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Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites ? 6 Reasons

Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? Men who like chatting are mostly those who are empty in their hearts, have nowhere to put their souls, and who like to seek excitement. Especially men who have girlfriends are even more speechless. You can chat with others in a blink of an eye, beckoning butterflies everywhere, is this boring or not feeling towards your current girlfriend?

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In any case, chatting with other women during the time when I have a girlfriend shows that men have no loyalty to this relationship. I have never seen a woman whose infatuation seeds go everywhere other than his girlfriend. Man, then please let him go decisively, let him roll as far as he can, so as not to mess up his mind.


Now that the society has developed, there are countless chatting tools and dating software, which provide a way for many people with emptiness. We can see people holding mobile phones and chatting everywhere. Some people are talking about work, some are talking nonsense with buddies, and some are talking endlessly with others. So Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? There are 6 reasons


1. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Pursue excitement and freshness.

When many couples first fell in love, they felt that each other was perfect. In their own eyes, they are good at everything, so good that they can ignore their shortcomings. In this sweet period, they think that each other is their ideal type.


However, sweet love always has a time limit. When the freshness towards each other begins to fade, it slowly enters the flat period of the relationship. At this time, the couples begin to realize each other’s shortcomings. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? It may be because the boy discovered that she was an ordinary girl next to her, and her freshness began to weaken. When we first met, she blushed and heartbeat, but now she feels like seeing a buddy as indifferent. So he began to flirt with other girls, purely to seek excitement and satisfy the lack of freshness.


2. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Avoidance-type personality troubles.

Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? Some boys flirt to avoid problems and alleviate inner conflicts. Boys with avoidant personality, because they have suffered domestic violence since childhood, or their needs are ignored by their parents, they are subconsciously afraid to enter a real relationship because they have pessimistic expectations about love and feel that one day they will be abandoned by their close people.


On the one hand, they yearn for love, they will continue to be ambiguous with girls, showing their charms to attract girls, on the other hand, they feel that their love cant come to the end, so they dont expose their true self to them, fearing that the other person will despise themselves because of this. In fact, boys with avoidant personality are very contradictory and struggling.


3. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Men who chat with each other are very purposeful

Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? Obviously, it is a kind of preparation to pave the way for one-night stand in the future. Men who usually like to chat are definitely not satisfied with just posting some boring text and pictures on the Internet. Their real reason is that they hope to talk about sensitive topics with girls to test whether girls are easy to hook up. Once the target is reached, they will use their magic claws to achieve the romantic goal of “one-night stand”. Therefore, girls must be vigilant!


4. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Most people who like to show off are poor ghosts

Who is busy dying and has time to flirt? Proving that oneself is not worthless with a woman is a sign of incompetence. The rich and upright have been raised up, and those who don’t even have enough money can only sneer.

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5. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Chatting is actually a high EQ, which is to convey a kind of love intention to each other

Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? It depends on whether he can hold this degree. Some are purposeful chats, while others are a spice for life. It depends on the mans taste in life. Can chatting be used in a reasonable and appropriate way. In terms of people and affairs, this way can play the greatest role of chatting, and the benefits are very shallow, because women are emotional animals, and they will not reject a man with high EQ, and chatting about men can bring happiness to women and bring them closer. The unfamiliar distance between men and women is eliminated, so that with the connotation, the story begins.


6. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-Explain that he himself is a person with a polygamy tendency.

In the current intimate relationship, he is not satisfied with this state, so he seeks more stimulation. It also fully shows that he has a high profile in such an intimate relationship, and the other party can’t hold him. It’s hard to want a man who is a polygamous system without talking about it. Only when he meets women who are excellent in all aspects with him, will he become a stone man. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites? Therefore, once many women are in a low-profile intimate relationship, it is basically impossible to change each other. Why dont you leave him because you know he is such a person? Because the other party can provide high emotional value, you covet these things, can make you happy, so you can’t do without. Generally, men who like to show off tend to choose short, it depends on what you think.


7. Why Do Men In Relationships Go On Dating Sites-like chatting. It’s not just talking with all kinds of women.

Mainly show. This kind of man is narcissistic. Vanity is strong. I want to find confidence in front of all kinds of women. In fact, it is nothing in real life. I am sick of such a man. Any chat tool is good. It’s just that some worms are making trouble.


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