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Why Men Pull Away? It’s Not That Easy To Fall In Love


Why Men Pull Away? When he proposed to break up, what was he thinking? What do boys want in their emotions? Do girls really care about what boys want in their relationship?


However, the ideal emotional relationship, at least good communication, harmonious emotional interaction, not being cuckolded at any time “sense of security” and “sense of trust”, satisfying my self-esteem and face, sexual satisfaction, and a little free space . So in general, Why Men Pull Away? There are often several reasons.


1.Why Men Pull Away-Excessive quarrels and conflicts

Undoubtedly, no matter how the society develops or how humans iterate, the most important reason for the disillusionment of feelings is always “arguing.”


Some people say that people who really love each other will quarrel and get closer, and the quarrel will be more inseparable from each other-but there is a premise: only when quarrels become a way for each other to better understand each other and improve themselves, the quarrel itself will be positive value. However, the fact is regrettable. Why Men Pull Away? Most people cannot grasp the positive effects brought about by quarrels. They will only constantly push their feelings to death in self-defense and attacks on each other. In particular, for boys, the quarrel itself brings more unfavorable factors.


They will always bow their heads endlessly, admit their mistakes endlessly, and face countless questions they consider unnecessary. In many cases, it is not two people who solve problems-but girls try their best to “solve boys”. Therefore, they, who are more stressed, want to escape directly one day.


Why Men Pull Away? Many times when boys break up, they are inseparable from the constant troubles and emotions of girls. Here is a test for you. If you are interested, you can see if you are the kind of girl who is easily emotional: Profoundly so: Recover your ex-you are The breakup stems from a destructive personality

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2. Why Men Pull Away-Losing Tacit Understanding

The so-called loss of understanding is more bluntly a disagreement in personality.

You talk about things, he talks about things, and you dont even quarrel on the same channel; its difficult to reach a consensus on issues in life, and communication is even harder. If you want to continue, you can only rely on one partys bowing to compromise, and closing one eye. . But if things go on like this, there will be barriers. The more you get along, the more strange you feel. Even in the estrangement, he will wonder what he really loved you.


3. Why Men Pull Away-Not being taken seriously or feeling insecure

Yes, boys also need a sense of security. But they are usually seldom paid attention to, and even they themselves are ashamed to speak out. Compared with the demands of girls all day long, boysdirect standards for “sense of security” are all pinned on the “single and honest” of their mate selection goals-they always think that finding a gentle, virtuous and considerate woman will not worry about security. problem.


However, humans are all emotional animals. In the frictions and misunderstandings day after day, no one can guarantee who will always be the same to who. At the same time, men generally have a lot of face, and they need girls to show their adoration and respect. When they realize that the woman no longer loves or even despise herself, they may also propose to break up first after tolerating for a period of time.

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4.Why Men Pull Away-think that the other party is not suitable for marriage

Men are quite realistic. They know very well what they want and can ensure that they are very accurate towards the goal and eradicate obstacles. It is rare to linger and change your mind halfway through. They want to fall in love, then find someone they love, heart-warming, and sweet; the two of them are struggling to survive all day except Qingqing and me, and thats okay.


Why Men Pull Away? But they want to get marriedthe first thing they have to consider is not “how to marry you”, but “is it suitable for you to marry”. Their goal is to “get married” and find people with this goal; therefore, you can always see countless men and women after breaking up in a long-distance love run. Girls can’t get out for a long time, and boys and others have even babies in the second year.


5. Why Men Pull Away-I think girls cant fulfill their responsibilities

This is a typical mental imbalance. At first together, boys are willing to be the role of protector: let you do nothing, protect you everything, and spoil you lawlessly.


As time goes by, you get used to this kind of personality and life, but sooner or later boys will get away-after all, they will be tired and exhausted, and their negative feelings are real. They start to dissatisfy you and blame you; they start to think that you have not fulfilled their obligations; they start to think that your existence cannot optimize their lives. It’s the same with you without you-not even more comfortable without you. Once the pros and cons are weighed, they will break up.


6. Why Men Pull Away-Sexual Disharmony

This is not surprising, especially for men: “Looking for a junior” is simply to meet physical needs. The so-called couple fighting at the end of the bed, between two people who love each other, harmonious and enjoyable sex is an indispensable basic condition for a happy love, and sometimes it can even make up for the lack of personality and emotion.

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7. Why Men Pull Away-He doesn’t love her that much

In fact, when I first got together, I didn’t know if I really loved her. After I got it, I realized that I didn’t love her so deeply. There is no way to give up my own dreams and compromise for her. “Just like no boy is really willing to admit that he is a scumbag, few boys are willing to take the initiative to tell you that he does not love you that much, or that the urge to be with you is because of wanting to sleep with you.


Why Men Pull Away? Many girls give everything to boys when they are in love. You only realize that you are touched by yourself when you break up, because boys will not tell you that he has never loved you deeply, because you have no reason to be worthy of his love.

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