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The Era Of National Singles Where’s The Love?

The era of single people: Where’s the love? Singleness has become a common phenomenon in contemporary society. So Where’s the love? To some extent, the “single society” is coming. More and more people are asking: where’s my love? Syml where s my love? Where should I find my true love?


01. Where’s the love? Why do young people dislike falling in love more and more?

According to a report, the average love experience of young people is less than 2 times. Nearly 50% of single men and women fall into “passive love chasing disorder”. Facing their favorite objects, more than 70 adults are in a passive and wait-and-see state, and their desire to love continues to degrade. So Where’s the love? Does love disappear? Why does this happen.


Recently, the term “suicidal single” has been popular on the Internet. It describes being single and reluctant to make new friends, but dreaming about having a beautiful love every day. Where’s the love? Does love still exist? I believe it exists, but on the one hand, after material life is no longer a problem, people pay more attention to self-improvement and satisfaction, and marriage is no longer the first place in the value ranking of young people, especially women. On the other hand, the overwhelming social pressure is squeezing the desires of young people little by little. In the matter of dating, young people generally show burnout.


Therefore, marriage is becoming less and less popular among modern people, and the answer to Where’s the love has gradually become apparent. Where’s the love? Whether it is a family union for the purpose of passing on the family, or a social activity for the purpose of love, it is a relationship that requires effort and time cost. People are becoming less and less willing to bind themselves with two-way relationships, and time-consuming and energy-consuming love has become an “unbearable burden” for modern people. The joy of love is not as attractive as the purity and peace of a person. Where’s the love? Love is hidden under life,


02. Where’s the love? Love is embodied in romantic novels and movies

When the reality of love and marriage makes people more and more disappointed, there are always some carriers that play the role of fantasy and psychological comfort. These carriers help quite a lot of people to make up for the “love sugar” lacking in reality. Where’s the love? Love is in these carriers.


Once upon a time, people would be fascinated by love in idol dramas. Idol dramas originating from Japan and Taiwan are characterized by compact plots and romance. The handsome and beautiful heroes and heroines are standard features. The dramas are entirely based on love. The characters in the dramas “just think about sweet love all day.” Where’s the love? The love inside is also very romantic.


The frustration, running-in and other elements in real love are diluted or even hidden, and the sweetness concentration is infinitely amplified. Even if the actors are not at the center of traffic and the plot is not novel, as long as there is love that overflows the screen, the audience can buy it willingly. Where’s the love? Perfect love is getting harder and harder to see in life, but it is perfectly interpreted in movies and novels.


For the audience, Where’s the love? It’s in TV and novels. The characters and stories on the screen are the result of the idealization of reality through imagination, with a dreamlike color. Idols and sweet pets all represent a desire in reality, pinning their unattainable dreams on their idols and fictional plots.


Where’s the love? The more illusory and unrealistic the love in the TV series, the more satisfying the audience’s imagination, the more conniving their escape mentality. This is a supplement to the lack of reality and an escape from reality itself. Responded to the sentence: “Escape is shameful, but useful.”


But the so-called “useful” means taking “spiritual opium”-style drinking poison to quench thirst. The easier it is for people to obtain psychological pleasure and satisfaction in a simple and quick way, and the harder it is to devote time and energy to real-life interpersonal relationships. Where’s the love? This is how love slowly gets farther away from us.


03. Where’s the love? Single innocent

Bacon said that people cannot destroy love, nor can they be obsessed with love.

Logically, Where’s the love? It is normal to be single or not. However, contemporary social culture is not very friendly to single groups. Single people will be surrounded by the term “single dog”, and young men and women over the age of 25 still have to bite the bullet and face the pressure of family and society.


Some people don’t want to know the answer to Where’s the love. Self-sufficiency is a happy thing. It is misfortune to compromise due to the pressure around you and give up persisting in yourself. Where’s the love? Being single is nothing more than a normal process of self-worth cognition, self-growth, and independent thinking in life. It is a modern social trend that will not be outdated from post-ninety to post-zero and even post-80s. People have every right to freely choose whether to enter the state of marriage or love. Stop asking Where’s the love all day long. The important thing is not to tie marriage and value together.


When we are more and more able and willing to take control of our own lives, neither freedom nor wealth should be thrown away for love, but we do not need to hold ourselves pressure on love and love. When the whole city enters the “pseudo-love” today, ask yourself: Where’s the love? Is love still important today?


Important, but not necessary.


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