gradually begin to be self-centered. When they are not happy, they will get angry at any time, regardless of the surrounding environment and the crowd. However, they did not understand that boys cherish their self-esteem, especially in front of acquaintances.

If you casually suppress his self-esteem outside, it is equivalent to affecting his image in other people’s eyes. You challenge his bottom line again and again, and one day he will be unbearable. “Your love drives me crazy.” then this love will come to an end.

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Your love is driving me crazy 2. Block communication

love is driving me crazy: That’s what we call emotional abuse. Most of the time, conflicts arise. In most cases, even if two people are wrong, the man will bow to the girl in advance. It is worth noting that this is only love, not duty.

If he bowed his head like you, he should know enough to solve the problem together. Instead of constantly freezing the relationship and the people in it in the form of emotional abuse.

You know, no one has the responsibility to be infatuated with you all the time under your cold cover, because feelings are always mutual.

Your love is driving me crazy 3. Refuse independence

love is driving me crazy: I understand that many girls are desperate when they fall in love. I wish I could stick to each other all day and all night. The message must be returned and the phone must be answered. Otherwise, I don’t love you any more.

But in reality, every independent person is busy with life, so many behaviors can not be completely close to the ideal love. In this case, what a girl should do is not to wait for the other party to finish, but to improve herself with the help of this independent time and space.

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Remember, independent women are always full of charm. Never believe that “only when you don’t love can you be independent” on the Internet, and don’t use it as a reason to make yourself excessively dependent on each other.

When you are not imprisoned by love ankle, continue to move forward, the other side will often see you often new, but more inseparable from you.

Your love is driving me crazy 4. Hurtful words

love is driving me crazy: Girls are more or less emotional. Clearly love more than each other, but whenever quarrel, always spit out some sounds very harsh words. Once in the mood, he will be open-minded, and even make personal attacks on him who is usually affectionate.

You know, you may forget a lot of angry words, but the speaker has no intention and the listener has intention. These words may take root in his heart.

In fact, no matter how fierce the quarrel is, since the problem appears, there are specific reasons. What people do when they are angry will not only make them regret afterwards, but also hurt the people who love you and consume the relationship.

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Your love is driving me crazy 5. Morbid bondage

love is driving me crazy: When you see the other person deviate from the right track, it’s your duty to remind and help as a partner, but remember not to bind the other person’s life with a kind of pathological bondage. Ask that the other party’s 24-hour whereabouts must be reported to you and under your control.

For a long time, the other party will not appreciate you for your “good discipline”, but will feel suffocating with you. When a person feels that being with you is pressure and bondage, then this relationship is a failure.

Your love is driving me crazy 6. Often break up

love is driving me crazy: This is a common situation. Specifically divided into two categories: the first category is really to reach the breakup point of a moment, then blurted out the breakup. The second kind of situation is the threatening effect, which forces the other party to apologize or change by losing their illusion, and also wants the other party to care more about themselves.

But the result is often not very good, once or twice for the time being, if the boys love you enough, most of them will put down their posture to ask you not to leave; But this is definitely not a long-term solution, because every time you break up without careful consideration, you will leave a shallow scar in each other’s mind, layer upon layer, the little makes a lot. One day when you break up again, the boy will finally get enough of it and leave without saying a word.

love is driving me crazy: The above six taboos, I hope you should bear in mind. Otherwise, your love is likely to drive him crazy, because both parties in the relationship are equal and respect each other.

Your love is driving me crazy: If you think that the person you are now is the one for you, then you should know how to love this relationship; Even if the last love really unfortunately failed, you will not leave regret. Because after all, I’ve tried to change for each other. To a certain extent, I’ll even make you better.

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