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Why Did He Leave Me If He Loved Me? 7 Reasons


Why did he leave if he loves me? In the world of feelings, there will be points if you are in harmony. There are few feelings that can be with you for a lifetime without contradictions. More often, I was driven out by you after I stayed in your world for a period of time or you were there. There was only one shadow left in my world and it disappeared. In their opinion, the love of many people is always lost inexplicably. Obviously they have spent a lot of thought to maintain, but the result still fails. At this time, they often ask if he loves me why did he leave?


Therefore, after breaking up, many girls most want to know why did he leave if he loves me, 

why did he leave if he loves me because you didnt have much conflict. 

In fact, why did he leave if he loves me for a reason, he will break up with you is well-founded and reasonable.

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1. Why did he leave if he loves me-You dont respect a man and touch his bottom line

In the relationship, some women just don’t know how to cherish a man’s heart for themselves, and always suspect that a man will betray him. In this relationship, he always suffers from gains and losses, even in order to let men treat themselves as the only ones, and do things that disappoint men. This is undoubtedly disrespecting him, Why did he leave if he loves me? This is because your actions like this will not only make men lose face, but also touch the bottom line of men, causing them to want to leave.


2. Why did he leave if he loves me-tired of you

A man truly loves you and has many manifestations, one of which is that he will like to chat with you. If you and your man dont live together, the only way to contact you is through the mobile phone, and he doesnt take the initiative to look for you, even when you look for him, he doesnt respond, which means he is tired of you. . Why did he leave if he loves me? When a man has no love for you, then this relationship is unnecessary for him. For a man who does not love you, he will not be willing to be himself, so he will want to leave you.


3. Why did he leave if he loves me-When a man is in trouble, you dont have a heart to face together

Some women are very selfish about feelings. When a man has a certain use value to her and can bring her more benefits (such as money and rights), he will be obedient to men. On the contrary, when you are in trouble, she not only does not have the heart to face the difficulties with you, but also chooses to leave you when you are in trouble. When the man succeeds, you come back to look for him, then which man will be stupid enough to stay by your side. Why did he leave if he loves me? Maybe your abandonment disappointed him.


4. Why did he leave if he loves me-a man has someone else in his heart

Why did he leave if he loves me? Maybe he fell in love with others. Feelings are unreasonable. When a man falls in love with you, he can’t wait to hold you in his hands and in his mouth. He is always so cautious about you, for fear of not giving you enough, for fear that you and him will be wronged. When I love you, I dig my heart for you, and I cant wait to leave the best in the world to you.


When you suddenly discover that he no longer treats you as he did before, now he always treats you hot and cold, and even when you have a conflict, he will put all the responsibility on you. Then I used this as an excuse to break up with you, many women dont understand, Why did he leave if he loves me? In fact, the reason is that he has someone else in his heart, so he will do everything possible to leave you.


5. Why did he leave if he loves me-don’t want to drag you down

Some men are afraid that they will not be able to give happiness to their beloved women. Once a man who treats women well appears, he will want to push his beloved woman into the arms of others. Why did he leave if he loves me? Perhaps when seeing a woman getting better and better than himself, a man will break up with a woman or leave her silently in order not to drag the woman down. When men make these determinations, they are undoubtedly very helpless and distressed. But I want to say that a happy relationship is really rare. Once you miss someone who truly loves you, you may lose it forever.

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6. Why did he leave if he loves me-You paid too blindly.

I believe many people will have heard the sentence: “Why did I treat him so well, why did he leave if he loves me?” There are two meanings in this sentence, and the main point of these two meanings. In fact, they are all emphasizing their own efforts, emphasizing that they have paid a lot of costs for each other. Maybe your kindness puts too much pressure on the man.


7. Why did he leave if he loves me-Lost the desire to explore.

Many girls relax themselves too much when they are in a relationship, show all their good and bad sides to their lovers, and think that this is a chance for them to fully understand themselves. In fact, its a good thing for lovers to understand yourself, but it doesnt mean to show all of yourself to the other person directly. If you make yourself transparent at the beginning, let the other person see through the unbearable or good side of you. , Then it will only make the other party lose their desire to explore you.


Why did he leave if he loves me? It may be because he has lost his desire to explore with you. And male nature contains the instinct of hunting. If you make him lose his desire to explore, then it means that you have completely lost your attraction to the other party, and losing attraction in a relationship is the most terrible thing. Matter, because attractiveness is the most important factor that determines whether you can sustain it for a long time. And your over-transparency with your lover will only make him feel that you are dull, and he can already imagine how your future will lead him to lose his sense of anticipation for the future.


If you want to prevent the other person from leaving your world in the world of love, then you need to know more about the psychology of love. Only in this way will you know what to do in love and how to maintain your relationship.

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