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When Do You Say I Love You – Now?

When do you say I love you?

Have you ever tried

Love someone without a destination

Like every story

There must be an opportunity to start

As if every love

Should have the determination that it must last

But some things just get worse the more you try

The sense of gain and loss affects the judgment

I need to make sure that every bit of effort

I need to make sure that I get every inch of it back.

Not accepting the overly accommodating romance

Do not recognize the seriousness of the ultimate heartbeat

Follow the principles of love in universal values

Considering the protection of the first level of security

test each other out

And then compete with each other.

But I believe there is always some heart rate that cannot be controlled

When I see you

All science becomes a pseudo-proposition

I just want to run to you

To tell you again how much I love you.



When should you say I love you? Everyone in the encounter of love before, will open a long journey of love, obviously have each other in mind but for various reasons, embarrassed to express, which may make the two people together for a longer time.

When should i say I love you? If you really like each other, do not be afraid to grab your love bravely. Men like you, will not say “I love you”, but will say these words.





Let me take care of you – I love you

When do people say I love you? If a man really puts his heart into your body, then he will take your things as his own. There may be times when you feel comfortable with your own affairs.

But the other person just heart you, he may be bursting with responsibility and just tell you let me take care of you, just because he really put you in an important place in his heart.

For a man, love is probably expressing his desire to take care of this woman for the rest of his life, which is considered the highest level of confession.



I will stay with you – I love you

When do you say I love you? Women may do a lot of things when they need a person to accompany them, because if they do it alone, they may feel very lonely.

And this time men play a big role, many women may look up to their own men to produce a kind of inexplicable affection, if a man like a woman, it will often accompany the woman.

When should I say I love you? May just listen to each other talk, see each other do things inside themselves will feel very happy, sometimes men’s happiness, is to watch their beloved woman do things, they feel very happy.




I help you – I love you

When do people say I love you? Women and men in society are sometimes equal, but women may need to get help from men on many things.

Men to their beloved woman may be more active, when their favorite woman encounter things, they are sure to be the first time out to help each other, just do not want to make her feel difficult.

When do people say I love you? Help is probably a way to express their feelings on the side, a way for men to express their love is “I help you.”

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I will not leave you – I love you

When do you say I love you? We sometimes worry about the feelings we have leaving us, because inside we may feel sensitive and vulnerable and afraid to believe.

We are afraid to make sure that we have someone by our side who can stand firmly by our side and tell us that he will not leave us, but the man who loves you will consider your heart and will not let you worry about it.




Where are you, I’ll be right there! – I love you

When do you say I love you? A man who is busy with anyone, and you are no exception, means that you are really not his special presence. Or, a man who says “I love you” and then ignores your message to go about his business means that his three words are only perfunctory.

Especially when a woman needs help, after the man’s “I love you”, let you go to solve the problem yourself, about the same as not said. The woman should remember the phrase: you are not in when I need you, then you do not have to be in the future. The man who loves you deeply, in your time of need, must be 24 hours unconditionally for you to make way.

When do you say I love you? A man is addicted to you, the most obvious thing is that he can leave everything behind for you. So, when you need him, no matter how busy he is, and no matter how late, he will say to you “where you are, I’ll be right there”, to give you enough security, this is the most sincere love words of men addicted to you.




I’m fine, you go busy! – I love you

When do you say I love you? Any man is not all-powerful, nor can he instantly recover his mood after you have confided in him. Men are also people, but also in this real social life, there will be times of stress. How men treat you in the midst of adversity is what makes you in his heart, the most real role.

When you let him help after the need for you to return, it is unlikely that the whole body loves you; in their own time of trouble, to ask you to accompany him as your obligation, he loves himself more than love you. And no matter what time, all your ideas and life as a priority, after ensuring your mood and then consider their own, is the unconditional love you man.


When do you say I love you? Love, may be that kind of a thing, do not leave, do not give up, no matter what happens are willing to hold each other’s hands tightly, you will also meet such a person, wish you happiness.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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