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Life Advice: You Have to Love Yourself


You Have to Love Yourself, this is the most sincere advice. In this world, there are more people who lack love than people who lack money, but you need to love yourself first.


You Have to Love Yourself, most people dont love themselves and dont know how to love others. We are all used to staring at our shortcomings, torturing ourselves, judging ourselves, and ignoring ourselves. So, how to truly achieve You Have to Love Yourself? Next, I will tell you ten ways to love yourself. Let us start from all aspects of life, you have to love yourself first, start to detect and stop all “do not love” behaviors, and become people who truly have love and happiness, You Have to Love Yourself.

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You Have to Love Yourself, 10 ways to love yourself.

1. You Have to Love Yourself-Stop blaming yourself

You Have to Love Yourself, stop blaming yourself, stop blaming and attacking yourself. This is the most important. Maybe people around you once said you: “stupid boy, bad boy, really useless, careless, stupid, annoying, useless, sloppy, dirty” and so on. But, have you scolded yourself with these words?


When others are hurting you, You Have to Love Yourself. If you are hurt by otherswords and actions, your heart has been hurt. However, if you continue to condemn yourself, it means that you have to bear the double Times the damage. It is necessary to create a “sense of value” for yourself.


2. You Have to Love Yourself-Stop making yourself afraid

Many people are insecure, so we always like to scare ourselves, let the situation worsen, think very seriously about small things, and always look forward to the worst in life. This is a terrible way of life. Before going to bed, how many people are imagining the worst thing? Just like a child imagines a ghost under the bed, it’s no wonder you have insomnia. When you are young, you need the comfort of your parents, but you have grown up, you can comfort yourself, You Have to Love Yourself.


3. Take care of yourself patiently

You Have to Love Yourself, “Patience” is a very important factor. Many people will feel painful when their wishes cannot be realized immediately. We are so eager to get what we want, we have no patience to wait. When we need to line up or wait for a red light, we are also very annoying.


We need answers, we need to get everything right away. We often cause misfortunes in other people’s lives because of our own impatience. Please remember to love yourself before loving someone else, intolerance is to refuse to learn. We hope to get the answer without learning or going through the necessary process. You Have to Love Yourself, please imagine: your heart is like a barren field, full of thorns of self-hatred, stones of despair, anger, anxiety, and an old tree called fear to be pruned. If you can take some time to get rid of these ugly things, the land can become suitable for sowing.


4. You Have to Love Yourself-Value your own soul

Have respect for yourself, relaxation is very useful, it can help us feel our own strength, tension and fear can only close the strength. Just take some time every day to relax your body and mind. At any time, you can take a deep breath, close your eyes, and release your tension.


You Have to Love Yourself, what we have to do is to relax ourselves and quietly suggest words such as “love” and “quiet” that are beneficial to us. We can also repeat to ourselves: “I love myself, I forgive myself, I have been forgiven”, and then listen to the inner voice.

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5. You Have to Love Yourself-praise and praise yourself

Accusation can destroy the inner soul, and praise can create a beautiful soul. If you want to ruin a person, then please blame him; if you want to help a person, then please praise him. Similarly, if you want to ruin yourself, you can condemn yourself, blame yourself, and judge yourself. If you want to save yourself, then you need to praise yourself, praise yourself, You Have to Love Yourself, and encourage yourself.


6. You Have to Love Yourself-To help yourself is to love yourself

Look for friends who can help you. You are a strong person and you can seek help from friends when you need it. Many people are always self-confident and unwilling to get help from others because your self-esteem is unwilling to do so. Instead of working hard on your own and mad at yourself for not doing well, don’t ask for some help next time! You have to love yourself before you can love someone else


You Have to Love Yourself, if you want, you can also participate in some group activities. When people gather together for the same goal, they bring their pain, confusion, and anger, not to complain, but to find ways to escape and transcend, and then grow themselves.


7. You Have to Love Yourself

The disadvantage is part of you. No one is perfect in this world. You and I have both made mistakes. If we are still punishing ourselves, then punishment will become a habit, preventing us from letting go or finding a positive solution.


You Have to Love Yourself, if you are still saying to yourself: “I hate my job, hate my home, hate my illness, hate the current friendship, hate this, hate that”, then there will be no Good things come to you. No matter how bad your situation is, there are always reasons. Please accept the facts objectively and face those reasons squarely.


No matter how negative we have been, we can use positive methods to realize our ideals. The most important thing is that we have to ask ourselves: “What have these experiences taught me? What lessons can I learn from them?” Although we don’t like to face these problems, if we are honest with ourselves and go deep into our hearts, You Have to Love Yourself, love yourself first and everything else falls into line.


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