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Would You Love Me Less – A Simple And Real Request

Would you love me less.

A truly happy person is one who has no standard of living; If the standard is too high or too low, we will not be happy in the ordinary life; Just like the demand for love, its highest state is to be at ease.


In the besieged city of marriage, after living for a long time, they are more and more like strangers. No one has any feelings for anyone, but no one can do without anyone. With my understanding of life, two people spend a long time together and look at each other coldly, an embarrassing and confusing marriage phenomenon will gradually appear.

In today’s world full of temptation. Men don’t care about decency, decency is just because the temptation is not enough. Women don’t care about loyalty, loyalty is just because the chip of betrayal is too low.

Young passion in the wheel of time slowly disappear. All smiles will become heavy in the end. Like a habit, an existence, with a family, there are children, want to start a new life, is not realistic. For the distressed side, we must first admit the reality, insist on change, will only add new distress. The more one side of the marriage makes a persistent desire for warmth, the more the family will incline to the direction of no warmth.

I can’t help but think of Tolstoy, who I read before. I like his Anna Karenina very much. In the book, there is a very accurate description of the emergence and ups and downs of love. Anna is a beautiful lady, who ignites crazy love after meeting the handsome young officer Wallensky. For the sake of this relationship, Anna abandoned her husband and son, risked the world’s great injustice, and challenged the norms of the upper class society.

In spite of this, Wallensky soon got tired of the life of being together all day.

When he didn’t get Anna, he deliberately pursued it and was willing to give up his career. He even shot himself in order to get Anna’s love. However, when Anna came together with him wholeheartedly, Wallensky began to miss her old friends and the lively social life, including the free association with girls. In this way, Anna naturally caused dissatisfaction. After every conflict, she could not help asking Wollensky if she still loved her. At this time, Wallensky would sigh in despair: “my God, it’s love again!”

This story shows that any passion may fade or even disappear because of the close distance. In this process, if one side does not ask too much, passion will gradually turn into warmth and family, although it is a touch of family, it can also be well maintained, both sides will feel good. However, when one side, especially the woman, has too high expectations of the feelings, it often causes great rebellion.

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Take Anna as an example. Anna and Wollensky should still be in love, but within a few years, Wollensky couldn’t stand it. What does it mean? This shows that when one party insists that today’s warmth maintain the same heat as in the past, it is tantamount to rapidly destroying the existing warmth. When a woman keeps making tender demands and expressing her dissatisfaction with her husband, she doesn’t know that she is stifling the most important family relationship and emotional connection every day.

Emotion is the least able to encourage each other, but also the least able to let the other side without you to repeatedly request. Love must be natural. Even if a good husband and wife live together for a long time, they should respect each other. The more intimate a lover is, the more he should follow the principle of “don’t do to others what he doesn’t want”. Only in this way can the relationship be harmonious and natural.

To put it in a metaphorical way, there are many good things in the world. If you eat less than one mouthful, you’ll be very delicious. If you’re eight percent full, you don’t think you’ve had enough, and you’ll want to eat again next time. But if you think it’s good, you have to eat more. If you’re full, you’ll be hurt or even disgusted.

The same is true of feelings. You can’t use excessive demands to make the other party tired.

No more. One less bite.

People are always a complex of contradictions. What they think and do is never the same. I am still two selves, gentle and quiet in appearance, rebellious and informal in Inner.

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