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Why It’s Easy For Girls In First Relationship To Change Their Mind

Most of the first love can not go to the end? Why? There are many people who say that girls in first love are too easy to change their hearts. Why are girls in first love easy to change their hearts? Let’s learn about it with me.

Why is it easy for girls in first love to change their mind

Generally, there is no good communication. Communication is the bridge of feelings. If you want to keep her, you should communicate more. If you know what she likes about you, you can improve yourself. You should also know your shortcomings in her heart and try to change them. If you can’t change them, don’t show them in front of her. For example, she doesn’t like you smoking and you can’t quit, Then you don’t smoke in front of her, and don’t let her smell the smoke on you. Before meeting, check whether you have the smell of smoke and deal with it deliberately. She will also see your intentions. Even if you can’t give up, she will also see your efforts, which can make her very happy. It is necessary to enlarge the flash point. If she likes you, it shows that you have the essence of attracting her. In a word, we should develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses.

The reason why girls in first love are easy to change their mind

1. The girl in first love changes her mind because she falls in love with others

Love can’t keep fresh all the time, but it’s not that he can only leave after a period of freshness. Maybe he will fall in love with others. However, she is embarrassed to say that, because the general educated people are more sensitive to this kind of emotional problems. This is a moral problem. But why does she fall in love with others? It may be because of your personality or that person is too excellent. But generally, if there are excellent people, she will not have any ideas. If there are ideas, it may be that person’s actions against him. But why she was with you before shows that you are also very important in her heart, So just try to improve yourself.

2. Girls in first love change their mind because they lose feeling for themselves

Generally, if you don’t feel it, it’s fresh. In this case, you still have a chance to remedy it. At this time, you don’t want to be nice to her. It’s useless, because liking is based on appreciation. Maybe he was with you because of your appearance. But after a long time, he paid more attention to character. If your character doesn’t shine, it’s hard to keep her, Both men and women. At this time, you should try your best to improve yourself, read more books to improve the connotation, and do more fitness to manage your body. Fitness can also temper your will, which is very important for a person’s improvement. Personality has a lot to do with the environment. I don’t recommend how to change it. If it doesn’t work, it’s very likely that there is something beyond you in her heart. In this case, I can only work harder to improve myself, because I don’t know much about this, so I don’t make blind suggestions.

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The most common mistakes of girls in first love

First, don’t act like the other person likes.

Some girls have been playing the image of the perfect girlfriend in each other’s heart in order to please the people they like. It is clear that I am careless in private, but I want to pretend to be a lady; I know I’m a big eater, but I have to pretend I don’t eat much; I only like to eat, drink and play, but also pretend to be knowledgeable. Come on, sister, you live 24 hours a day with makeup. Aren’t you tired? Love must be two people stripped of all the external camouflage, together can be comfortable. Like a person, we must accept his true all. If you are afraid that your true self will not be accepted, and you have been playing the role of others, it’s OK in the early stage of love, but how can you face the huge contrast in the later stage? No one is perfect. To show yourself bravely and frankly is the meaning of intimacy.

Second, don’t be overly sensitive. Love is like this, the more you want, the less you get. The more you want to hold on to that person’s heart, the faster he will slip away from you. Girls in the feelings of too sensitive, is to give you the feelings of the shackles, finally, can not bear the pressure of him, can not help but want to escape. When someone adds his Whatsapp, you feel like you are teasing him. When he replies to Whatsapp a few minutes later, you feel like he is cheating. From time to time hysterically asked: do you not love me? Too sensitive, give each other endless pressure, also hurt yourself. Adult love, the most important thing is to give yourself enough sense of security.

Third, there should be no more reason. In love, self righteous reasoning will only cause the other party’s endless anger. In fact, many girls are not as unreasonable as you think, but when they are controlled by emotions, no girl can listen to your so-called great truth calmly. What they need more is emotional expression, and what they want more is your care and comfort. If you want to solve the problem, you have to go against her wishes and put the facts and reason in a self righteous way. In the end, you can only be blackmailed by her. Win the truth, but lose the feelings, is it worth it? First bear heart to coax, a hug is always more effective than a hundred words. After all, girls come to fall in love with you, not to negotiate! okay? When both sides calm down, talk to her in a gentle voice about your so-called truth, and she will be able to listen to it.

The reasons why girls in first love break up

There are many reasons. Let me list them one by one. First of all, most of the reasons for leaving are personality incompatibility, which has nothing to do with morality and character. It’s simply not love. This kind of breakup should not be painful. If it’s because of this reason, you don’t have to be sad. Because everyone’s experience is different, it creates a different personality, I think the reason for breaking up is the most acceptable, but good love is running in with each other. If you are going to get married, you can try to run in.

Another is the most hurtful, that is, cheating, which I can not accept most, because it is directly a matter of morality and character. What I can’t forgive most is that I regret what I said after cheating. I won’t believe it next time. If I don’t want to, no one can force her to cheat. Another is not love, generally not love has a lot to do with freshness, or there is a person she likes more, do not force, of course, there are ways.

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