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When do girls feel too tired to fall in love?

Love should be a rare sweet element in the tired life, because we enjoy double happiness in love. Love lets us have more expectations for life and make our life more meaningful.

But sometimes, just because of love, we feel the unprecedented fatigue. Many girls say:


I’m tired and don’t want to love anymore.

What are the reasons, which moments will make girls feel too tired in love?




Practical reasons

Many times, because of some realistic reasons, such as the economic pressure, your feelings are loaded with too many heavy factors. Once there is a problem, the contradiction is easily intensified.

We often say: nothing goes well to a destitute couple.

It has to be said that poverty does cause a certain loss of feelings.

Think about it. When you are very poor, you can’t even live a dignified life. Both sides will spend a lot of time making money and saving money.


If boys can’t give girls enough spiritual comfort, girls will easily fall into doubt about this feeling when they encounter conflicts.


They can’t help but consider: did I make the wrong choice in the beginning?




Lovers don’t know how to communicate

When a sensitive and delicate girl meets a straight man with thick lines, contradiction is inevitable.

If girls like sulking, boys don’t know how to coax them in time.

It will often be the case that:

 The girl’s heart has finished acting out: gambling, breaking up, the drama of lovelorn. The boy is still ignorant, doesn’t even notice that you’re different.


Girl’s enthusiasm is worn out in the gamble and waiting time after time, and she often feels disappointed.

But the boy also because of the girl’s inexplicable temper, only think the girl is troublesome and narrow-minded.

So many times, girls will feel that love brings only grievances and heartache.

It doesn’t make sense to fall in love.




Two sides have different values


Before falling into love, hormones blind the eyes of people. They ignore the differences between them, or mistakenly think those differences are small things.

But unfortunately, if your attitude towards life, principles of doing things, interests and hobbies, views and attitudes towards issues are different. There is no place for integration.


When the love period is over and the passion is fading, the run-in period will be very painful for both sides. It is inevitable to love and hate each other.

Due to the dependence on the feelings and reluctance, and no way to decisively separate, they can only torture each other.




One is insecure and the other is too self-conscious

Liang has a song with the following lyrics:


It’s just that women tend to fall in love


Always trapped in love, finally deeper and deeper

But a woman’s love is her soul


She can devote her life to the people she loves

Lack of security is a problem that almost all girls in love are likely to encounter.


For girls, love and life are inseparable. They always pay, invest and sacrifice for their feelings.


Although boys think love is important, they only regard love as a part of life, and there are more important things than love, so they will not bring too many emotions into their lives.

Therefore, many girls become very clingy because of their lack of security. They need a lot of company. They need to feel full love all the time.


If there is a time when the man is working hard, when the woman’s work is relatively idle, or when they are in long-distance love.

When a boy is out of connect, the information is not returned in time, less phone calls and videos, his girlfriend will fell lonely. When a boy doesn’t show up in time when a girl needs him doesn’t

accompany her in important moments, the girl will feel tired and doesn’t want to fall in love again.


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Imbalance in giving on both sides

If the two parties in a relationship are unbalanced in their giving, one is passionate and the other is cold as ice.


You’re devoted to him, but his heart is always drifting around, waiting for an opportunity.

The more you love, the more you can’t control your emotions, and the more easily you are hurt by the other person’s subtleties.

Reason tells you to run away, but deep love can’t be wiped out. You can’t help but get close to each other. Because giving too much, too humble,they even become not like themselves.

But the feelings need to have the response, a person’s dead insist can only be called the single love.


For a long time, the other side has been used to your paying, and never want to give you the response you want. Then the deep feelings will be tired.



In fact, what Sister wants to say is that feelings are never going smoothly.

There are always all kinds of problems. Sometimes, you feel too tired to fall in love.

But it’s not that we should give up. Sort out the causes of the problems, adjust and change actively, so as to have the ideal love.

However, if you love the wrong person, it is like sailing against the current, you will feel tired no matter what.

In this case, stopping loss in time and turning course in a natural way are more wise choices.

He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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