when is it okay to say i love you

“When Should I Say I Love You?”

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When is it okay to say I love you?

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When is it okay to say I love you? 01.

Lovers from other places, at the airport or station at the end of the trip, shed tears.

I didn’t want to leave at that moment.

Buried in the toil of self crying, raise your eyes to see the other side’s eyes moist, pinch your fingers, take a deep breath.

“Oh, well, stop crying. I’ll see you in a while.”

“Well, go in.”

Force yourself to walk along with the flow of people calmly, line up, put bags, check certificates, raise your hand, put the computer into the bag, and then carry the bag.

Finally, I couldn’t help looking back and saw the figure stretching his neck.

Wave for the last time. Countless penultimate returns. Until someone chooses to disappear first.

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He lowered his head, took out his cell phone from his pocket and opened the software chat window——

“I love you.”

“Take care of yourself.”

When is it okay to say I love you? I think it’s now.

When is it okay to say I love you? 02.

Many years of friends, only three or four times a year, clearly in the next city.

Meet everything is normal, eat, pour water, chat.

The topics range from the stories of stars and classes that I like five years ago to the marriage and values reflected in the stories of work, further study and others far away.

Take a long bus, the terminal of the campus gate with purple flowers.

“Before I came here, I thought it would be a long time.” I thought.

Press the side key once, and the time has reached the point.

“Well, I’ll go back.”

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“Well, be careful on the way.

Waiting for the tenderness of being hugged with both hands, I can’t help staying.

Maybe you can hear that sentence I didn’t say every time.

So they always pat me on the shoulder.

Should not say I love you after apologizing, sincerity is also easy to appear insincere.

Should not be forgiven after saying I love you, mixed Thanksgiving appears deliberate.

Lovers love to say I love you when they are in bed, which is easy to be attributed afterwards.

“But I love you. It’s like hormones.”

When is it okay to say I love you? I think it’s now.

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When is it okay to say I love you? 03.

Let me choose, I will choose in a peaceful time.

I don’t care or prefer which one is in the morning, noon, evening or late at night.

It’s better to have a sofa or a soft bed without wind or rain.

You sit next to me reading, or playing games.

I just finished reading the last sentence of a certain page of the novel in my hand. I was relieved.

It’s like suddenly thinking about it, and it’s like reading aloud for no reason.

“I love you.”

Maybe it’s so light that you don’t react immediately, and your reading or game is still going on.

Then you reached out and gave my hand a little shake.

“Me too.”

When is it okay to say I love you? I think it’s now.

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