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Will I Ever Fall In Love Again

Will I ever fall in love again?

The day I met you

I quietly made a small wish

I wish to be with you until you grow old

I think the happiest thing in my life

Is to go to heaven with you.


What influences whether people believe in love or not?
Will I ever fall in love again? A lot of people believe in love, and a lot of people do not believe in love. So, why do some people believe in love and others don’t? Susan Sprecher (1999), a psychology professor, developed the Romantic Beliefs Scale (RBS) to measure the extent to which people believe in love.
The study found that people who scored higher on the Romantic Beliefs Scale scored higher on femininity, with younger people scoring higher than older people. Will I ever fall in love again? In addition, those who relied on intuition endorsed romantic beliefs, while those who relied more on logic rejected them. Relatively speaking, those with higher femininity, younger people, and those who rely on intuition are more inclined to believe in love.
In addition to these characteristics, there are two other aspects that have a lot to do with whether people believe in love or not.

Will I ever fall in love again? On the one hand, the kind of love stories people have heard and seen influence whether people believe in love or not.

I found that when people saw the news of cheating and divorce of a couple that they thought was good, the most common comment was “I don’t believe in love anymore”. Will I ever fall in love again? The people are repeatedly exposed to the broken love story, people implicitly believe that the reality of love may be as bumpy, fragile and will not last, so they do not believe in love.
Will I ever fall in love again? On the other hand, when people see the warm and romantic love stories of lovers getting married and growing old together, they will feel that real love is also so beautiful and ideal, and thus exclaim “I believe in love again”.

On the other hand, our own relationship experiences may shake our sense of belief in love.

If a person is frustrated in his or her own relationship experience, it is likely that people will lower their expectations and beliefs about relationships.

Perhaps once you believed that true love lasts forever and expected yourself to stick with the other person until the end, but your expectations didn’t materialize and you felt disillusioned and exhausted by love. Will I ever fall in love again? When you find out that true love is not what you believed, you don’t know what’s the point of believing in love anymore.

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Believing in love promotes relationships.
Sprecher, a psychology professor, recruited 101 couples to conduct a four-year study to explore the impact of romantic beliefs on relationships.
Will I ever fall in love again? At first, the researchers had each person fill out the Romantic Beliefs Scale in order to measure the extent to which the subjects believed in love, and also had them complete a series of scales related to relationship quality. Will I ever fall in love again? The researchers then returned to the couples in each subsequent year and asked them to complete the scales again.

The study found that romantic beliefs were highly correlated with relationship quality (love, satisfaction, commitment). Specifically, romantic beliefs were more predictive of improved relationship quality, and improved relationship quality was also predictive of increased romantic beliefs.
Will I ever fall in love again? A person with stronger romantic beliefs is more likely to feel love-related feelings of belonging, attachment, and intimacy in a relationship than a person with weaker romantic beliefs, and people feel more satisfied with the relationship and also have a greater sense of loyalty and commitment to the relationship. Will I ever fall in love again? This sense of belief is further reinforced as the quality of the relationship increases while corroborating people’s initial romantic beliefs about love.

That is, believing in love may create a positive feedback to the person in the relationship: the more we believe in love, the more we experience a satisfying, high-quality relationship, which in turn leads people to believe in love more. Will I ever fall in love again? And two people who both believe in love are more likely to have a greater probability of receiving positive feedback and shaping the ideal love later in their relationship.


Romantic beliefs also require constant growth and change.
We have mentioned that a person can believe in both predestination and growth. Believing in love doesn’t mean believing that love is predestined. Will I ever fall in love again? When you think you’ve met the person you were meant to be with, you don’t just take the happiness of love for granted.

Will I ever fall in love again? When relationships go wrong, we can change our romantic beliefs. For example, if you originally believed that “people who love each other should not fight, and if they fight, it means that the other person is not the true love of each other”, you can try to adjust your beliefs like this: “the difficulties and challenges encountered in the relationship can be overcome by mutual efforts, and after going through the test we will love We will love each other more after we go through the trials”.

Will I ever fall in love again? Romantic beliefs can be adjusted as the relationship interacts and develops, and your love will likely last longer.
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