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Wife Worship,Is He Using Me Because He’s Lonely?

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Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely?

In the face of love, the most important thing we care about is whether we love each other or not. If the other party loves me, then I can boldly enjoy love. If the other party doesn’t love me, everything is meaningless.

In addition to love or not, some people will care about whether they are worthy of love.

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The so-called match or not is just external conditions. I feel that the other party has a high educational background, high face value, high family status, etc. when my own conditions are mediocre and there is no superiority that can be compared with the other party, plus some words from the outside world, I will feel that my conditions are not good enough to match the other party.

Once the external conditions do not match each other, the position in love will begin to tilt, so that they are in a lower and lower position. In such a situation, love will only be more unbalanced, and finally will only make themselves feel unworthy of this love.

Even his heart began to feel unworthy of this love, and what to protect their love? This kind of love is sure to lose in the end.

Therefore, in love, you should understand that when you feel that you don’t deserve each other, you lose.

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Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely? Nigel is a very good man. He was very popular with his teachers and classmates when he was in the University. When he entered the workplace, he gave full play to his professional quality and achieved good results.

Christine, a girl with good character and ordinary ability, finally won the favor of Nigel. Her good luck in love makes people around her admire her for meeting such a good man.

At first, Nigel took the initiative to pursue her, and once said that she was attracted by her character. But Christine always felt that her condition was too mediocre. Although  He was very good to her, she always felt that she was not worthy of him.

What can a person who has no confidence in love win happiness?

Everyone wants to find a good condition of the object, to protect their happiness in the second half of life. When you really meet a good choice, you will be very happy and eager to enter a happy life.

However, after a period of time together, whether it is a variety of comparisons between each other, or the eyes of outsiders, will make their hearts have doubts about love, worried that the love will not come to the end.

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In such a situation, the weaker party is likely to have psychological pressure and feel that they are inferior to each other everywhere, and they don’t know what they are in love with.

Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely? Christine and Nigel have been dating for several months. She has no self-confidence and doubts about Nigel’s sincerity. She always feels that she has no advantages. She is a very ordinary woman, and Nigel is not likely to fall in love with herself.

Christine’s doubt and self-confidence make Nigel feel very tired. Although he really loves Nigel, Christine’s attitude makes him very weak. Even if he has explained it many times, he doesn’t make Christine dare to enjoy their love.

Every time I hear Christine say that his condition is not good enough for him, Nigel doesn’t know what way to use to eliminate Christine’s feeling that he doesn’t deserve it.

Finally, Christine and Nigel’s love, or can’t go on, the two have no choice but to choose to separate.

In the face of losing a high-quality love, I may feel sorry, or think “I knew I didn’t deserve him, and the fact has proved that it is.”. This kind of person who has not found the problem when he loses, even if he meets a good love again, he will easily lose it.

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Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely? Want to get a happiness is not so easy, even if you are lucky to meet, if not a good attitude, it is difficult to grasp the happiness.

Real happiness is not what you meet, but what you get by operating in the best and most appropriate way.

Even if the external conditions are not good, it seems that a pair of lovers will not be happy, as long as they know how to get along with each other, are good at discovering each other’s advantages, can know their own advantages, and finally can live a happy and comfortable life.

Similarly, even if you meet a person with good conditions, who seems to live a very happy life, but does not maintain a good attitude, always see their own shortcomings, can not find their own advantages, feel that they are not worthy of each other. The longer the time is, the more obvious the negative psychology is. When something breaks out, the love is hard to keep.

In love, we are used to be good at discovering the beauty of each other, finding a point worthy of our appreciation, looking up to him, making the love in our hearts more perfect.

Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely? When you hope to look up to the other party, the other party also hopes to look up to you. If you don’t have the most basic self-confidence and dare not fight for the simplest happiness, what can you do to make the other party look up to you?

When you fall in love with someone, you should not only look at each other from your own point of view, but also look at yourself from each other’s point of view if you want to know the state of your love.

If even if you don’t find something in yourself, or feel that you are too ordinary, there is no outstanding place, how can the other party love you?

Love is not only about the external conditions of both sides, but also the internal conditions of everyone.

Wife worshipIs he using me because he’s lonely? The other party loves you, perhaps because of your appearance, your temperament, your ability to live. But at the same time, it will be because of your character, your quality, your character and so on.

Don’t deny all of yourself just because you don’t have something extraordinary outside, so that you don’t feel worthy of a good love.

Please remember: in love, there is only the question of whether to love or not, and there is never the worry of whether to be worthy or not.

As long as we love each other, we have the right to enjoy happiness.

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