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35 Words With Love In Them, Hurry Up And Collect it!

The best way to tell someone you love them

1. Words With Love In Them-I hope that life with you in the future will be gentle, interesting, not too intense, three meals, four seasons, not too rush, after all, I have a whole life to waste with you.

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2. Words With Love In Them-I hope I can be by your side for many years. The wine is strong and the wind is warm, and you are mine.


3. Words With Love In Them-I have stepped through all things in the world, I never panic, only when you return from the mountains and rivers, we are in chaos, and the deer bumps into it.


4. Words With Love In Them-I want to share everything with you, the warm sun in the morning, the vast night sky, the goodness of the past, and the rest of life.


5. Words With Love In Them-I want to hold your hand, go to a place called Forever, see the everlasting scenery, and taste the taste of the sea.


6. Words With Love In Them-If you are lucky enough to be white, you will never lose your gentleness in this life.


7. Words With Love In Them-It is a small probability that two people meet, and it is the most beautiful thing for two people to love each other. It is God’s will to meet you, and all I have is luck.


8. Words With Love In Them-How much I like you, it may not be too deep, maybe I just want to spend a long or short life with you.


9. Words With Love In Them-The days are sweet, like lemonade in the morning, like the winter sun, like the sea in a dream, like meeting you for the first time.


10. Words With Love In Them-I am a tacky person. Seeing the mountains is the mountain, seeing the sea is the sea, and seeing the flower is the flower. Only seeing you, the sea of clouds began to surging, the tide of the river began to surging, and the tiny tentacles of insects scratched the world. You don’t need to speak, I and the world and everything will run towards you.


11. Words With Love In Them-I can’t give you the best things in the world, but I will definitely give you my best things.


12. Words With Love In Them-Time does not diminish the wine of true love, and distance cannot hold the hand of missing. I miss you until the earth is gone, and forever.


13. Words With Love In Them-Loving you is really a joyful thing, and I can’t help but respond to you secretly. In the thousands of gentle little things, I have confirmed thousands of times in my heart: Well, it’s you.


14. Words With Love In Them-Looking at you smiling in front of you, I suddenly realized that I am the happiest person in the world.


15. Words With Love In Them-I really want to have a long and long future with you, I want to get blessings from everyone with you, I want to accompany you through your life, warm each other and live up to each other.

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16. Words With Love In Them-More than ambition, I have planned for a whole life. From the beginning of meeting you, I will never give up without seeing the loess.


17. Words With Love In Them-I want to be you in this life, no matter how many years you have passed, how many people you have met, you will still find it wonderful in retrospect.


18. Words With Love In Them-Waiting is the longest love confession in the world. Persevering in loving you is the most correct thing I have done so far.


19. Words With Love In Them-I have written ten thousand love words. It is you who works well. It is better to say that you will be the rest of my life.


20. Words With Love In Them-I accidentally met you. I thought you were a gust of wind, but later I realized that you are my partner for the rest of my life.


21. Words With Love In Them-Before I met you, I was safe with the flow, and after I met you, I took you as my peace.


22. Words With Love In Them-Those who say that the stars are bright must have never seen your eyes. You have spring and autumn in your eyes, better than all the mountains and rivers I have ever seen and loved.


23. Words With Love In Them-A mouth is your name, and a closed eye is your look.


24. Words With Love In Them-What I want to hold most is your hand, and what I miss most is your smiling face. Although time has changed our faces, it can never change my promise to love you, my dear, I love you for a lifetime constant.


25. Words With Love In Them-I hope there is a person like you, like the refreshing wind in the mountains, like the warm light of the ancient city, from morning to night, from the mountains to the study, as long as it is you in the end.


26. Words With Love In Them-You ask me whether it is worth loving you. In fact, you should know that love is not worth asking whether it is worth it.


27. Words With Love In Them-It’s not that no one wants me except you. It’s just that I don’t want anyone except you.


28. Words With Love In Them-If someone steals my heart, I ask the Lord to bless me, and he can also steal his heart.


29. Words With Love In Them-Many times, I just want to have you and hold me tightly until my mood really gets better.


30. Words to tell someone you love them-Your smile is like a clear spring, flowing and clear love, rinsing the sweetness of my heart, touching the nirvana of my love, loving you is my biggest right to choose, and it will never change declaration.


31. Tell the people i love them-Its really a lot of twists and turns for us to develop to this day, and there may be more tests waiting for us, but I only know one thing, I love you, I just want to be with you forever !


32. If you love someone should you tell them-as everyone thinks, you are my whole world.


33. If you love someone you should never hurt them-I ignore the moment, just because I wait for you to appear; I ignore the distance, just because I wait for you to appear; I ignore the language, just because I think you have never changed. My dear, I miss you.


34. Phrases with love in them-pleasure is actually really simple, you have something to do and expect.


35. Words With Love In Them-The two luckiest things in my life: one is that the moment will finally exhaust my love for you; the other is that one day, a long, long time ago, I met you.


36. Cute way to tell someone you love them-giggles are not inborn, but start from the moment I fall in love with you.


37. Tell the people you love that you love them-meeting you is the luck of my life; falling in love with you is the joy of my life; losing you is the regret of my life; without you, I cannot feel the shock of my soul. I wish I would love you in this life!

12. Actually, I’ve always been behind you, so I have to ask you to look back.

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