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Why Love Is Passion And Obsession?

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Love is passion obsession quote: What is love? This eternal problem can not be fully explained and described in modern scientific language.

From a biological point of view, the production of love is a specific person’s appearance, voice, smell, behavior, language, etc., which stimulates people’s brain, secretes corresponding chemicals, and makes people feel romantic, happy, happy and relaxed, forming an early strong impulse, that is, what we call “love”. Scientists call these chemicals “love hormone”.

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Why love is passion and obsession? What we call hormones is actually the general term of hormones, which is not completely related to love. When you are attracted by a heterosexual, the body’s various hormones (hormones) start to pass through the blood to the whole body and carry out this kind of information feedback activities, such as catecholamine, dopamine, noradrenaline and other substances, which stimulate the feeling of being attracted by the heterosexual.

Next, in this article, I want to give you some basic hormones related to love, tell you why sometimes love is passion and obsession, and tell you how to use these hormones to enhance each other’s feelings in love.

Love is passion obsession quote: (1) Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Why love is passion and obsession? This “phenylethylamine” hormone is related to “love at first sight”, “falling in love” and “suspension bridge effect” in love. In fact, pea is a kind of nerve stimulant, which can make people feel extremely excited and make people feel more energetic, confident and courageous.

So in the face of dangerous or exciting things, people will also secrete this hormone. In love, this hormone will make our love more passionate and exciting, so in the period of hot love, the production of this hormone will greatly enhance our self-confidence, make the promise of “vows of eternal love”, at the same time, it will also produce some prejudice and persistence, and make people lose the ability to rationally think about objective facts, which is why there is a famous saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Generally speaking, the peak concentration of pea can last from 6 months to 4 years, with an average of less than 30 months (2.5 years).

And what we call the feeling of “love” is gone. From a biological point of view, it’s the reason why your hormone gradually decreases.

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Love is passion obsession quote: (2) Dopamine

Why love is passion and obsession? This “dopamine” hormone is the main neurotransmitter that transmits happiness information and maintains sexual desire, and stimulates people’s emotion towards the opposite sex.

It is related to “passion”, “security”, “satisfaction” and “happiness” in love.

It has the effect of eliminating tension and depression. This hormone is closely related to the sense of security and satisfaction that ordinary lovers feel when they hug.

Love is passion obsession quote: (3) Endorphins

Why love is passion and obsession? This “endorphin” hormone, also known as the marriage hormone.

That is to say, this hormone can make people calm down after falling in love, reduce your anxiety and make people feel comfortable, intimate and calm. It’s like a stabilizer that makes you feel relaxed and calm when the passion for love fades.

So we say that phenylethylamine and dopamine play a more important role in the pre emotional period, which is also the time when couples are most passionate. When these two hormones become less, endorphin and oxytocin play a more stable and dependent role. In the vernacular, the former is “vigorous” and the latter is “long flowing”.

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Love is passion obsession quote: (4) Norepinephrine

Why love is passion and obsession? This kind of “norepinephrine” also stimulates people’s excitement and makes people feel heartbeating.

Love is passion obsession quote: (5) Posterior pituitary hormone

Why love is passion and obsession? This “posterior pituitary hormone” is related to loyalty and responsibility. In other words, this hormone is the key to controlling our loyalty.

Love is passion obsession quote: (6) Oxytocin

Why love is passion and obsession? Oxytocin is produced when a mother feeds her milk. It also makes two people in love depend on each other.

Whether the relationship between oxytocin and lovers is long-term or not, the partners with higher oxytocin are more likely to continue to associate after 6 months.

Couples with higher levels of oxytocin will share stories, laugh together, share with each other, and have more intimate physical contact. At the same time, we say that girls will be more dependent on boys after having a relationship with boys, because oxytocin is continuously secreted after that, so girls will have more dependence on this boy and enhance their loyalty.

Boys also have proper oxytocin. Although they don’t have as much as girls, they also secrete oxytocin. However, after having a relationship, boys don’t actually secrete a lot of oxytocin as girls do. So some people say that men can separate sex from love because of this part of physiological factors.

As for how to make men produce oxytocin, it needs to start from daily life, that is, learn to understand and meet his needs.

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Love is passion obsession quote: (7) Serotonin

Why love is passion and obsession? Serotonin is related to emotional stability and attention. People with low serotonin may be more anxious, stressed, have big mood swings, and even affect sleep and attention.

We all know that many girls are prone to emotional instability in their relationship. At this time, we will affect the secretion of serotonin. On the one hand, we need to adjust our mentality. On the other hand, we need to use some methods, such as exercise and writing gratitude diary, to promote the secretion of serotonin.

How to use these theories to enhance feelings in love?

Why love is passion and obsession? 1. attraction stage:

Spray the perfume containing phenylamine, produce suspension bridge effect (stimulate dopamine secretion), send chocolate (chocolate, a lot of Phenylamine) to love people, etc.

Why love is passion and obsession? 2. Early stage of love:

When you are in love, you can create more exciting and new things, such as making little pranks, creating a sense of ceremony and surprise, etc.

Why love is passion and obsession? 3. The middle stage of love:

When it tends to be calm, listen to music, travel, walk, chat with your partner, etc. to stimulate the secretion of pituitary hormone, which has both excitement and loyalty. At the same time, partners should understand, trust and tolerate each other, so as to maintain a relationshipProduction of endorphins)

Why love is passion and obsession? 4. Girl:

If girls are easy to be anxious and insecure, jogging, gratitude diary writing, meditation, yoga and other forms are recommended to stimulate serotonin secretion and reduce anxiety.

Why love is passion and obsession? 5. Marriage:

In marriage, “farewell is better than newlyweds”, creating some mystery and freshness is the secret to keep love fresh. Stimulate the secretion of norepinephrine. To stimulate male oxytocin production, one is to learn to understand his needs, the other is to try to communicate more and find his way of communication, and the third is to meet his needs in an appropriate way.

For example, when a man is very busy, he may need your care, warmth and understanding more than criticism. The blame will push him further and further~

Why love is passion and obsession? After reading the above issue of love hormone science, do you have a more objective view of love? Or do you lose confidence and longing for love?

In my opinion, love is not only about hormone secretion, but also an angle for us to understand love. Finally, it concludes with the words of Sanmao, a Chinese writer: when people live in the world, what matters is the ability to love, not to be loved. We don’t know how to love and be loved.

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